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Wires to third parties are not allowed. Wires that result in loss of ownership (e.g - from your individual account at TradeKing to a
joint account with your name and a second individual, or from a joint account at TradeKing to an individual account) require this form
to be signed by both parties, notarized, and its original to be mailed to TradeKing, 13024 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Suite 500,
Charlotte, NC 28277. If you are making a withdrawal from an IRA account you’ll need to also complete an IRA distribution form and
send it along with this request.
Please process the following federal fund wire out of my TradeKing account:
My TradeKing Account Number:
My Name:
____________________ My Telephone Number*:
*Your phone number is required. We may need to speak to you prior to releasing the funds. If we cannot reach
you, the release of the funds may be delayed.
Exact Amount to be wired: $ _________.____
Name of Receiving Financial Institution:
Financial Institution Address:
Fed Wire ABA #: ____________________________________________________________________
SWIFT(international wires only): ________________________________________________________
Title – Name of owner(s) - of account held at above Financial Institution: _____________________________
Address of owner of account: ___________________________________________________________
Account number: ______________________________
Complete if applicable (e.g. when a Credit Union relies on an intermediate bank for wire transfers):
For further credit to – Name of owner(s): _____________________________
Account Number: ___________
Address of owner of account: _______________________________________________________________
Account Holder: Print: _________________ Sign: _________________ Date: ____
2nd Account Holder: Print: _______________ Sign: __________________ Date: ____
Notary please use space below:
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