Loyola University Chicago Intramural Sports Participant Manual 2013-2014 SECTION 1

Loyola University Chicago Intramural Sports
Participant Manual 2013-2014
What is Intramural Sports?
The Intramural Sports program at the Loyola University Chicago is structured to provide students, faculty
and staff the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive and recreational sports activities.
Intramural Sports features short term, on-campus competition in traditional and non-traditional sports. All
Intramural Sports include divisions for Men's, Women, Greek Life and co-rec (men and women playing on
the same team).
Intramural Sports games are organized in either tournament or league style. Activities include, flag
football, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, badminton, cornhole (bags) basketball and racquetball. Intramural
Sports are offered in the Fall and Spring Semesters.
Registration for Intramural Sports now takes place on line. Be sure to register early, as leagues are on a
first come, first serve basis. You will see the times that are available to play online. Most seasons are 2–4
weeks long, with your team playing the same day each week until playoffs. See the registration link for
more information!
Only the captain for each team needs to register to hold a team spot. The remaining team members will
be added at the game site for each sport. Please ensure that all teammates are only playing on one team
per league (example: on one men's team and one co-rec team, where men and women play together).
However, all team members will be required to join a team or the captain can invite them to join. See the
registration link for instructions!
A. Eligibility Requirements
The following groups are eligible for participation in LUC Intramurals
• LUC currently enrolled students with a minimum of one credit hour at any LUC campus. (enrolled
in the current semester, example must be enrolled in the Fall to play Fall sports)
• LUC faculty and staff at all campuses and offices
B. Eligibility for Competition in Divisions
Open Division
Fraternity/Sorority Division
Men’s Division
Women’s Division
Co-Rec Division
Other information
Representatives from any of the above named eligibility
Only active student members and current pledges of LUC
recognized fraternity, sorority or honor society groups, as
determined by the SAGA office. (No Faculty/Staff Members
All team members must be male.
All team members must be female.
Team rosters must consist of both male and female players.
If there is smaller number of teams, the IM staff reserves the
right to adjust or mix leagues.
Participants may only compete one gender specific and one co
rec team per sport (example- male can be on one men’s team
and one co rec team. Not one two men’s teams)
A. Entry Procedures
All entries, team and individual, must be submitted to the Intramural Sports Office prior to the entry
deadline. Entries are submitted via the Internet, from the Intramural Sports section of the Campus
Recreation website. (http://www.luc.edu/campusrec). For online entry failures, please contact
[email protected] for help. Registration must take place during the dates indicated on schedule page,
which is also on the website
Online scheduling will be instant scheduling, meaning teams will be able to select preferred playing dates
and times. For the most part, teams will be able to play on the exact time they selected. However, these
times are subject to change at the discrepancy of the Intramural Department based on demand and
uneven leagues. This system will allow for teams to decide online on times when they are able to play.
IM Online- Registration and Scheduling System
Intramural Sport Registration Instructions
Loyola University Chicago will now be utilizing a program called IMleagues.com for all Intramural Sports
registration. Follow the directions below to learn how to access and register through this site. Participants
will use their LUC log in (email) and pass word.
All participants must create an account through IMLeagues in order to create a team, join a team,
become a free agent, etc. Registration for all ALL events will take place through this site.
You may have still have teammates join at the game site, but they will be required to provide information
to create an account. This will require their LUC user name/email and their current LUC student ID. (they
will be sent invitations to add on after) In order to make the process easier, it is recommended that you
make your roster online and invite teammates PRIOR to the first day of play. Please refer to the
participant hand book for questions regarding eligibility, policies and rules.
New Participants: (all new users need to do this step)
Go to http://www.imleagues.com/luc
Click on Create Account.
You will be directed to a new page to enter your Loyola University Chicago log in
• LUC Email
• Luc Password (this will allow you to have one log in for everything!)
Click Login.
A new page will appear that should have most of your information.
Fill in remaining areas.
Agree to terms.
Click Submit.
You will then receive an activation email. Click the link in the email to complete
registration and to be joined to the Loyola University Chicago account!
You are now registered!! Please click your name then on edit profile to add important contact
information so teammates and administration may contact you.
Returning Participants (for future log ins)
Go to http://www.imleagues.com/luc
Click Login
You will be directed to a new page to enter your log in
• LUC Email Log in
• LUC Password
Click Login
After you create an account you can sign up a team, request players or find a team to play one
To Create a Team (For captains. Only one member needs to and should create a team. Then you
will ask your friends/teammates to join):
After logging in, click on the Loyola University Chicago tab (top left of screen).
Scroll down to view the sport offerings.
• Sports that are open for registration will have a GREEN "OPEN" icon.
Click on the league that you wish to create a team in (Men’s, Women’s, Greek, CoRec).
Click on Create a team.
Accept the Waiver/Requirements.
Fill in the Team and Captain Information.
Click on Create Team
Captains----Adding Players to Team:
After logging in, click on the team that you wish to add players to.
Under Captain Links (left side of screen) click Invite Members.
In the text box, enter the email addresses of your friends/future teammates.
o If you have had past teams, you can click on My Teams and invite members from
previous teams to join your new team.
o To invite free agents, click on the Free Agents box. Available free agents will then be
Enter a message for your invited members.
Click send invitations.
o NOTE: an individual MUST have an IMLeagues account in order to be added to a team.
If a person is sent an invitation and does not have an account, he/she will have to create
an account --- once they complete this action, they can accept the invitation.
o We will allow you to add players on site. You will do this by having teammates provide
Loyola University Chicago email addresses and names.
Players---How To Join a Team online (preferred!)
After logging in, click on the Loyola University Chicago tab (top left of screen).
Scroll down to view the sport offerings.
• Sports that are open for registration will have a GREEN "OPEN" icon.
Click on the league that you wish to create a team in (Men's Competitive, CoRec, etc).
Click on the team that you would like to join.
Under the team links, click Join Team.
Accept the Terms of Service.
Enter the message you want the Captain to read.
Click send request
• NOTE: The Captain has the authority to Accept or Deny your request.
To Become a Free Agent: (for participants without a team but wish to join one)
After logging in, click on the Loyola University Chicago tab (top left of screen).
Scroll down to view the sport offerings
o Sports that are open for Free Agency will have a GREEN "OPEN" icon.
Click on the league that you wish to join as a free agent (Men's Competitive, CoRec, etc).
Click on Join as a Free Agent.
Select the divisions within the league that you wish to be a free agent in
o The division will list the DAYS and TIMES that teams will play
Click on Submit
Accept the Waiver Standards
Enter your student ID
Enter any message you'd like the potential team captains to read
Click Submit
SECTION 4- General Information
Sport Meeting
For team sports, captains are to attend the captains’ meeting prior to the beginning of each team sport.
There, the captains will learn about the general rules for the sport, Campus Recreation Policies and
Procedures and other necessary information.
If a captain cannot attend, teams may send anyone to represent their team to the captains meeting.
Scheduling and adjusting to the online registration schedules will be made at the captains meeting.
Based on order of receipt of registration, teams may then choose their days and times of play at the
meeting if changes are needed. Teams not at the meeting will be placed in our schedules based on any
open spots available. Finalized team schedules will then be posted on the IM website the Friday after the
captains meeting.
Failure to attend the captain’s meeting will result in a penalty for the team. They will start the season with
a D Sportsmanship Rating and risk being dropped from play.
Check online for updates on times and locations. (most take place at 5 pm on Wednesdays in Dumbach
Hall 236)
B. Rosters
All players on rosters must be eligible to participate in Intramural sports (see eligibility section)
Team sport rosters may have a maximum of twice as many players as it takes to field a team,
Rosters are not required before play. You can add players when you register, but it is not required,
just preferred. Your roster will be created on site, on game night. To be placed on a roster, one must
fill out their first and last name, student id number, LUC email, the date and sign the form. IM
Supervisors will assist you with the form. You MUST have your LUC ID Card with you at the game
site for visual verification by the IM Staff.
You can continually add players on the game site throughout the season and playoffs (as long as
player is not already on another team of the same division. This means they actually played in a
game for another team)
Teams can add players to their roster by speaking with the Intramural Sports Supervisor on duty.
See Discipline section for penalties associated with roster errors.
C. General Participation Guidelines
Individuals may participate on one team of his/her gender and one co-rec team per sport. Example a
Men’s A team and a Co-rec team.
See Discipline Section for information on penalties for illegal players, ect.
Individuals currently on an intercollegiate sports roster or attending LUC on an athletic scholarship
are not eligible to compete in that sport or a similar sport, in Intramural Sports play. (For example:
intercollegiate basketball players can not play intramural basketball)
Intercollegiate Athletes, who stop competing, will not be eligible for Intramural Sports until 1 calendar
year from end of the season of intercollegiate play or are no longer affiliated with their team or
scholarship, whichever occurs later. (in that sport or similar sport)
Current professional athletes may NOT play in intramural activities in their sport
Teams may only have 1 player on their roster with previous professional experience in that particular
sport, but must have ended their professional association for a period of one year.
Please review Ineligible Player guidelines listed under Discipline and Illegal Player sections.
D. League Structure
Intramural sports normally run during the following times**:
Monday-Thursday 5 pm- 10 pm for outdoor sports or 5 pm- 12 am for indoor sports
Saturday- Sunday- for weekend soccer
**These times are subject to change. Intramural Sports reserves the right, due to facility or time
constraints, to reduce the number of teams involved in post-season play or change the format of the
tournament. Additionally, games may be played earlier or later to help accommodate large numbers of
teams. Special weekend tournaments would not fall under this category.
League Sports
1. All league sports will consist of a 4 or 5 team league playing 3-4 games in a maximum 5 week
season. (Flag Football, Indoor Soccer, Volleyball, Outdoor Soccer, Dodgeball, 4 player Flag
Football and Basketball)
2. Teams will generally play once a week, in the same time range for the regular season
(Exceptions are sometime made to accommodate holidays and events such as Superbowl
Sunday, Easter Sundays, school breaks) Due to limited space, teams may play the same day, but
not the same time every week
3. Eligibility for Playoffs
• Depends on the sport
• Teams must have no forfeits in the regular season
• Teams may have 1 (one) default during the regular season
• Teams must have open availability during playoffs (play at any time)
• Reschedules will only be made due to weather or an office error (if time allows)
• Teams must have an average sportsmanship grade B or higher in order to advance.
• Must maintain a B average.. An ejected player leads to a forfeit in playoffs.
4. Leagues and playoffs will be offered in the following divisions:
• Men’s
• Women’s (Sorority may also play here)
• Fraternity (if no Fraternity league is offered, then teams can play in men’s)
• Co Rec
All league champions will win an Intramural Champion T-Shirt (for players only) and will have
their team picture taken after the championship game to be placed on the IM web site.
5. Format for playoffs
All teams must have open availability for playoffs. You will not play on your regularly scheduled
season night, as this is impossible with numbers of teams, varies availabilities, facility space and
time. Teams must be able to play on any night and time. Games will only be rescheduled due to
rainouts. It is suggested you ensure your team has plenty of player on the roster to avoid forfeits.
Playoffs will be seeded if possible. Sometimes, this cannot be done due to various reasons such
as rainouts, uncommon opponents and forfeits. If we are able to rank teams, it will be ranked in
the following manner. Overall record, sportsmanship, points given up. If ties exists, it will go, point
differential, points scored and then a coin flip.
6. Tournament Sports and Individual/Dual Sports
• Tournament and individual/dual sports will feature different formats (if possible, if not the
Coordinator will decide format based on number of teams and factors such as facility and
o Pool Play to playoffs
o Teams or individuals will be placed in a “pool,” play round robin games within the
pool and, depending on the format, will advance to the playoffs if:
Format A: A team finishes .500 or better and does not forfeit a game
Format B: A team is within the top 2 of their pool and does not forfeit a
Format C: A team does not forfeit a game
Single Elimination Tournament
• Teams or individuals will be placed in a bracket and play out the
tournament in a single elimination format.
Double Elimination Tournament
• Teams or individuals will be placed in a bracket and play out the
tournament in a double elimination format.
Special event
• Based on the event, the format will be determined by the type of
sport. The format will be determined prior to the event.
E Sport Rules
Each sport will have their own set of written rules, which will cover specific sport rules, policies
and procedures as they pertain to that sport. Specific sports rules can be found online at
F. Schedules
Team schedules and playoff schedule will be posted online at the IM website at www.luc.edu/campusrec
which will lead you to the software website www.imleagues.com/luc . You do not have to be logged in to
view schedules; simply click the “sports tab” Schedules will be posted on Fridays by 5 pm before play is
to begin. If there are any questions or concerns with the schedule contact 773-508-2615
A. Team Sportsmanship Rating
LUC Campus Recreation’s sportsmanship rating policy has been developed to protect the safety and
equity of all participants and those affiliated with supervising our events.
The Team Sportsmanship Rating is an objective means for assessing the behavior of teams
through an Intramural Sport season.
The Intramural staff on duty will grade all teams on their display of sportsmanship before,
during and after each game. Failure by the Intramural Staff to give a grade will result in a “A”.
Participating in Intramural Sports is NOT a right, it is a privilege. Therefore, the Intramural
Sports program reserves the right to take away that privilege from any team or individual that
does not abide by the governing rules and regulations, as well as does not exhibit good
sportsmanship and fair play.
Two unsportsmanlike penalties on the same player will result in disqualification from the
game. The third unsportsmanlike foul by the same team results in forfeiture of the game.
(example 2 technical fouls on one player in basketball results in a player ejection, 3
technical’s fouls on a team results in a forfeit)
Any player that is ejected for any reason must come in to speak to the Coordinator of
Intramural and Club Sports before their next game. That player or team is not eligible to play
until doing so. Team will forfeit their ensuing game if the ejected player does not meet with
the Assistant Director. All ejections will warrant a minimum 1 game suspension!
The Intramural staff reserves the right to end any intramural contest at any point.
B. Sportsmanship Rating Criteria
“A” - Good Conduct and Sportsmanship
Team/fans cooperate fully with the supervisors and officials and show respect for opposing team
members. The Team Captain has full control of his/her teammates/fans. If the captain converses with
the officials about rule interpretations and calls he/she does so respectfully and calmly. A team
winning a game due to a forfeit will receive an “A” sportsmanship rating.
“B” - Average Conduct and Sportsmanship
Team/fans complain about some decisions and or display minor dissent. These complaints may have
been voiced verbally or non-verbally toward officials, opposing players or opposing fans. The Team
Captain exhibits major control over teammates and him/herself.
“C” - Below Average Conduct and Sportsmanship
Team/fans (on or off the playing area) show continuous or sustained verbal dissent towards officials,
supervisors, and/or the opposing team. The Team Captain exhibits minor control over teammates and
him/herself. Teams that receive one unsportsmanlike penalty or technical foul during the game will
receive no higher than a “C” rating. Each additional unsportsmanlike penalty will result in the grade
being lowered by one letter grade.
“D” - Poor Conduct and Sportsmanship
Team/fans complain excessively to officials and/or the opposing team. The Team Captain exhibits
little control over teammates and him/herself. Teams that have a player ejected will receive no higher
than a “D” rating.
“F” - Unacceptable Conduct and Sportsmanship
Team/fans are completely uncooperative. Team Captain has no control over team, fans and/or
him/herself. Teams that have multiple players ejected, receives three unsportsmanlike penalties or
cause a game to be forfeited shall receive an “F”. Any team that does not have the required number
of players present at the scheduled game time will receive an “F”.
The team captain of a team that receives a “D” or “F” rating must meet with the Coordinator of Intramural
Sports prior to his/her team’s next game.
If a player is ejected from the game for any reason:
• Ejected Player consequences:
o Team will be automatically deducted to a “D” rating
o Ejected player must leave playing area (out of sight and sound).
o Ejected player may not participate in any Intramural Sports or activities (including
watching), until they have met with the Coordinator of Intramural Sports, Megan
Morris, or have been officially reinstated.
o Must contact Megan Morris, Coordinator of Intramurals, to set up a meeting to
determine what action should be taken.
o It is the responsibility of the ejected player to schedule the reinstatement
o Ejected player is ineligible until meeting has taken place.
Ejected player will face a minimum one(1) game suspension from all Intramural
If necessary, ejected player might be referred to Judicial Affairs for further
disciplinary actions, and be suspended indefinitely from Intramural Sports and
Campus Recreation participation.
If the ejected player does not think the Coordinator of Intramural Sports decision
is fair, he/she may appeal by scheduling an appointment with the Director of
Campus Recreation. Appeals must be made within 48 business hours of the
Coordinator of Intramural Sports disciplinary decision.
If the ejected player fails to set up a meeting, the team’s roster will be suspended
until the ejected player does so.
If the official or supervisor believes it is in the best interest of the program to stop
a game, he/she may do so.
The Intramural Staff reserves the right to indefinitely suspend any participant or
team from intramural competition for behavior detrimental to the mission and
purpose of Campus Recreation or Loyola University Chicago
If a player is found to have played on two teams:
• Consequences for Playing on Two (2) Teams:
o Player will be permitted to play on the first team he/she signed in and played for.
o Both teams will be notified of the player violation.
o The second team the player participated with will be deducted one (1)
sportsmanship letter grade.
o Player will receive a minimum of one (1) game suspension.
In case of an illegal player found participating on a team:
• Illegal Player Consequences
o Team in violation will receive a loss, and opposing team will receive an automatic
o Both teams will be notified of illegal player violation.
o Illegal player is not permitted to play any Intramural sports or activities.
An Illegal player consists of a person who is not currently enrolled at Loyola University Chicago with a
minimum of one (1) credit hour or a current LUC faculty staff member.
• Faculty/Staff must also present their LUC ID at each game.
• Teams found in violation will be deducted one (1) sportsmanship letter grade for each
More on ineligible players
• If a team plays an ineligible player, the game will result in the offending team being dealt
a loss and a C in sportsmanship for the first offense. A second offense by the same team
will result in being eliminated from the league In the case of ineligible player participation,
a protest may be filed at any time. It has to be filed within 72-hours of the contest.
• The Campus Recreation Staff may forfeit a game in the case of an ineligible player,
without the opposing team filing an official protest at any time.
• If a game has not started and a team is notified that they are about to play with an
ineligible player, the game may be played with the player in question who has checked-in
being removed.
• The team will receive a minimum one letter grade deduction from their sportsmanship
grade only if the player is found to have been ineligible and that player does not play.
• If team refuses to play without the player in question, the game will be forfeited.
• Ineligible players include: individuals playing under an assumed name, playing without a
LUC ID card, playing with someone else’s LUC ID card, allowing someone else to use
your LUC ID card, individuals playing on two or more teams within same league and
those who do not meet eligibility requirements stated in Section 2.
D. Playoff Sportsmanship
A team must have a minimum cumulative “B” sportsmanship rating (3.0) during the regular season to be
eligible for the playoffs. A team that receives an “F” or more than one “D” rating during the regular
season will be allowed in the playoffs if their sportsmanship rating is above 3.0 (B). Once the playoffs
begin, all teams MUST receive a B or better in each contest to advance further in the playoffs. Any “C”,
“D” or “F” received by a team after the regular season will result in disqualification of that team
E. Special Conditions
Teams with contests that are not rescheduled due to weather, university closing, facility
problems, power failures, etc. will be granted an A sportsmanship rating for the contest not
A. Forfeit/Default Policy
If a team forfeits in regular season once, they will be ineligible for playoffs. (The only exception is
if team plays in all other games that season, the forfeit will be turned into a loss. The F
sportsmanship grade will remain and will be averaged with the rest of the season)
If a team forfeits twice, they will be dropped from play.
Teams will be contact after a forfeit to verify they are dropping from play.
After a team is dropped, the season will be rescheduled for the remaining teams
A Captain may call the IM Staff at 773-508-2615 by 12:00 noon on their game day (12:00 noon
on Friday for Saturday/Sunday Games) to obtain a default and avoid a forfeit. Defaults may only
be obtained via phone prior to the deadlines listed above.
a. Teams that forfeit will not be eligible for playoffs.
b. Teams that have two or more defaults will not be eligible for the playoffs.
If a team or player fails to report to the scheduled place by game time, the supervisor will declare
the game a forfeit.
If both teams fail to report, the game will be scored as a double forfeit.
In order to receive a win by forfeit, the team must have at least the minimum number in the lineup
present and ready to play at game time.
Grace Period: Any team not ready to play at game time shall be penalized in the following
manner. Teams will be allotted a five (5) minute grace period. Every minute team is late will result
in a point consequence specified in each sport rule handbook.
(Ex- 5 minutes after game time – the game is forfeited, 10-0, to the team ready to play.)
A team will be charged with a forfeit if an ineligible player is found to have checked-in to play or
participated in an official contest.
If a team or teams playing engage in a fight, one or both teams will be forfeited and may be
removed from the league. Decisions on whether or not a fight took place will be made by the IM
Staff in charge. Their decision will be final.
B. Protests
Official protests are made in writing and presented to the Coordinator of Intramural Sports by 5pm
of the next business day.
A duplicate copy of the protest will be sent to the captain of the opposing team.
Protests will not be accepted for consideration unless it is registered with the Supervisor of the
contest, at the time of the protested infraction. The officials and supervisor are responsible for
noting the game situation, so the protest is duly registered.
Officials’ judgment calls are not a basis for protest. Protests should be limited to the
misapplication of rules or player eligibility.
The Coordinator will meet with the officials and the participants, prior to making a decision. The
Coordinator’s decision may be appealed to the Director of Campus Recreation within 24 business
hours of the Coordinator’s decision. If the protest is upheld, only the time remaining after the
protest situation will be replayed.
The official protest must be submitted in writing. Must be typied, 12 point font, New Roman,
Double Spaced
D. Inclement Weather Policy
The Campus Recreation staff will make decisions concerning postponement of games due to bad
weather by 4:00pm on Monday – Thursday and as needed on weekends. Call 773-508-2602 (Halas Rec
Center) information on the day’s schedule and the make-up date, if the game is postponed. In individual
sport contests, the participants will make their own decision.
Rainouts and Cancellations
o Regular Season
Regular season games that are canceled due to weather or university closings will NOT
be rescheduled. All teams affected by the cancellations will receive wins and an “A” in
o Playoff Games
All playoff games will be rescheduled if games are postponed due to weather or university
E. Spectators
Spectators also must abide by the rules of LUC Campus Recreation and Intramural Sports. Fans
contribute to a team’s sportsmanship rating and sport specific penalties (such as a technical in
Spectators are permitted to watch sports at the Sean Earl Field if they are current students/rec
members. If they are not, they may request to sign into the field or facility as guests
Spectators must be respectful to the teams and Intramural Staff. They may not bring outside food
or drink and tobacco, drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited. Anyone who is caught with drugs
or alcohol or under the influence will be removed from the facility and reported to campus police.
There are no dogs allowed at Sean Earl. Dogs may remain outside the fence.
Smoking is only allowed outside the fence at Sean Earl field
Spectators must stay in designated areas and can’t interfere with the game.
There are no use of noise makers and large signs such as Greek letters, flags, etc. Cheering and
posters are ok as long as they are non offensive or distracting to the game.
If there are issues with a team’s fans after the game, they game may be ruled a forfeit for
sportsmanship issues.
F. Health, Injuries and Insurance
Since participation in the intramural program is completely voluntary, Loyola University Chicago and
Campus Recreation staff will not accept responsibility for injuries sustained while participating in
scheduled Intramural Sports contests, Halas Rec Center, Sean Earl Fields or the general recreation area.
Participants are required to sign a release form prior to the beginning of each new activity. For
tournament or league sports, the waiver will be signed at your first game. (either online or on site)
Participants are encouraged to have the approval of their personal physician prior to competition.
Campus Recreation does not supply medical supplies except in emergency situations.
G. Office
of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution
Any major issues with participants or spectators may lead to action taken by the Office of Student Conduct and
Conflict Resolution.
Coordinator of Intramural Sports- Megan Morris
[email protected]