Sample Bio-Similes

student handout
Sample Bio-Similes
I am like a toothbrush.
I am like the bottom of the ladder.
People use me then they put me down.
I never get a hand
But I’ll always get the boot.
I am like a stroke.
You don’t even know I’m here
I am like a tectonic plate
Waiting to attack.
I do move very slowly
But I will change your world.
My teacher is like bagpipes.
Noisy as anything
I am like a knight of the olden days
Stuff sticking out in unusual places
I have a code
Scary and strange
I do my duty
But if you listen closely
I protect
Pure music.
I serve
I don’t belong in this world.
I am like a jack-in-the-box.
Just one more crank
I am a glass slipper
And I’m bounced out of here
I will promise you everything
Out of the comfortable
I will make you feel pretty
Into the fear
I will take you to the ball
Just one more crank
And let you walk all over me
And you’ll turn me loose
But remember
Into the high school
I break easily.
And its abuse
Just one more crank
Of this dumb life song
And this baby box school
Will be long gone
Just one more crank
Enough time to learn
That I don’t much like it
When my crank gets turned.