Preparedness M.R.A.P. Vehicle Operator Course National Institute

M.R.A.P. Vehicle Operator Course
February 9, 2015
7 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Treasure Coast Public Safety Training Complex
Indian River State College
This training program is developed strategically
from the Department of Defense and delivered
by certified M.R.A.P. University instructors with
backgrounds in military, law enforcement, border
patrol, and homeland security training.
Indian River State College
Course content includes:
• Vehicle familiarization
• Driving operations
• Location/function of controls and indicators
• Vehicle characteristics
• Emergency egress
• Warnings and cautions
• Operating under unusual conditions
• Operator level trouble shooting
• OGPK/BPTMU (Objective Gunners Protection
Kit/Battery Powered Motorized Traversing Unit)
The course is designed the help law enforcement
mitigate risk to both officers and the public
• Hands-on vehicle inspections
• Personalized driving instruction
• A “Train the Trainer” powerpoint
• Program of instruction
If your agency is paying via check, use coupon
• Training support packages
“agency”. Please bring a 4GB flash drive.
• Wiring diagrams and technical and
maintenance manuals
$175 per person
Indian River
State College
IRSC National Preparedness Institute
3209 Virginia Avenue, Fort Pierce, Florida, 34981-5596