How To Apply for Chief of Mission (COM) Approval for... Program Embassy of the United States of America Baghdad, Iraq

How To Apply for Chief of Mission (COM) Approval for the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV)
Program Embassy of the United States of America Baghdad, Iraq
If you wish to apply for Chief of Mission (COM) Approval for the SIV program, you are required to email the
following information to [email protected] All information must be contained in one email. The
subject line of the email must contain the principal applicant’s name as it is written in the passport or translated
jensiya and the date of birth using the following format DAY MONTH YEAR.
Do not include family member’s information in the subject line. If a COM approval letter is issued, instructions
will be provided on how to add a spouse and unmarried children under the age of twenty-one to your case. It is
recommended that you continue to use the same email address for all correspondence throughout the process.
Please do not submit anything more than what is listed below unless we request you to do so. Specifically, do
not submit photographs, certificates of appreciation, training certificates, resumes or academic transcripts.
These documents have no bearing on your COM Approval application and will not be considered.
The deadline for applying for COM approval is September 30, 2014. You must submit all of the required
documents listed below by that date.
1. Form DS-157: The form is available at It is
important that you follow the instructions below when completing the DS-157. This form must be completed in
full and include start and finish dates for all employment, academic and military history.
2. Verification of 12 months employment with the U.S. Government in Iraq: A letter from your employer’s
Human Resources (HR) Department confirming that you were employed by, or on behalf of, the United States
Government in Iraq between March 20, 2003 and September 30, 2013, for a period of not less than one year.
The letter must contain:
Date of birth;
Job title;
Job location;
Start date;
End date; and
Reason for separation if no longer employed.
Note: If you were directly employed by the U.S. Government, a copy of the employment contract may be
submitted for consideration.
3. Letter of Recommendation from the applicant’s direct, American citizen supervisor:
The letter must be from a direct American citizen supervisor who knew you personally. It should cover the
same period of employment covered by the HR employment verification. It must contain:
Name of applicant;
Date of birth;
Badge number;
Job title;
Job location;
Start date of supervision;
End date of supervision;
Supervisor’s name, title, corporate or USG/military email address and phone number;
Justification for recommending the applicant for COM approval, i.e. that the applicant provided faithful
and valuable service to the United States Government, and faced threat as a result of the employment;
That the recommender is the applicant’s supervisor; and
The supervisor’s opinion on whether the applicant poses a threat to the national security or safety of
the United States.
If the above recommendation is not possible to obtain from a U.S. citizen supervisor, please carefully review for guidance.
4. Evidence of Iraqi nationality: A copy of the principal applicant’s Iraqi passport. If no passport is available,
submit a copy of the jensiya (al Bitaqa al Shakhseya).
5. Biographic data for the principal applicant:
First name:
Father’s name:
Grandfather’s name:
Family name (Tribe):
All other names/alias:
Mother’s name
Passport number:
Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Marital status:
Email address and phone number:
Work location (base or city and province):
Residence location (base or city and province):
6. Employee badges: If available, a scanned copy of the employee’s most recent identification badge(s).
7. Statement of threats received as a consequence of U.S. Government employment: A brief statement
which must be written, signed and dated by the applicant describing the threat they faced as a result of
their employment on behalf of the U.S. Government in Iraq. Although statements provided by other parties
may be included, you must also provide your own statement .Please provide as many details as possible.
Section 1219 of Public Law 113-66 provides that a credible sworn statement depicting dangerous country
conditions, together with official evidence of such country conditions from the U.S. government, should be
considered as a factor in a determination of whether an applicant has experienced or is experiencing an
ongoing serious threat as a consequence of employment by the U.S. government.
8. Previous or current SIV or USRAP Applications: The case or file number and name of the principal
applicant or any immediate family members who has previously applied for the SIV or USRAP program.
------------------------------------------------------------------------While this list specifies the documents required of all applicants, we may request additional information and
documentation should questions arise during processing. Once an application has been submitted to
[email protected], the applicant can expect a 6-8 week wait for a response.
If you have further questions about the SIV program, please first review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
at If your question is not
answered, you may write to the Iraq SIV program at [email protected]
Do not leave any boxes blank. All questions must contain an appropriate response or your application will be
delayed. Please read and follow the below instructions carefully when completing the DS-157. If the form
does not provide sufficient space for your response, you may use additional sheets of paper.
Enter your family or surname as it appears in your passport.
Enter your first name as it appears in your passport.
Enter your full name in native alphabet (Arabic) as it appears in your passport.
Enter your clan or tribal name. If you do not have a clan or tribal name, write ‘none.’
Enter your spouse’s full name. If you are unmarried, write ‘N/A.’
Enter your father’s full name as it appears in his passport.
Enter your mother’s full name as it appears in her passport.
Enter the name, address and phone number of your U.S. contact person or organization in the
following format: Sam Smith, 2100 Peach Street, Houston, TX 77003, phone (713) 555 1212. If you
do not have a U.S. contact person or organization, write ‘none.’
List all the countries you have visited during the past ten years and the year of the visit, e.g. China
2004, Italy 2007. If you have never traveled outside of Iraq, write ‘none.’
List all the countries which have issued you a passport, including your current one. If you have never
been issued a passport and do not hold a current passport, write ‘none.’
Check the appropriate box.
List your two previous employers, not your current one. If you have had only one employer or no
employer before your current job, you should explain that in the box. List your previous employers
regardless of whether they have a connection to the United States. Please explain your job if you
were self-employed.
List all professional, charitable and social organizations in which you are or were a member. The
Ba’ath Party is considered a professional organization. If you were a member of the Ba’ath Party,
provide details of your membership and the highest level of membership you achieved. Do not write
the names of employers. If you have never been a member of an organization, write ‘none.’
If your answer is yes, provide details of your specialized skill.
This refers to Iraqi military service. If you answered yes, provide your start and end dates.
This refers to all armed conflicts in which you have been involved, regardless of when it occurred. If
your answer is yes, provide details.
List the names and addresses of all the educational institutions you attended after elementary school.
Include the month and year you started and finished. If you did not attend any educational institution
after elementary school, you should state that in this box.
Check the appropriate box.
Ensure the scanned copies of documents you provide are clear. Print your documents in black print
on white paper before scanning.
Use the same spelling of your name on all documents and email correspondence. The spelling
should match how your name is written in your passport. You should list aliases after your correct
Submit a copy of your most recent Iraqi passport. If you are unable to obtain a passport submit a
translated copy of your Jensiya.
If possible, please submit copies of your employment badges.