McBurger Restaurants

Goodwill Message – Sample 1 (Congratulations – Business)
McBurger Restaurants
8570 Burger Lane
Lincoln, AL 96853
April 26, 20xx
Modified Block Format with
indented first lines
Emily Makahi
3460 Salt Lake Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96818
Dear Ms. Makahi,
Congratulations on a productive year! Your fellow workers and management team
have selected you as Team Member of the Year. You are the recipient of this years
coveted Ace Award.
To be awarded the Ace Award you must meet the following conditions:
Work a minimum of 20 hours a week
Show dedication in your work
Provide outstanding customer service
Continuously strive to learn more and become more efficient
Have a positive attitude
Your fellow teammates and management see all of these qualities in you. Your
persistence in learning and growing along with your hardworking attitude are essential to
our team. Our customers are always #1, and your work helps us achieve our goals.
Although this message is internal, a letter format
works better than a memo. A memo is more for work
– to report, to give orders, to reprimand; a letter is
more personal and best for goodwill messages like
this one.
Joan Hensley
Goodwill Message – Sample 2 (Congratulations – Personal)
Word Art Hawai'i
1586 Ala Moana Blvd. #200 Honolulu, HI 96814
April 23, 20xx
Brian Paikai
322 13th Avenue
Honolulu, HI 93024
Modified Block Format
Dear Brian:
Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Thank you for taking the time to stop
by the office and show him off. He is an adorable healthy and happy baby boy with a
bright future. Best wishes to you and Gracie on a job well done!
Having a child changes your entire life for the better. Your tireless efforts and success
at Word Art Hawaii proves you will be a wonderful father. If there is anything I can do
to make your job easier, now that you’re taking on family responsibilities, please give
me a call.
Sincerely yours,
Michele M. Miller
Goodwill Message – Sample 3 (Sympathy)
20-4100 Hawaii Place
August 31, 20xx
Tiffany Smith
Accounts Manager
Longs Drugs Inc.
32-1090 Alii Drive
Honolulu, Hawaii 23818
Dear Tiffany:
Honolulu, Hawaii 28308
Block Letter Format
Using the reader's first name only works if the writer knows
him/her personally. If not, the last name should be used.
We normally avoid starting letters with "I" and talking
about feelings. But in a sympathy letter, we ARE expressing
our emotions, so it's acceptable to begin with "I."
All of us here at the Law Firm of Hawaii would like to express our deepest sympathies
over the death of your husband. We learned about John’s death last Monday, and we
were deeply saddened by the news. Your husband was highly respected and admired by
all of us, and we will miss his cheerful personality and positive attitude.
John was a thoughtful, generous, and kind-hearted man who worked very hard at our
firm. As a top-lawyer, he developed a deep relationship with every client that he had,
and his clients not only respected him, but had faith and trust in him, too. He would
always come in the office with a warm sense of humor and would always be seen smiling
and laughing. He brightened up everyone’s day in the office and made a positive
difference in our firm. He will always be remembered with admiration and love by not
only our firm, but his clients, too.
In your time of sorrow, please know that our thoughts and prayers are always with you
and your family. Please call us at 349-1929 if there is anything we can do for you in your
time of need.
Sincerely yours,
Holly Okiyama
A sympathy message offers comfort to the
deceased person's loved ones. The best way
to do this is to show the impact the person
made with his/her co-workers. The loved one
may not know how the co-workers feel, so
hearing these good things is comforting and
better than any purchased card
Goodwill Message – Sample 4 (Appreciation to Customer)
North Hawai‘i Community Federal
Credit Union
P.O. Box 249 Honoka‘a, Hawai‘i 96727 Tel: (808) 775-7251 FAX (808) 7759753
November 20, 20xx
Modified Block Letter Format
Ms. Cindy Yokomizo
Honoka‘a Elementary School
P.O. Box 279
Honoka‘a, Hawaii 96727
Dear Ms. Yokomizo,
Key to the appreciation letter is the reference to the
specific contribution or activity
Your 6th grade Gifted and Talented class was an absolute delight to work with. They
were attentive, asked varied and intelligent questions, and exhibited great insight. Please
pass my great pleasure at having the opportunity to work with them.
Your effort to explore and record the history of Honoka’a is a very admirable one, and I
want to commend you and your students for a wonderful project, effectively executed.
The illustrations were delightful, and there was quite a diversity of information. Very
well done.
It is wonderful to see students become more involved in the history and current day
activities of their town. If I can ever be of assistance again to you or your class please
give me a call at the credit union.
Unlike good news messages, goodwill
messages have no hidden business
scheme. Their purpose is to develop a
good relationship with the reader –
and that's smart business practice
Glennan L. Mathews, CEO
Goodwill Message – Sample 5 (Appreciation from Customer)
even a personal letter should
have a letterhead
Kalei Mathews
45-3600 Maka'i Street
Honoka’a, Hawaii 96727
November 20, 20xx
Ruthann S. Yamanaka, Senior Vice President
Hawaiian Airlines
P.O. Box 30008
Honolulu, Hawaii 96820
Dear Ms. Yamanaka,
Block Letter Format
an appreciation message from a customer is best sent to the
employee's supervisor, who now learns of the employee's
good service.
Subject: Lani Holt Smith
In your job you probably are accustomed to receiving letters of complaint. This is not one of
those letters. Instead I want to commend one of your employees, Lani Holt Smith, for a superb
job with customer relations. the specific details show the reason for the customer's appreciation
Last week I was standing in line in Kona waiting to check in for a flight to Honolulu. The man
and woman in front of me were obnoxious before they ever got to the counter. First they cut in
line, then they proceeded to make loud comments about the quality of service that they were, or
weren’t, receiving. I am quite sure that Ms. Smith was aware of their rude behavior but greeted
them with a warm smile and asked them how they were. They proceeded to berate her about
having to wait in line, the lack of check in staff, the fact that there weren’t adequate signs warning
them about having to go through the ag inspection first, and a few other similar grumbles.
Ms. Smith never changed tone but assisted them with the most professional demeanor in spite of
their continual abuse. She patiently but efficiently gave very understandable and reasonable
explanations for all of their complaints while processing their tickets. Eventually they settled
down a bit but were still somewhat insufferable by the time they left with their tickets in hand.
When I stepped up to the counter, I made a comment about those difficult patrons. Ms. Smith
smiled and said that maybe they were having a difficult day and that she hoped it would improve
for them. I was extremely impressed by how well she handled two people who really did not
deserve the respect and consideration that Ms. Smith gave them.
Please pass on the appreciation I and many other passengers have at being assisted by her.
Kalei Matthers
When you receive especially good service, let the employee's supervisor know
Goodwill Message – Sample 6 (Appreciation to Customer)
867 Kainoa Ave.
Waialua, HI 96726
November 22, 20xx
Block Letter Format
Ms Gail Tamura
92-345 Awawa Street
Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Dear Ms. Tamura,
Last week when Sheila Rodriguez visited us upon your recommendation, I was very
much pleased, both because she came to us and because you trust us for your hair care
needs well enough to recommend us to your friends.
You will delighted to know that so far five of your friends have come to us to have their
hair cut and have become regular customers ever since. All of them mentioned that you
had recommended us to them.
Thank you, Ms. Tamura, for your confidence in the Hair Port Beauty Salon and the
services we offer. As a token of our appreciation, your next hair cut and styling is on us!
Tina Robinson
Shop Manager
Unlike good news messages, goodwill messages have no
hidden business scheme. Customers expect bills, so a letter
of appreciation comes as a pleasant surprise. Notice how
this letter doesn't announce a sale – that's a sales letter!
Goodwill messages develop a good relationship with the
reader – and that's smart business practice
Goodwill - Sample 7 (Appreciation from Community Organization)
Hawaii Medical Association
4467 Ala Moana Blvd. Honolulu, HI 96812
October 30, 20xx
Simplified Letter Format
The Medical Corner
1133 Koa Rd.
Pearl City, HI 96701
Thank you for allowing your staff to work at the 20xx Senior Health Fair. It was a
wonderful success. The senior’s enjoyed getting their free cholesterol and blood pressure
testing. The letter spells out specifically how the reader's participation helped the writer accomplish his/her goals
Because of your staff’s help, we were able to administer test to 500 seniors. Julie and
Sandra were particularly helpful in answering the questions of the seniors had regarding
their test results.
Please accept the enclosed certificate of appreciation as our thanks. We would not have
been able to make this health fair a success without the help of your staff. We look
forward to having The Medical Corner join us again next year.
typist's notations: writer's and
typist's initials