How is it delivered?

How is it delivered?
The course comprises a minimum of 48 hours of training
materials plus assignments. It has been designed with
flexible delivery models:
•Fully face-to-face, fully online or in a blended format
•As an extensive course based on one or two workshops
a week or similar timescale
•As above but with part of the course delivered
intensively as a block
•In a modular format with individual modules completed
over a longer period of time convenient for local needs.
How to get more
If you are interested in the CiSELT course, please
contact your local British Council office or email
us at: [email protected]
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Teaching English
Certificate in Secondary
English Language
Teaching (CiSELT)
What is it?
The Certificate in Secondary English Language Teaching
(CiSELT) is an in-service course for secondary school
teachers with a level of English B1 and above.
CiSELT is divided into two levels: CiSELT Proficient and
CiSELT Advanced. CiSELT Proficient is for teachers with
approximately two years’ experience, while CiSELT
Advanced is more specialised and develops creative
teaching approaches for teachers.
The course will:
•develop teachers’ methodological skills
•develop communicative, reflective and learner-centred
teaching skills
•develop classroom based research skills
•provide an assessment with a certification based
on successful completion of the training course and
all assignments.
What are the benefits?
Through the course teachers:
•develop key and advanced teaching skills
•make their teaching learner-centred
•develop a more reflective approach
•understand better the learning process.
Teachers successfully completing the course receive a
certificate validated by the British Council and partners,
such as a Ministry of Education (MoE) or funding partner.
Based on agreement with country MoEs, the 48 hours at
each level can contribute towards local recognition of
in-service training.