How to write and irresistible personal statement Seminar for Russian students Ekaterina Akinina,

How to write and irresistible
personal statement
Seminar for Russian students
Ekaterina Akinina,
EF Academic Programmes and Pathways
Why study in the UK?
How to prepare yourself
Choosing where to study
Becoming irresistible
You want to be international
Knowledge has no frontiers.
The United Kingdom’s Universities are
where people come together to share ideas
You are looking for new ideas
Our universities are ‘idea factories’, where
knowledge is being created all the time
You seek a new academic tradition
One based on enquiry,
On challenging wisdom
on research
and debate
and discussion
and freedom
You Value Tradition
Our university tradition goes back a thousand
Durham University
You see the value of the Brand
How to Survive British University
Some simple things to remember
Rule Number 1
Nobody minds if you make a mistake
Truth No 1
It is our mistakes which civilise us
Truth No 2
The English language is crazy and
nobody understands it, so don’t be
upset if you make a few mistakes
Rule No 2
Look as if you understand.
If you seem confident, people will think
you are confident
Truth No 3
Everyone looks confident from the
outside: inside everyone is a big mess
like you
Rule No 3
Accept other people’s stupidities: you
will understand your own better
Truth No 4
Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto
How are you assessed?
Areas for assessment:
You will be assessed in a variety of ways:
• Knowledge and understanding
• Essays
• Intellectual (subject specific) skills
• Exams
• Transferable skills
• Presentations
• Seminars
• Group projects
• Tutorials
• Participation
But where do you get the ideas from?
Choose 5 universities, visit them
all and…..
Don’t commit yourself to one university until
you know yourself!
And apply through UCAS
Take your time
Look in the right places.
Think what kind of course is right for you.
Think what kind of university
Find out what you need to apply
Does the degree fit your plans
Does it match your abilities?
About us….
• Independence and collaboration with all
• Careful and individual guidance and placement
• Full of innovation….
• At affordable prices…..
• In three of the best study locations in the world
Great teachers and proper lessons
• 33% Language
• 33% Study Skills
• 33% Expert tuition
And a friendly nurturing
British Accreditation Council Report, January 2010:
‘An excellent level of advice is provided by a highly
experienced and dedicated staff’’
‘All the teachers showed an expert command of their
subject and the students were fully engaged’'
“Students were very positive about their courses, the
teachers and teaching.’’
What we offer:
Three types of UFY (Engineering, Science, Generic)
Diploma in Business Management.
Diploma in Engineering
Help with the Personal
Statement and the application
We insist on perfect applications, on time, to
the right place
Our Guarantee
• We will find the right university for you,
and guarantee your placement
Tips for writing a personal statement
Be as honest as you can
Write the essay yourself
Get the essay checked
Evaluate rather than narrate
Be logical
Be positive
Keep the language simple
Keep it short
Pay attention to detail 29
EF Statement of Purpose
• This Statement of Purpose should be
filled out by all EF University
Preparation students before being
booked on a course.
• The purpose is to get to know you so
we can advise what course type suits
you best.
Question #1:
Please describe your academic background.
What have you studied?
How long?
Question #2:
Please explain
why you want to study overseas
Question #3:
What subject / degree
would you like to study overseas?
Question #4:
What are your professional goals?
What are you aiming to work with
after graduation?
Thank you!
Ekaterina Akinina
[email protected]