Pricing 928.433.2755 Regular Design Fees Photo Paper

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Prices are subject to change due to availability and shipping costs.
Regular Design Fees - 45.00 per hour
Basic Material Costs
Ink – As most of you know ink is how HP, Epson
and other printer manufactures make their money.
The printers are cheap when you consider what you
pay for ink cartridges. I charge .60 cents a Sq. Ft.
Minimum charge of 5.00 for ink costs.
Indoor Banner Material @ 1.00 Sq. Ft.
Its a great product that offers a high quality full
color matt finish and can be used out doors for
short periods of time ideal for birthdays, parties,
sales and company events.
Minimum charge of 5.00 Indoor Banner Material.
Plain Paper Material @ .75 cents a Sq. Ft.
Great for posters and onetime use banners and is
the cheapest way to produce a project.
Minimum charge of 3.00 Plain Paper Material.
Coated Vinyl @ 1.25 a Sq. Ft.
Used mainly for stickers and outdoor signs
incorporated with UV protective laminate,
it will last for years without fading.
Minimum charge of 5.00 Vinyl Material.
Laminate @ 1.25 a Sq. Ft.
Used to protect work from the sun, water
and scratches.
Minimum charge of 5.00 Laminate Material.
Photo Paper call for price
Price will vary because of the many formats
and qualities it comes in. Photo paper is great
for a high gloss print with brilliant colors
and detail.
Canvas @ 2.00 a square foot
Used to reproduce art works or photograps and
gives prints the illusion of being painted.
Minimum charge of 8.00 for Canvas Material.
Cloth Material @ 1.90 a square foot
Used for display tables and any other indoor
signage where cloth can be used.
Minimum charge of 8.00 for Cloth Material.
Colored Vinyl Lettering
and Stickers
Price varies do to size, detail and application.
Basic lettering for a car window can range from
.25 cents to a 1.00 a letter plus application.
Vinyl stickers are ideal for cars, car windows,
store front windows and informational long
term signage (restrooms, sales rules, directional).
Computer Services
General Advice and quick over the phone trouble
shooting FREE - Give me a call and I will try
to help
Remote Access (Client Account Only) 20.00 per hr
At Home Assistance 30.00 per hr + Travel Expense.