EvaluWell Sample Port EW-40 EvaluWell Specifications FEATURES:

EvaluWell® Sample Port
EW-40 EvaluWell Specifications
• Offers a convenient, easy method to sample a grease interceptor, process point or other effluent
• Constructed of corrosion resistant materials, unique design suitable for installation in virtually
any location.
• Compact footprint.
Inlet / Outlet:
PVC & Rotationally Molded Polyethylene
4” (100 mm)
Job Specification:
Sampling Port shall be Thermaco EvaluWell® sample port system(s) as manufactured by Thermaco, Inc., Asheboro,
North Carolina as noted on plans.
Sample Port Specifications:
Furnish and install ___ Thermaco EvaluWell® Model No. EW-40, linear low-density rotationally molded polyethylene
sampling port(s) for below or above-ground installation, crush-resistant cylindrical walls, integral non-floating anchor
ring for in-ground installation, including as an integral part of the system 4” PVC connector for facility drainage piping,
sample port, valve, a fully removable polyethylene self-positioning keyed cover equipped with seal, thread fasteners
and one extension collar to accomodate depth of drainage piping.
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