October 12, 2014 9:00 - 10:05 a.m.

10:30 - 11:40am
October 12, 2014
“The LORD watches over the foreigner and
sustains the fatherless and the widow…”
Psalm 146:9a
Songs of Worship
You Are Good
Introduction to Mission Awareness Week
Matthew 25:31-46
Prayer of Confession & Assurance of Pardon
Song of Worship
What Joy (Psalm 146)
Wayfaring Stranger
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Mission Vision Purpose
Pastor Rob Perkins
Christmas 2012
Offertory Prayer
Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church
Loving the Stranger
Pastor Mike McClenahan
Psalm 146:9 and Ruth 2:10-13
Song of Response
I Will Go
Opportunities to Give, Gather, and Go
Pastor Dave Ricketts
Visit the Prayer Corner – If you would like someone to personally pray for you after
the service, please come to the Prayer Corner sign at the rear of the Sanctuary.
This morning’s prayer partner is Laurie Matsuda.
Glorify God
Gather in community
Grow as disciples
Give of ourselves
Go into the world with the gospel
October 12, 2014
“The LORD watches over the foreigner and
sustains the fatherless and the widow…”
Psalm 146:9a
A community church making
a global impact for Christ.
9:00 - 10:05 a.m.
Lied - L. Vierne
Call to Worship / Prayer
Opening Hymn
Pastor Rob Perkins
#2 Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty
Introduction to Mission Awareness Week
To know Christ and make Him known.
Matthew 25:31-46
Prayer of Confession / Assurance of Pardon
Song of Worship
What Joy (Psalm 146)
Hymn of Worship
#502 Amazing Grace
Wayfaring Stranger
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Sunday, October 12th, 11:45am
Song of Response
Friday, October 17 6:30pm
MVPC weekly programs include special speakers/events;
please pick up a schedule in the information racks
or on our website: mvpctoday.org
Pastor Mike McClenahan
Psalm 146:9 and Ruth 2:10-13
Q&A with Mike and Amy McClenahan
Ice Cream Social & Presentation by Gayla Congdon,
Founder of AMOR Ministries.
Let’s celebrate 25 years of partnership
between MVPC and AMOR.
Loving the Stranger
I Will Go
Opportunities To Give, Gather, and Go
Pastoral Staff
Rob Perkins, Dave Ricketts
Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church
10 Moraga Valley Lane, Moraga, CA 94556
Tel. 925. 376.4800 • Fax. 925. 376.3750 • www.mvpctoday.org
Office Hours 9:00 - 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday
Festival Finale - M. Archer
Visit the Prayer Corner – If you would like someone to personally pray for you
after the service, please come to the Prayer Corner sign at the rear of the Sanctuary.
This morning’s prayer partner is Dona Snow.
Together in Prayer – Please pray for the people listed here and ask the Lord how
He might invite you to care for them:
Today Rev. Mike McClenahan will preach “Loving the Stranger: Saying Yes” in
conjunction with MVPC’s Mission Awareness Week. If you are a guest with us,
please come to The Gathering Place near the Resource Center after the worship
service. We would love to meet you and help you get connected.
Grieving: Lee Anderson and Family upon the death of Mary whose memorial
service will be held here on Sunday, October 19th at 3:00pm;
Anderson Family upon the death of their mother, Jean, whose
memorial service will be held here on Saturday, October 18th at
1:00P. Kika Grupe and Family upon the death of her mother.
If you would like your name to appear here, please designate it on your Prayer
and Care card located in the pew or contact Valerie Bigelow by Tuesday morning;
x223; [email protected] AM Prayer meets on Wednesday, 8:00-9:15am,
in the conference room in the church office.
You’re Invited – Next Sunday, October 19th, Pastor Dave will preach All In with
God’s Care from Acts 6. It will also be Deacon Sunday.
Sing in the Christmas Choir, Thursdays, 7pm, beginning October 9th – Rehearsals
begin this week for MVPC’s 2014 Christmas on the Hill concert. The concert will take
place December 13th and 14th. Contact Mike Loretto: x226; [email protected]
org. Music Center.
MVPC Congregational Meeting, Sunday, October 26th, following the 10:30am
worship service – Join us as we receive the 2013-2014 MVPC Annual Report and
elect new deacons (Kris Costa, C.J. Greenblatt and Patti Huxley) and nominating
committee 2015 Members-At-Large (Rose Camp Blouse, Scott Franklin and
Dona Snow). Please note that there will be a Q&A Meeting on Wednesday,
October 22nd, 7pm, in the Fireside Room.
Chancel Flowers – The flowers on the chancel this morning have been given by
Judi and John Cooper in celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary; The Gerst
Family in memory of Jennifer’s father, Herbert W. Bates; Colleen, Abilio, Patti and
Steve in celebration of Lucas O’Healy da Silva’s 10th birthday; and Karen and Rich
Holine in memory of son Jason and father Leif.
Parents of College Students – The deacons plan to send care packages to our
kids off at college, hoping that a reminder from their church family will bring
a smile. Please stop by the courtyard table and make sure we have your child’s
correct information; we don’t want to miss anyone. We are also asking for a $10
donation to help cover the cost. Thanks so much for your help. If you miss the
patio table, contact Renie Gannett: x280; [email protected]
Family Ties, Sunday, October 19th, 3:30-5pm – Are you a parent with young kids
looking to connect with other parents? Would you like ideas for everyday issues
like discipline, maintaining your marriage and creating family traditions? Join us
for Family Ties. Childcare $10 per family. For more info contact Dave Ricketts:
[email protected], x281.
Nurturing Moms: Designed by God, Wednesdays through October 22 , 9:1510:15am – Do you know your child’s unique design? Join us as we explore the
challenges and joys of nurturing your child’s gifts so they will become the person
God has made them to be. Sponsored by Nurtury and MVPC; open to all parents
of preschoolers. FMC211.
Moms’ Council 2014-2015: If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What am I Doing in the
Pits?, Thursdays, 9:30-11:30am, Are you satisfied with your life? We’ll learn about
God’s plan to satisfy your deepest longings with the blessings He pours into your
life. Register online: mvpctoday.org.
Join Troop 212 – Moraga Boy Scout Troop 212 is recruiting current 5 grade
MVPC boys. Chartered by MVPC, Troop 212 tries to provide priority to sons of
MVPC families if they sign up by October 15th. 5th grade boys do not start Boy
Scouts until April. Please contact John Leonard, Recruiting Chair: 313-5019;
[email protected]
The October Monthly Prayer Focus, a daily prayer guide with scriptural
prayers supporting our marriages, families and children, can be found at
mvpctoday.org. Also, please keep in prayer those who are leading us through
the PC(USA) dismissal process. Please also pray for our APNC as they seek our
next pastor. Thank you for praying!
Loving the Stranger: Saying Yes
Psalm 146:9: Ruth 2:10-13
Message Notes
Sunday classes for children and adults run concurrently with both classes. Today
adult classes will have special Mission Awareness Week speakers. Regular classes
will resume next week.
Adult classes –
9am Intersections: I Believe, a Study of the Apostles’ Creed. Fellowship Hall
Next week’s speaker: Rev. Dr. Rob Perkins
10:30am Exploring Scripture: Spiritual Disciplines. Fireside Room
10:30am Faithbuilders: The Gospel of John. FMC205
Young Adult Community (YAC), Sundays, 7-9pm – Come for relationships,
encouragement, praise and learning from God’s Word. Adults are invited to
volunteer. Contact Evan Kolding: [email protected] Forum.
Men’s Fraternity, Tuesdays, 6:15-7:30am, – During the last six years, 120+
men have participated in Men’s Fraternity. We have new curriculum this year –
Guardrails by Andy Stanley – that will help you to stop flirting with disaster and
establish some personal guardrails. Forum.
Women’s Bible Study 2014-2015: Joshua, Judges and Ruth, Tuesdays, 9:3011:30am or 7-8:30pm – Choose this day whom you will serve… Join with us at
WBS to grow in understanding God’s nature and His passion for His children.
Register online: mvpctoday.org.
Connect with programs for middle school and high school students!
Sr. High (High School) meets Wednesdays, 7-9pm.
Quest (Middle School) meets Thursdays, 7-8:30pm.
Contact Evan Kolding for more information: [email protected]
iCan Food Drive, October 5th to November 15th – Please bring canned or nonperishable food items, such as dried beans, cereals and pasta, to the donation
bins upstairs in the FMC hallways. The food drive will culminate in a field trip
to the Bay Area Rescue Mission on Saturday, November 15th, during which we
will fill holiday food bags with the items we collect. Children’s Sunday school
offerings will also be donated. Mark your calendars!
Read a Good Book – In conjunction with Mission Awareness Week, Global
Missions Team and Adult Ministries invite you to read Tattoos on the Heart by
Gregory Boyle, stories of a young priest working with gang members in LA. It’s
an inspirational reminder of how God can reach anyone with His hope and
grace. Pick up your copy in the Resource Center.
Share a Meal with St. Mary’s InterVarsity Students, Mondays, 7pm – In keeping
with MVPC’s mission statement, we have an opportunity to GIVE a home-cooked
meal to students as they GATHER to GROW in their relationship with Jesus and
GLORIFY Him with their lives as they GO to class and into the community!
Dates: October 13th & 27th; November 10th & 27th. Contact Bob Holt for more
information: [email protected]; 890-4555.
Family Share Questions
We invite you to use these questions to reflect on Matthew 25:31-46
individually and with your family:
• Who might be “the least of these” in your life, for example,
at school, sports, or in your neighborhood?
• What could you do this week to care for those people?
• Pray that God will help you show love to others.