Do not mix applications if you fax/email more than one person’s application. Send it one by one, individually.
Get ALL 5 (five) documents TOGETHER and send it together AT THE SAME TIME.
1) Permanent passport: Fax us a copy of your permanent passport (temporary is not accepted!). Your passport must
be valid for at least 12 months from date of application. If you have a passport from another country (not SA) then
you also need to fax us the RSA working/residential permit in your passport.
2) SDGT Form: It is important that we see clearly what you write, kindly print your information clearly especially
your name, email address and cell phone number for this is the information we use to communicate to you.
3) SCOAN health tick sheet: Be sincere in the presence of the Holy Spirit when completing your health condition
for this influence what you’re receiving from the Lord and your testimony to the glory of God. Should you not
have any condition mentioned on the form, you still need to complete passport info on page 1andsignpage 2.
4) Proof of employment / or church letter of character reference: Submit a letter stamped and signed on your
company letterhead which your HR department issued and confirm that you are currently employed. The letter
must not state anything about going to SCOAN, Nigeria or leave, only that you are employed. If you are not
employed then submit a letter from your church that testifies of your character and reference of your involvement
in the church. Letters must not be older than 3 months of date of application. Address the letter to Consulate
General Nigeria, Johannesburg South Africa”. Rivonia Road 16, Illovo, Johannesburg.
5) Medical certificate:
EVERY SCOAN applicant needs a medical report that states the following:
1) HIV status (if negative you need to submit results, if positive follow HIV Prayer line instructions.)
2) Blood pleasure reading
3) Blood sugar level reading
Your medical report needs the following to be accepted. Ensure you get it the first time correct:
 It must be not older than 3 months of date of application
 It must an original medical certificate
 It must be on an official letterhead
 It must be in English and must be typed not handwritten
 It must be stamped by the doctor (laboratories results also needs to be stamped, each page and signed.)
 It must be signed by the medical doctor
More guidelines:
Fruit of the womb
Apply to SCOAN only after the birth of your baby, not before the time.
If you have problems with your eyes you need to state the degree of the problem & submit
the test results.
If you have problems with your ears you need to state the degree of the problem & submit
the test results.
The certificate must state clearly the degree of diabetes and if you suffer from Type 1 or 2
First the couple must confirm HIV status, non HIV couples registering for fruit of the
womb: the men must have a recent sperm test result and the women are required to have a
scan of the womb. Also medical reports interpreting the results.
Specific HIV requirements are needed for the HIV prayer line. You need to ask us for the
guidelines and examples.
SDGT 2014 aug WEBSITE: FAX: 0862310825 / 0866 149 294
EMAIL: [email protected]
After you applied and submitted the 5 documents to us:
1) You are required to wait until we inform you SCOAN is in RSA for interviews. You will also note it
will be advertised on Emmanuel TV but we will provide you with the dates given to us by SCOAN.
2) Bring ALL 5 original documents you faxed to the interview, your permanent passport, two copies of
your passport, all medication and medical devices you might be using.
3) As soon as we received your status feedback from SCOAN we will let you know. Take in
consideration that many cities/people are interviewed, please be patient it will take some weeks.
4) By grace upon invitation letter from SCOAN, you will be required to pay EFT the tour fee (+R17800) within 2 working days, so keep your tour fee ready and available to be paid upon request.
The fee depends on the exchange rates and flight dates and will be made available after invitation
letter. Cash deposit will not be accepted, if you still want to deposit cash then you need to add R250
additional to the tour price for bank charges.
5) People who are invited and travel to Nigeria, Lagos need a yellow fever injection (+-R1000 at your
doctor) and certificate which needs to be obtained immediately after we notified you of interview
outcome. Note Lagos is a malaria area.
6) Visas will be arranged and only after the visas were issued, the flights will be reserved and the dates
be made known of trip departure and return.
7) After flights were finalized can you take leave. Do not take leave or make any financial travel
arrangements before the flights were not booked and paid.
8) You must immediately inform the group leaders should your health condition changes after you were
interviewed and before we travel.
9) Golf shirts are optional R130 and only one per person travelling.
Important information you need to know if you travel to SCOAN with SDGT.
1. You are a voluntary member of the Soli Deo Gloria Tours CC group from South Africa to Nigeria that
will take place from Johannesburg to Lagos, Nigeria / SCOAN.
2. You are conditional and provisional admitted to meet all SCOAN’s requirements.
3. You are submitting yourself voluntary to the authority and leadership of Prophet TB Joshua and
SCOAN leadership.
4. You ought to respect and adhere to the prescribed dress code as set out in FAQ document.
5. You are not allowed to take alcohol or any other drugs during the flight, or at the Synagogue Church of
All Nations.
6. You ought to take note of the fact that there are no smoking facilities available, nor a smoking room.
Smoking is prohibited for the duration of the stay at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (7 days).
7. You are required to submit accurate, honest information of this tour for your health condition and the
information must be your latest updated information.
8. You must immediately inform the group leaders should your health condition changes after you were
interviewed and before we travel.
9. Your medical report needs to fulfil the requirements mentioned in order to be accepted by the
screening committee of the SCOAN.
10. You must be medically capable of climbing five flights of stairs. The bedrooms, dining room and
lecture hall are situated upstairs and it will be impossible for people to go with wheelchairs, walking
frames, walking sticks, any walking difficulties, open wounds, blindness, and people who need
dialyses. SCOAN is a church and do not have hospital facilities, doctors or nurses.
11. Pregnant ladies are required to wait until after the born of their babies before they apply to go to
12. You will be interviewed by SCOAN concerning your health problems and the reason for your visit.
13. You must accept the SDGT terms and conditions.
READ the FAQ document on website to obtain information regarding tour cost
and the complete process until departure.
SDGT 2014 aug WEBSITE: FAX: 0862310825 / 0866 149 294
EMAIL: [email protected]