Multibrand Wall Decor Package

Multibrand Wall Decor Package
Creative Palette, your approved interior wall decor vendor since 1984,
provides new and exciting wall decor images design specifically for
Multibrand stores.
Z1- Tomatoes 32” x 40”
Z3- Peppers 32”x 40”
Z6 Pizza Hut pepperoni 32” x 40”
Z7 Pizza Hut supreme 32” x 40”
Z4- Taco Bell history 36” x 48”
X6 Welcome Sign 34”w x 52”h
S1 Signature sign 22” x 24”
S3 Secret spice 22” x 18.5”
S4 Colonel & Carson 22” x 21.5”
Z8 Pizza Hut 36” x 48”
CL-5 50 years 20” x 24” CL-6 Colonel and Store
20” x 24” (Includes Red Frame)
(Includes Red Frame)
L8 “Finger-lickin’ good!” vinyl letters 76”w x 11”h
(Dining Room Border)
L8 “Eleven herbs & spices” vinyl letters 85”w x 11”h
(Dining Room Border)
L8 “We do chicken right!” vinyl letters 85”w x 11”h
(Dining Room Border)
L8 “Welcome to the Colonel’s Kitchen”
vinyl letters 131”w x 11”h (Dining Room Border)
L8 “Get a bucket of chicken” vinyl letters 94”w x 11”h
(Dining Room Border)
For exact sizes, prices, order numbers and other information, see the
Order Form. Images may not reflect exact scale or crop. (07/19/01)
S7 Original Bucket 22”x21.5”
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