HOW TO REGISTER FOR PRAXIS I A step-by-step tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial
What is the praxis I?
A series of tests used to measure basic skills in
reading, writing, and math
The format consists of mostly multiple choice
questions along with an essay portion
Similar to the SAT
Assumes an 8th grade knowledge base
What is the Format?
Computer based test:
Offered year round, almost everyday
 Available through Learning Assistance Services here on
Paper based test:
Delivered periodically on pre-scheduled dates
 These are proctored tests
 Available on campus
Praxis exams are only given in English. If English is not
your primary language, you may be eligible for
extended testing time.
What Test Should I Take?
Praxis I Test Numbers
 Reading:
 Computer
based test – 5710
 Written test – 0710
 Writing
 Computer
based test – 5720
 Written test – 0720
 Math
 Computer
based test – 5730
 Written Test – 0730
Passing Scores:
Reading – 177
Writing – 173
Math – 177
Note: The College of Education requires passing
scores in each section NOT a cumulative passing
How Can I Prepare?
The ETS website offers a variety of free resources to
help you prepare for the praxis exam.
The Praxis Series Information Bulletin:
 Praxis test prep materials:
The Student Services office has prep books available to
students. You can take them out for 24 hours at a time.
Other resources, such as Cliffs Test Prep, are available
through Barnes & Noble and other bookstores.
“All test takers receive a score regardless of the
number of questions you answer correctly, with no
penalty or subtraction for answering a question
incorrectly. It is to your advantage to pace yourself
so that you have enough time to carefully consider
every question” (ETS).
Registering for the Test
First step:
(or the Educational Testing Service) develops,
administers, and scores a number of standardized tests
including the Praxis I and II exams, the GRE, and TOEFL
First: Click on the link to
the praxis exams.
Second: Go the link that
allows you to register for a
The site may seem a little
If you are registering for the first
time, make sure you document
your username and password
somewhere for when you register
for the Praxis II.
Anytime you log in to your
account, your homepage will
look like this. You can come
back here to register for the
Praxis II when you are ready.
Agree to all the terms and
conditions. There are also
useful links to the testing
requirements and study tools.
When you are looking for the
test you want to register for, you
can either search all of the
Praxis exams available in the
state of Maryland or jump
directly to the Praxis I exams.
You will need to decide if you want to
take the test on paper or on a
computer. You can also take the tests
individually or select the last option for
the combined test. NOTE: the
combined test is offered in computer
form only; however, you can register
for all three written tests on the same
Confirm your selection.
You can take the test
anywhere you want. There
is a testing center located
right on campus, or you can
take the test near your
home. You can even take
the test out of state if you
The calendar below is linked to
all the different times the test is
available. Click on the options
and choose the time that’s best
for you.
Double check to make sure all
the testing information is
correct so far.
Next, you will have to decide
where to send your scores. The
code for the University of
Maryland is 5814.
Finishing Your Order
In addition to UMD, your scores will also be
automatically sent to the Maryland Department of
Once you have determined where you want your
scores sent, you will need to review your order and
fill out all of your payment information.
Make sure that you print out a copy of the
You’re Registered!
Praxis I Learning Sites
Overview of the PRAXIS I Test:
PRAXIS I Test Practice and Study Guides:
Reducing Test Anxiety
Contact Information
If you have any questions about anything, feel free
to contact me!!
 Shannon
Hayes – [email protected]