Sophisticated Scrapbook Pages with… Brothers

Sophisticated Scrapbook Pages with…
Ultramarine, Forest Green, and
Azure StāzOn® ink pads
– Tsukineko®
Fantastix® (3), white gel pen
– Tsukineko®
Grid overlay – DieCuts with a View
Artextures pre-printed paper,
silver paper – Paper Adventures
Fish stamp, 1/2" mirror tiles
(1 bag of 32) – Plaid
Lettering stickers – Chyops
Kitchen sponge, foam tape
Royal Purple, Azure, and Forest Green StāzOn® ink pads– Tsukineko®
Black wood frame – Michaels
Calligraphy stencil – Wordsworth
Tumbled glass pieces (1 bag) – Plaid
White cardstock, vellum – Paper Adventures
Black pen, silicon glue, double stick tape, kitchen sponge
1. Mount photo in center of white cardstock trimmed to
fit in frame. Add journaling 1" clear from each side of
photo with black pen. Remove glass from frame.
2. Trace title on scrap of paper and place under glass.
Sponge StāzOn® inks through stencil on top of glass.
Adhere torn vellum over photo under glass as shown.
3. Arrange all glass pieces and secure with silicon glue.
Assemble all elements into frame once glue has dried.
Mirror tiles and mosiac grid overlays are
accented with rich jewel tones, adding a sense of
depth and movement with just three colors.
Archival and acid-free
Easy to use
No need to re-ink the pad after each use
StazOn Cleaner also conditions your stamps
Mild scent
Quick Tips
• For best results, allow ink to dry for 48 hours
• Spray acid-free fixative to increase permanence.
• StazOn® was designed for decorative purposes only. Do not use on eating/drinking surfaces.
• StazOn® reacts uniquely on different surfaces. Always test StazOn® on a small area of the
working surface before starting large projects.
© 2003 Sophisticated Scrapbook Pages with StazOn by Jill Miller
StazOn Project Sheet
Detail of stamped mirror tiles.
1. Divide the 32 mirror tiles into 2 squares of 16 tiles each. Tape tiles together on the
back. Ink each area of fish with each color transferring from StāzOn® pad to stamp with
Fantastix® coloring tools. Stamp multicolored fish on front of each square as shown. Fill
in voids with additional ink using Fantastix® directly on mirror as desired.
2. Sponge grid overlay randomly with StāzOn® inks and remove squares. Mount grid
overlay onto pre-printed paper. Mat photos with silver paper and adhere to pre-printed
paper UNDER grid. Snip off grid lines as shown. Add lettering stickers and journal on
cutout squares and adhere with foam tape.
3. Remove tape from mirror tiles and space tiles apart in groups of four as shown. Adhere
tiles to silver paper and mount on TOP of grid paper. Trim 8 cutout squares to frame
fish square and secure to grid paper with foam tape as shown. Add extra
cross grid (cut from grids over photo). Repeat with second mirror fish.
Blazing Red and Pumpkin
StāzOn® ink pads
– Tsukineko®
Copper, gold and silver metal
sheets – AMACO
Giga and jumbo leaf punches
– Marvy Uchida
Southwest corner punch
– Marvy Uchida
Sizzix Fun Serif letter die-cuts
– Ellison
Copper wire – Artistic Wire
Rust velveteen and brown
cardstock – K&Company
Shiny black cardstock
– Making Memories
Black permanent ink pen
– Sakura
Forest Green, and Jet Black
StāzOn® ink pads
Sponge Daubers
– Tsukineko®
Dappled colors of fall are rubbed on each
metal punched leaf. Adding color to
copper and gold metal tones down the
strong shine of the metal.
Autumn In Colorado
1. Punch 10 leaves with giga punch from metal
sheets and 2 leaves with jumbo punch from
Detail of crumpled leaf with inks.
copper sheet. Crumple all leaves slightly and
smooth out.
2. Rub on Blazing Red and Pumpkin StāzOn® ink randomly over all metal leaves. Allow a
few minutes to dry and then arrange on rust velveteen as shown.
3. Mount photo on black shiny paper and punch corners. Add swirling copper wire and
mount photo on velveteen. Die-cut letters from shiny paper and adhere to page.
(Be sure to weave smaller leaves through the letter “U” as shown).
4. Weave single swirling strand of copper wire through title and around leaves. Add
journaling under title and mount all on brown cardstock, for rigidity, to finish.
Silver and mint green metal
sheets – Amaco
Fern print paper, black cardstock – Paper Adventures
Calligraphy lettering stencil
– Wordsworth
White paint pen, black
permanent ink pen
Scrap of felt, silk ferns
(9 fronds)
Embossing stylist, double
stick tape, clear glue
Metal embossed images have greater
dimension with added shadows and
highlights courtesy of black and forest
green inks, finished with a touch of white.
Two Hearts – One Love
Embossed and painted metal panel.
1. Cut green metal sheet into 2-1/2" X 8-1/2"
panel. Tape 3 fern fronds on back of green metal panel. Press green side of metal panel
firmly against ferns impressing fern images into metal. Rub various StāzOn® inks with
Sponge Dauber all over panel finishing with white highlights as shown. (Scrape off any
unwanted dried inks from metal with craft knife)
2. Position photo on lower right of 6-1/2" x 8-1/2" silver metal panel. Poke small pinholes
under photo corners. Mount on lower right side. Turn sheet over and trace title IN
REVERSE with lettering stencil and black pen on wide side and top of panel opposite
from photo area (location noted with pin holes). Dry emboss letters with stylist through
stencil with felt under metal panel for cushion.
3. Adhere silver and green metal panels with tape on trimmed fern pre-printed paper and
this on black cardstock as shown. Secure remaining silk ferns with clear glue as shown.