Wholesale Channel letters

Wholesale Channel Letters
As a signage company, you know how important it is
to have reliable and experienced working partners. For
channel letters, that is us – Direct Sign Wholesale. We
are the largest dedicated channel letter manufacturer
and wholesaler in North America.
Our company is wholesale only. We do not compete
with you at the retail level. We ship high quality channel
letters to all of the 50 U.S. States, Canada and beyond.
Our production capacity is unmatched in the industry.
If you need a single customized channel letter set or
program signage for 500 locations or more, we can help you.
No other company offers a better value for your
channel letter investment. Contact us today to
discuss your project.
High product quality is our #1
company priority. From our heavy-duty raw
materials to our standard-setting lean manufacturing
processes, our continuing objective is to provide you with
a ruggedly built channel letter sign that lasts for years.
our company met all
10 fold. The
letters were beautiful and
well constructed and most
importantly, a breeze
to install.
Our steadfast reliability is unmatched
— Michael, South Carolina
within the industry. When you contract a channel
letter project to Direct Sign Wholesale, you
can relax in knowing that your project will be
delivered on time. We do what we say we’re
going to do.
Our excellent pricing is the
foundation of your ongoing
channel letter profit. Our combination
of competitive pricing, unmatched reliability and
high product quality gives you the best channel
letter value in the industry.
looking forward to doing more projects with you guys.
“II am
thank you for making me look great in front of my
customers. The pattern for the letters was totally on point.
— Carl, New York
Our lean manufacturing processes let us
meet your project schedule with ease.
Our turnaround times are among the best in the industry.
All of our signs are manufactured by skilled craftsmen at
our Colorado production facility. None of our production is
sub-contracted. Your channel letters are made in the USA,
and shipped in durable sealed crates.
he signs were great and
up easily. The customer
was very pleased and thanks
for working with us on the
specialty color faces.
— Jason, Maine
Our real business is you.
That is why our customer service department is
always ready to answer any question or concern. Our friendly staff is ready to help you.
Look at our shop as an extension of your own. Just as your staff understands the importance
of your deadlines, so do we. That is why we are so strict about keeping our delivery schedule
on time – we met 98.4% of our delivery deadlines last year.
y channel letters arrived on time — and were exactly
I wanted. Thank you all and you will hear from
me again in the near future.
— Ken, South Carolina
Absolutely amazing. Every contact with every department has
great, and the product we received was perfect and right
on schedule. I will not only be utilizing your company to provide
channel letter products to our clients, I am seriously taking notes
when dealing with you guys, in the hopes that I can apply
your customer service practices to improve my own company.
— Trevor, Canada
We’re interested
in building long
term business
Our goal is to make
you look good. We do
that by providing high
quality, long lasting
channel letter signage.
Many of our clients
have worked with us
for years.
DSW is a good friend to
have at your side in the
signage business. Our streamlined
business practices make it easier for you to
profit from channel letter sales.
hank you so much for taking the time to do a drawing just
us on this. We appreciate that you helped us in dealing
with the challenges of getting the sign permit. We will be
sure to brag about the great service and work that we
received from you and your company.
— V.J., British Columbia
Channel letters can be a
simple profit center for your
signage business. Why not work
with the channel letter professionals? We’re in
business to help your business succeed.
Our company partners with yours to create a win-win
signage sales proposition. You can turn to us
with confidence — Direct Sign Wholesale is the
answer to all of your channel letter needs.
Completing your signage picture…
Putting it all together, Direct Sign Wholesale is your
comprehensive channel letter solution. Why not work
with the channel letter professionals?
Our working relationship with you includes:
• Competitive Pricing
• Consistent High Quality
• Timely and Reliable Delivery
• Fast Turnaround Times
• Lean and Green Manufacturing
• Excellent Customer Service
Contact us today for a fast quotation on your
latest channel letter project.
1100 E. 64th Ave.
Denver, CO 80229
Phone: 866.278.5543
Fax: 866.650.5065