Letter A Block Style, Open Punctuation Directions:

Computer Technology
Word Processing Letters
Letter A Block Style, Open Punctuation
1. Using the Text Select Tool in Adobe, copy and paste letter below into a
blank Word document
2. Letter Format: Block
3. Punctuation (salutation and closing): Open
4. Top Margin: 2 inches (Be sure to do this for all your letters.)
5. Font Size: 12 point
6. Fix spacing: 4 returns (3 blanks) after current date and Sincerely yours
7. Be sure to spell check (notice red marks under misspelled words). Be
sure to make all corrections.
8. Save as Letter A. Send as an attachment.
(Current Date, Insert, Date)
Outergear, Inc.
1354 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 97103-2746
Dear Shipping Department
On October 30 I ordered from your winter catalogg a Heavy Weight Fleece
Tee Shirt (#M628). Although the packing slip and the printed plastic bag
label clearly state that the shirt is a Large, the shirt label shows that the size is
Medium. Large was the size I ordered.
Because I have had a similar experience twice in the past, my confidence in
your ability to fill my orders acccurately is reduced. To avoid the nuisance
and expense of packaging and returning the shirt, I will keep it to use as a
Will you please caution your packers or the appropriate manufacturers to to
check sizes and colors more carefully before placing garments in pre-labeled
bags. I’m certain the extra care will make your other customers happier, too.
Sincerely yours
(Your Name)
Computer Technology
Word Processing Letters
Letter B Modified Block, Mixed Punctuation
Include the current date at 2” top margin.
Modified block remember to set a left tab at 3 on ruler bar and
then indent for the date, closing, writer’s name and title.
Send the letter to:
Mr. Leslie D. Banks
George Washington High School
2165 E. 2700 South Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84109-3720
Include an appropriate salutation and complimentary closing.
Save the Letter B paragraphs in your Word Processing folder.
Place insertion point a DS below the salutation.
Insert the file Letter B paragraphs instead of typing the
paragraphs. Click on Insert on the Menu Bar, scroll down to file.
The letter is from Jamie Houston who is the Employment Office
You are the typist.
10. Use find and replace in the Edit Menu to change all the misspelled
errrors to errors.
11. Proofread. Check spacing and letter format.
12. Save as: Letter B.
13. Send as an attachment.