Update Ely Weekly Learning & Development 4

Ely Weekly Learning & Development Update
4th November 2013
Every week your key person or co-key person observes your
child and uses these observations to plan next steps for your
child. These next steps are used to plan individual and group
activities for your child and the other children in the room
which support the children’s learning and development.
Explorers/Baby Room
This week in the Explorer Room we will be putting paper on the
floor and providing the babies with big crayons to develop
hand-eye co-ordination and mark making. We will also be
exploring different media and messy play using gloop, jelly and
sand. This is to develop movement and handling using the
children’s fine and gross motor skills.
Discoverers/Toddler Room
In the Discoverers Room the children are really enjoying stories
and will be reading animal books and role playing animals to
develop speaking and literacy. They will also be exploring
different textures using flour and paint sponges etc. This is to
develop their understanding of media and extending language.
The Discoverers have been really enjoying being outside and
finding leaves and will be using the leaves they collect to paint
Investigators/Early Pre-school
The Investigators Room will be exploring numbers, letters and
shapes using the wooden letters to draw around. This will
develop letter & shape recognition and develop an
understanding of numeracy. Due to the children’s interest in
fireworks they will be making firework pictures using their
choice of media and colours. They will also be creating their
own books using their own pictures. This is to develop their
imaginative play and discussing important people in their lives.
make and using descriptive words to develop vocabulary. They
children will be counting cars and trains that they see out of the
window and making tally charts to record data and number
Staff Holidays
All week – Lucy & Carolyn
Monday - Arianne
Monday & Thursday – Tina
Monday & Tuesday – Elisa
Wednesday - Jackie
Parents Information:
We would like to remind all parents / carers about our cake
stall for Children in Need next week on the 13 th November;
any donations would be appreciated. Also we have a pyjama
day on the 15th November to raise money for Children in
Best wishes,
Jess Knowles
Nursery Manager
Phone 0845 365 2950
Email [email protected]
Inventors/Pre School
The Inventors Room are really interested in fireworks so will be
using Candy Floss to discuss safety around fireworks. We will
be making our own firework pictures using the children’s own
choice of media. We will also be discussing the sounds they
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