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Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
School of Art and Design – with competence in visual art and product design – offers a new
international bachelor.
BA Design Management, International – a unique course enabling students to apply their
design and organisational skills to the management of design projects and the strategic design
planning of agencies and companies.
BA Design Management, International
This degree course is the only one of its kind in Switzerland.
• It combines theory and practice from the disciplines of design, business and economy,
engineering and communication to provide a general overview of the areas where design,
technology and management meet. It teaches the necessary skills to manage the interface
between these fields.
• It is based on the knowledge of pragmatic design practice, which enables students to manage
design projects using design processes based on rational arguments and methods.
• It is completely taught in English and students from Switzerland, Europe and overseas are
welcome. A multicultural classroom will, therefore, be the real live learning environment in a
discipline that is increasingly becoming economically viable worldwide.
Why this course?
The so-called "Creative Industries" have been growing and expanding over the last years. Today up
to 25 to 30 percent of all professional people in highly industrialised countries work in the creative
sector - in the area of science and technology, in research and development of technology-based
industries, in art, music, culture, aesthetics and design and applied professions in medicine, finance
and law.
The days when a designer would single-handedly sketch out a brilliant idea for a new product for
the consumer market are long gone. Today the development of an innovative idea is based on
market research and strategic planning using an interdisciplinary team of people – specialists in
marketing, corporate communication, brand design, strategic management, interaction design,
industrial or product design, computing and so on. Design plays an undeniably important role in the
success of a new product put on the market.
What is Design Management?
Design Management bridges the gap between management and design and between design and
production. With so many people collaborating together there is an intricate collection of interests
to be coordinated. Here is where design managers work to make sure the processes that take place
between the corporate design activities of a firm and the creative team of an agency or an in-house
development team run smoothly. They also manage the interface between the designers and the
staff engineering a new product.
Design Management also operates at a business planning level where it introduces design as a
powerful strategic tool to differentiate a company through innovative and human-centred products,
services and brands.
Career perspectives
The so-called “Creative Industries” have been growing and expanding over the last years.
Today up to 25 to 30 percent of all professional people in highly industrialized countries work
in the creative sector – in the area of science and technology, in research and development of
technology-based industries, in art, music, culture, aesthetics and design and applied
professions in medicine, finance and law.
Career openings for design managers can be found in agencies or in the corporate sector of
national and international companies in the areas of:
brand management
corporate design
product management
interaction design
corporate communication
project and account management
promotion and advertising
design journalism
Starting positions might be as an assistant, a coordinator or junior manager in the above areas.
Who is this programme for?
Students should have a strong interest in design but do not necessarily want to become
designers themselves. They have more an organisational or business-oriented talent yet want to
combine their love of design with the field of management.
Our Design Management International course will be of interest to:
• Swiss students with good English language skills who wish to study in a multicultural
• Swiss students who grew up abroad and but are now looking to study back home in
• International students who have been residing in Switzerland for a minimum of two years
• International students from all over the world
Entry Requirements
1. Completion of an art foundation course is recommended but not obligatory.
2. For Swiss students a Vocational High School Certificate (‘Berufsmatura’) or a Cantonal or
Federal High School Certificate (‘Gymnasiale Matur’) and at least one year of work
experience in a creative or related field.
3. For International students: a high school diploma or an undergraduate college diploma
comparable to those of Switzerland. And at least one year of work experience in a creative
4. For Swiss applicants a First Certificate, at least level C1; for foreign applicants IELTS
band 6+ or TOEFL 550 or CB TOEFL 220 or a Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English
(CAE) or a (Cambridge) Business English Certificate (BEC): Higher
5. Submission of a portfolio of personal work in the area of art and design (in the form of
photographs, slides, CD-Rom) and/or a written essay about your motivation for applying to
this course together with an account of your previous work experience (Application form
can be downloaded from the Internet).
Course Structure
What you learn
Design history; art history; cultural studies; design methodology and the design process;
product development; visualization techniques; management foundation studies such as
marketing and marketing communication, strategy, branding; structures and processes of
organisations, international management, corporate communication; law; market research and
trend analysis; intercultural communication; a selection of engineering topics such as
production and planning processes, sustainability, eco-design; project management;
(operational and strategic) design management and design management theory;
entrepreneurship and leadership, decision making, tools for innovation and creation.
Who is teaching?
The BA Design Management, Intl. has an interdisciplinary and international teaching staff at its
disposal, which includes experts from such divers fields as design, engineering, business
administration, law, social work, cultural studies etc. Many lecturers retain strong connections to
the practice of design agencies, banks, TV-stations, small and medium sized companies,
consulting agencies, multinational companies etc. Lecturers come from Switzerland, Germany,
England, US, France, Netherlands etc. – To read details on the vitas of the DMI-staff see
download on this page.
There are four different types of assessments:
Exchange Learning Project: Two students from different backgrounds exchange traditional
or contemporary knowledge from their own cultural, visual, musical, political or social
background. The Exchange Learning Project is a vehicle for trans-cultural communication
as well as a way of researching and teaching a specific subject to the fellow student. The
results are presented to as well as discussed with the whole class in the end.
Group Project: groups of 4-5 people, at times mixed groups with students from other
departments. Subject: the creation of a new brand or a prototypical product. The group’s
process must be analysed and documented.
Transfer Project: Service project with industry partner, SME or NGO (whole class,
organised in teams)
Bachelor Work: Individual work with a theoretical thesis paper and a practical
elaboration. The students focus on one area of Design Management of their choice.
Teaching Methods
Lectures, workshops, field trips, study trips, case studies, live projects (industry partners), and
projects with students from other schools in Europe or overseas.
Students from this course will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree.
Follow up Courses
From 2008/09, School of Art and Design is offering two Master’s programmes, each featuring
several Majors. The design faculty is offering a Master’s degree with a Major in Animation and
Illustration (ANIMAGE) or in Design and Product Management (Design Driven Product
Management, DDPM). The art faculty is offering a Master’s degree in Fine arts with a Major in
Arts in Public Sphere (MAPS) or in Art Teaching (MAT).
“ T he profession of a designer is about to be re-designed. Nowadays they are process owners
for the good of producers and consumers - influenced by marketing and engineering skills as
well as driven by aesthetical and functional criteria and goals. We are pleased to provide such a
programme. ”
Prof. Nikolaus Wyss, Principal of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Art and
“We are dedicated to bridging design and business on a strategic level by teaching design,
business and organisational skills. While most design today is brought in late in the
development process and while most businesses are unaware of what design can do for business
success, we believe that the management of design is a key resource in bridging that gap. ”
Hans Kaspar Hugentobler, Core team member DMI and Researcher
“ Design Management is a fruitful course for students who are interested to combine
management and the essentials of design. It is a modern approach that is useful to all businesses
today. I have found it enjoyable and fitting to my criteria as I am in love with designing but
want to focus more on the activities that bring this all together. If you feel the same way, then
this course is definitely the answer you're looking for. ”
Michelle Büchler, 2nd year student
“ I f this course hadn't been initiated, there would have been no possibility for me to study
further in Switzerland. I am a generalist, driven by passion and enthusiasm and I am especially
interested in the design process and (new) product development. The Design Management
course in Lucerne offers the possibility to study both design practice and management
techniques in a dynamic learning environment. ”
Marianna Nefeli Berg, 2nd year student
For more information please contact:
Claudia Acklin, Course Leader
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
School of Art and Design
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CH-6000 Lucerne 5
Phone: +41 41 228 53 36
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E-mail: [email protected]