The workshop is provided by the project team of HEKATE.
Main developer has been Hamburg University of Technology,
with the contribution of Manchester Business School,
EIRMA and Solvay. TuTech coordinates HEKATE and takes
care of the organisation of the workshop. TuTech is a
technology transfer service company providing support
for researchers at Hamburg University of Technology.
Registration to the workshop
requires following steps:
Download a registration form from our website:
Attach a short description of your business idea
(if there is one)
Submit the registration form via
3 E-mail:[email protected]
Fax: + 49 40 76629-6359
TuTech Innovation GmbH, Harburger Schlossstr. 6 –12,
21079 Hamburg, Germany
There will be a selection process according
to the project objectives.
Participation conditions
No participation fee. There will be costs for networking
dinner, lunch and refreshments. Travel and accommodation on own cost. Recommendations available on request
We will inform selected participants four
weeks prior to the event.
›Turning ideas
o opportunities‹
Entrepreneurship workshop for PhD students,
early-stage researchers and
early career business professionals
Wednesday, 26 November 2014
to Friday, 28 November 2014
Project partners:
Further Information
Dr. Margarete Remmert-Rieper
Tel: + 49 40 76629-6322
Fax: + 49 40 76629-6359
E-mail:[email protected]
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The HEKATE workshop
What is the nature of the workshop?
In today’s dynamic economic environment, graduates in
engineering and science are required to go beyond their
technical expertise and encouraged to be innovative in
both, academic and business settings. Entrepreneurial skills
are crucial for exploiting the commercial potential of ideas
and technologies – regardless whether this is to happen in
academic institutions or in technology-based firms.
The entrepreneurship workshop offers a unique opportunity to early stage researchers (PhD students, Postdocs)
and early career business professionals learning how to
turn ideas into business opportunities.
Hamburg University of Technology and Manchester Business
School together with EIRMA (European Industrial Research
Management Association), Solvay and TuTech Innovation
GmbH have developed a novel entrepreneurship workshop.
This workshop aims at inspiring participants to engage in
business creation and convey a feeling what innovation
and new business development involves.
This workshop is developed through the EU funded project
›HEKATE‹ within the European framework of the University-Business Cooperation initiative. The key objective of
the initiative is to form the so called ›Knowledge Alliances‹
bringing together businesses and higher education institutions. The alliances are aiming to strengthen Europe’s
innovation potential via the provision, for example, of new
higher education learning and teaching methods.
The workshop follows an experience-based learning
approach. The course involves senior academics and R&D
managers anchoring the learning experience of participants by coaching/training, lectures, discussions and
presentations. Participants will learn strategies and tools
to pursue a business idea throughout different development stages within both company and academic settings.
The aim is to strengthen the entrepreneurial drive and the
innovation skills among participants.
Who should take the workshop?
The workshop is intended for PhD students, early-stage
researchers and for early career business professionals in
scientific and technical disciplines who aim to improve
their knowledge about processes involved in bringing
ideas into business opportunities.
To benefit the most, bring your own business idea and
develop it further throughout the workshop.
What’s in it for you?
Develop an entrepreneurial spirit
Present convincing ideas and business cases
Train the use of business development tools
Establish contacts by working together in tandem:
scientific researcher – business professional
Get to know successful entrepreneurs, industry experts
and senior managers from large multinational corporations
Day 1
Get to know each other
Welcome and networking dinner
Day 2
Improve your idea, share with others
and learn from real entrepreneurs
Develop ideas:
use creativity techniques and benefit from team work
Speed up ideas:
learn how to analyse ideas quickly
Switch into realization:
learn from experts how to turn ideas into projects
Day 3
Learn business techniques, get coached and pitch!
Create a business proposal:
apply evaluation tools and
learn from professional evaluators
Pitch your idea:
train how to bring your case across
Evaluation and feedback