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Since 1989, one of the leading agencies in placing maternity nurses and live-in or daily nannies with
families in London and Worldwide.
A complete guide
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Nannies Incorporated
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Maternity nurses
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Interview techniques
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Achieving a good working relationship
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Childcare qualifications
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What has been said about us
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UK Tax & National Insurance & OFSTED
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Contract of employment
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Chapter 1
Nannies Incorporated
Maternity Nurses Incorporated
Nannies Incorporated
Maternity Nurses Incorporated
A childcarer can be like a new addition to a family. It can be strange and a little difficult at first
for both parents and carers. Where a child is concerned it is vital that both parties make the right
choice and maintain a good relationship throughout the period of employment.
We have created this guide to help you make the right choice more easily. The material
represents general advice and guidance for parents employing a maternity nurse or a nanny. We
hope that you find the information helpful and that you will not hesitate to call us if you require
any further advice.
The guide is based on our experience both as employers and employees in the childcare sector,
together with legal information relevant at the time of writing.
The particulars contained in this document do not constitute any part of any offer or contract
and all information is given in good faith, but without responsibility on behalf of the agency or
its directors, employees or agents.
Nannies Incorporated
Maternity Nurses Incorporated
Established in 1989, it has become the leading nanny agency for the placement of quality
childcare professionals.
Only qualified and/or experienced maternity nurses, nannies and housekeepers are registered
with us. All candidates are interviewed personally and their references verified.
We pride ourselves on selective recruitment. We have offices in London, Paris, Dubai and
Sydney. Placements are made in London and Worldwide.
How we work
We undertake an extensive screening of each candidate.
Every candidate is asked to come to the agency and is interviewed by one of our
experienced consultants.
Every candidate completes an application form providing their personal details,
experience, qualifications and their employment history.
We check
The identity of each maternity nurse or nanny against her driving license, passport of
birth certificate.
The reasons for any gaps in their employment history.
The original certificate of qualification: in the absence of an original certificate we verify
the qualification with relevant awarding body or college.
The validity of the Criminal Record Check of each maternity nurse or nanny.
At least two references to confirm the competence and suitability of each maternity
nurse or nanny.
Close contact with clients
We respect the confidentiality of our clients when requested.
We put forward candidates only for positions for which they appear to be suited by their
qualifications, experience and personality. We provide full and relevant information to both the
prospective employee and employer about one another before an interview.
We provide
A detailed CV and references of the candidate.
Liaison between clients, maternity nurses and nannies to arrange first a telephone
interview and then a visit to the family home if requested or a meeting at one of our
Once a placement is secured, assistance with organising the necessary travel
arrangements, medical insurance and contracts of employment
Who we are
Annie Martin is the founder and managing director of Nannies Incorporated. She qualified as a
lawyer in 1980, has worked at the European Commission in Brussels and also has business
experience in the U.K. and Worldwide.
Annie is also the founder of Destiny of a Child, a registered charity whose purpose is to support
cochlear implantation for profoundly deaf children, physically disabled children and Aids
orphans. Annie is a working mother with three children and is fluent in English and French.
Jana Valabikova joined Nannies Incorporated in 2006 and is responsible for the overseas desk.
Jana recruits nannies from the U.K., France, Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South
Africa. Jana is from Slovakia and graduated with an M.A. degree in English Linguistics and
History. Before joining Nannies Incorporated she worked as an English teacher and translator.
Hannah Goddard is British and is in charge of recruiting and placing nannies and maternity
nurses in London on behalf of Nannies Incorporated. Hannah graduated with a Business and
Human Resources Degree from the University of Keele and prior to studying spent 18 months
working in recruitment for the NHS. Hannah’s previous experience and knowledge in
recruitment and a similar environment has made her an asset to the team.
Eliza Milson is from Sydney, Australia and is the Social Media Administrator for all of the
Nannies Incorporated offices. Eliza graduated in 2009 from Macquire University in Sydney and
has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Law and Human Resources. Eliza is currently working as a
part-time nanny in Paris, improving her French and coordinating the social network and online
presence for Nannies Incorporated worldwide.
Please address your initial enquires for UK and overseas to [email protected]
Nannies Incorporated in Paris
Katharina Lescop de Moy manages our Paris office. Katharina holds a Master’s Degree in
Business Management from the Sorbonne University in Paris and worked for IBM Europe in
their finance department for 15 years before joining the recruitment industry. She has been
working in the childcare recruitment sector in Paris for the last 5 years. Katharina has lived and
worked in Paris for 30 years. Being a working mother of three children together with her
childcare recruitment experience makes her a great asset to the Nannies Incorporated team as
she understands the needs of parents in Paris very well. Katharina is fluent in German, French
and English.
Please address your initial enquiries for Paris and France to [email protected]
Nannies Incorporated in Dubai
Anne Langley-Evans is based in Dubai and is the representative for Nannies Incorporated in the
UAE. Anne has a Degree in Business Administration & Accounting as well as an MBA. Anne has
spent 20 years working in the City of London. As a working mother herself Anne has successfully
employed nannies and understands your individual needs and requirements. Anne has a vast
knowledge of living abroad as she has lived in the UK, Hong Kong and Dubai.
Please address your initial enquiries for Dubai and the UAE to [email protected]
Nannies Incorporated in Sydney
Ellie Bonnett graduated with a Business Degree, Majoring in Human Resource Management and
Marketing from the University of Queensland, Australia. Ellie was in charge of the recruitment
and placement of maternity nurses in the UK on behalf of Nannies Incorporated. Ellie worked in
the London office from 2009 – 2011 before returning to Sydney. Ellie is now actively recruiting
nannies from Australia for placements in London. Ellie’s Human Resources background and
direct experience working in an HR/administrative role for a training consultancy have made
her a vital member of the team.
Please address your initial enquiries for Sydney and Australia to [email protected]
Maternity Nurses
Congratulations on your new baby. We are confident that you will enjoy your baby’s first few
weeks with the support from one of our maternity nurses.
Most of our maternity nurses have been registered with the agency for several years; however
we always welcome new maternity nurses to join our agency. There is no single qualification for
a maternity nurse. A maternity nurse could be a trained or experienced nanny with relevant
newborn experience, nurse or midwife. We recruit maternity nurses mainly from the U.K.,
France, Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Philippines.
A maternity nurse is a great help for a short while after you have had your baby and left the
hospital. Not only are you very tired but also, despite all your love for your child, you may feel
unsure of how to handle the problems of a new born baby. The maternity nurse will give you the
confidence to cope quickly and can give you a routine to follow to suit everyone’s needs.
Main responsibilities of a maternity nurse are to care for your baby and assist you in
establishing a routine within the home environment. Maternity nurse duties also involve
supervising and tidying the baby’s room and day-to-day laundry for the baby in addition to all
areas of caring for your baby.
If you are planning to breastfeed then the maternity nurse will support and encourage you with
this. If you are going to bottle feed then the maternity nurse will be responsible for sterilizing
and making up the bottles for your baby.
A maternity nurse is on call 24 hours a day either 5 or 6 days a week. She is entitled to at least 23 hours free time during the day to rest or take a walk. She however is on call if you should need
anything. The 24 hour off time per week consists of one full day and one full night per week;
during this time the maternity nurse can ask to sleep alone or take time off outside the home.
Please note that even if you engage a maternity nurse you will be advised by the local
Community Midwife and Health Visitor who will be sent by your local Health Authority.
Length of stay
Maternity nurse placements vary depending on your requirements and budget. Bookings start
from 2 weeks up to 8 weeks but can also be extended to 3-6 months. When the maternity nurse
leaves, it will usually be better to find a suitable long term nanny, by which time your baby will
have a routine and you will understand his or her needs better. If it is possible, you could start
interviewing for a nanny before your maternity nurse leaves.
Maternity nurses are self-employed and work on a freelance basis. Salaries vary according to age
and experience and whether she is responsible for a single baby, twins or triplets.
24 hour rate for a single baby
£150 - £180 (£900 - £1, 080 per week)
24 hour rate for multiple births
£180 - £220 (£1, 000 + per week)
These are examples of a maternity nurse’s gross salary. As they are self employed they have to
pay for their own tax and National Insurance.
Questions you can ask when interviewing a maternity nurse
Will the nurse be happy to take direction from you or will you want her to take charge?
What kind of routine does the nurse believe in and do you agree with her ideas?
If breastfeeding is your goal, can the nurse encourage and support you with this?
If you are breastfeeding, is the nurse happy to change the baby in the evening feeds?
If you are planning to bottle feed, would the maternity nurse be responsible for cleaning
and making up the bottle?
How much experience has the nurse had with premature babies or multiple births?
If you have other children is the nurse happy to help with them?
In the evenings, would the nurse mind if you did not want her to eat with you or not be
Will the nurse take baby out for walks in the day?
How much time would the maternity nurse require to have free time in the day and
when would she take this?
If the nurse s going to travel with you, discuss any duties that may change during this
Where will the nurse go on her day off?
Is the nurse able to be flexible in regards to extending her booking if necessary?
Would the maternity nurse wear a uniform?
Does the maternity nurse require a deposit to confirm the booking and also does the
maternity nurse have a contract to cover both herself and you, the client?
Remember maternity nurses get booked up in advance and it can be advantageous not to
prolong the interview process.
It is important that you feel comfortable with the maternity nurse as she is going to be
supporting you at an emotional time. You will get a good feeling once you have found the “ideal”
maternity nurse to join your family.
If you are looking for continuity of care for your children and you are either at home or work
full-time, the best choice of childcare is undoubtedly a nanny.
British nannies enjoy a high reputation in the U.K. and throughout the world. Equally Australian,
New Zealander, South African and European Nannies are very knowledgeable. Our nannies hold
either a British Diploma in childcare and/or are experienced. Some will also hold a qualification
from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or some European countries.
A nanny is capable of sole charge of a child and promotes a happy, loving and stimulating
environment. Her nursery duties include caring for the child, preparing the child’s meals and
keeping his or her room tidy.
A full-time nanny works between 10-12 hours per day and has 2 days off per week as well as
four weeks paid holiday plus Bank holidays. Babysitting and extra hours are by prior
arrangements between employer and an employee.
If the nanny is to live in the house then she should be given her own bedroom and bathroom.
Remember that when the nanny has finished work she may wish to spend long periods in the
privacy of the accommodation provided, so it should be made comfortable. Live-in nannies are
also happy to travel with the family.
If you do not have the space or you do not wish to have someone else living in your house, then
choose a daily nanny. Many nannies prefer to work as daily nannies as it gives them greater
independence. You will have to pay a daily nanny more as she has to cover her living expenses.
Salaries for nannies vary from:
£350 - £450 net per week
£450 - £550 net per week
Overseas salaries vary depending on location and conditions.
This is based on a five day (10-12 hours per day) working week in London and acts as a
guideline only.
Interview techniques
If you wish to go ahead and discuss your requirements with the agency please do not hesitate to
contact us and once you have agreed with our Terms of Business, our consultant will activate the
search for a suitable nanny for you.
Once you have received a detailed CV and a copy of the references, you should call the nanny
directly if you wish to arrange an interview. We advise that you contribute towards interview
expenses for the travel costs and that you confirm this by telephone before the interview.
It is helpful if the children are at home to meet the nanny. Even though our agency checks the
nanny’s references, we encourage our clients to contact referees themselves, as it is your final
If you have any special requirements, then make them known to the nanny from the beginning.
Questions you can ask when interviewing a nanny
If the nanny is not suitable for your family, then please notify the agency of your concerns. If you
are happy with the last interview then ask the nanny to come back for a few hours to spend time
with you and your child. Try to see her in an environment which gives her the opportunity to
show herself at her best with the children and to meet your husband/partner.
Discuss working hours and any extra hours you may require such as weekends,
babysitting, if live-in, then also holidays with the family etc.
Discuss your house rules, i.e. friends staying (male/female).
Discuss any special dietary and medical requirements.
If the nanny is going to travel with you, discuss any duties that may change during this
What activities does she enjoy doing with the children?
How will she structure her day?
Is she creative/Does she like arts and crafts?
Does she enjoy taking the children to outside activities e.g. swimming, library visits,
crescendo etc.?
How would she establish a routine?
What are her views on discipline?
Is she happy to build up a social life for the child/children and meet other nannies for
lunch, tea, play dates and activities?
Is she a confident driver?
What are her hobbies?
How does she like to spend her free time?
Achieving a good working relationship
Relationships require a lot of give and take on both sides and this is never more apparent than in
the relationship between a live-in nanny and the employer. Little things will aggravate, such as
the nanny continually going home late or using the home telephone too much. Both parties
should always be open about any grievances they may have and air them quickly before they get
blown out of proportion.
Employers should respect the privacy of the nanny’s accommodation and remember that the
carer is entitled to her own private life out of work hours.
Most employers require a nanny who can drive and their car insurance should extend to cover
the nanny. The use of the car needs to be clarified, such as availability on and off duty, use only in
the evenings or to take home at the weekend. If the nanny has her own car, then an allowance
needs to be worked out for petrol, wear and tear and insurance.
Carers should be required to keep the business and private affairs of the household confidential
and employers should do the same of the carers.
Carers should not make too much use of the home phone. It should, of course, be available
during the day in case of emergency or to arrange visits and in the evening for brief calls. A
separate arrangement should be agreed for long distance calls. Some employers install a
separate line in the nanny’s room and she then pays for her own calls. Similar arrangements can
be made for mobile phones.
Outings should be of interest and benefit to the children and should be encouraged to stimulate
the child’s awareness and knowledge. Carers should provide a wide range of interesting
activities for their charges.
Childcare Qualifications
N.N.E.B. – National Examination Board (CACHE Diploma)
This is the most recognised qualification. The course is full-time for two years. The syllabus
covers all aspects from birth to seven years and includes studying health and first aid, the child’s
physical, intellectual, emotional and social development and communication and play. Students
also spend part of their studies in practical placements such as schools, nurseries, hospitals and
private families.
N.V.Q. National Vocational Qualifications
This is the latest recognised qualification where candidates are assessed on competence in
performing in work situations, where they are able to show their knowledge and understanding
of the work concerned. The NVQ LEVEL III is equivalent to the NNEB qualification.
BTEC Nursery Nursing – Business and Technician Education Council Nursery Nursing
This is run on similar lines to the above courses, but it is of a more academic nature. The
syllabus includes health and development and special needs.
N.A.M.C.W. Diploma – National Association of Maternal and Child Welfare
This is a two year full-time course available to students aged 16 and over. The course covers the
care of children from birth to adolescence. The syllabus includes health, illnesses and special
needs. The students also attend practical placements as above.
What has been said about us
Our clients have said
J. Donnington
“Thank you for all the effort you have done in order to give us the best service and help.”
N. Kurdi
“Hannah, I really want to thank you for your great help and support that you give us, it's a
pleasure dealing with such a sufficient and professional agency.”
L. Marmilova
“Thank you very much for your immediate reaction to my enquiry. I am very impressed with the
level of candidates you have presented me with and the professionalism of the agency.”
F. A. Al Mutawa
“The nanny you provided us with is perfect and so is your service, Thank you.”
Rose P.
“I have to say thank you to Jana - you are so thorough and really listen what I'm trying to get
across; I can see you clearly care about your job & the people you are working with. So, just to
say: Thank you for your help in me finding the right position.”
S. Harris
“You are very warm, caring and efficient in your approach, you understand our needs. Nannies
Incorporated is definitely the best Maternity Nurse Agency in London.”
Tatiana. L
“I would like to thank you for helping me at such a short notice; the Nanny I have from you is
truly wonderful. I am very pleased with the services your agency provided and I will definitely
contact you again if I need a Maternity Nurse or a Nanny in the future. Thank you again.”
Mrs. Blum
“The consultants at Nannies Incorporated have really been "on the ball" with the help they have
given me.”
Mrs. Fuller
“I would like to thank you all at Nannies Incorporated for being so helpful in finding a nanny for
my family. You have enabled the process to run smoothly and demonstrated great
professionalism at all times.”
L. Hobbs
“Annie Martin is very good at choosing the right consultants for her agency Nannies
Incorporated. The consultants are professional, personable, friendly and trustworthy. They
develop an excellent relationship with their nannies and clients and endeavour to create the
perfect match. The best Agency in The World”.
Our maternity nurses and nannies have said
L. Herbert
- “I would like to say a BIG thank you to Hannah for all of her hard work over the past few
months. You're brilliant and I am so happy to be on the Nannies Incorporated books! A massive
thank you again for securing my dream job in Belgium and I look forward to working with you in
the future!”
Jane R.
“Thanks for all your help and your positivity in helping me find work. I have just accepted a
position through someone else but I am sorry not to have taken a position through you as I have
found you excellent to work with and I will definitely recommend you. ”
Gemma T.
“Thank you Nannies Incorporated for all your hard work and patience. I am registered with a
few agencies and with the exception of one more, you are the best. I do greatly appreciate all the
energy that you put into your work.”
Zahia H.
“I have been registered with Nannies Incorporated for many years in Paris and have had some
wonderful placements through them. They have always been very supportive and I know that I
can count on them. I highly recommend this agency.”
S. Wilsher
“For the past 15 years, I have worked through Nannies Incorporated and thoroughly enjoy the
positions that they find for me. I have worked all over the world via the agency and find the team
to be very professional and supportive at all times. I am delighted to be part of the Nannies
Incorporated team. ”
Marie. B
“Thank you again for all your help in my job search and a friendly & professional attitude! ”
A. Bleuze
“I wish to thank Isabelle sincerely for the efficiency she showed in finding me a nice family to
work for in Paris. Having been a nanny for a while now, I needed someone to help me search for
the right position and Isabelle did a perfect job! Moreover, Isabelle is a very nice and pleasant
L. Lovett
“I would like to thank Jana and show my appreciation for her assistance in getting me the right
job. I cant fault her professionalism; in 22 years of me dealing with agencies she has shone above
the rest. Well done & thank you.”
A. Hope
“Nannies Incorporated is the most proficient agency I have joined and I am very impressed with
The press has said
Sunday Telegraph
“Super nannies in demand after Woodward case”
…Ms Simpson said “parents are anxious to keep their nannies and nannies will not move on if
their employers are reasonable”
The Sunday Times
“Killer nanny was offered a job by three agencies”
Eagle eyes: the ones that got it right…
Nannies Incorporated…, central London. Recruiter Madeleine Molony realised that “nothing
about Hill tallied” and decided not to refer her…
Wall Street Journal
“Nannies take care of the kids, but who takes care of them?”
…says Annie Martin, director of Nannies Incorporated, emphasizes the importance of a contract
and insists that 90% of her nannies are satisfied with their positions.
The Independant
“Nanny jailed for fracturing two babies’ skulls”
…Fortunately for prospective employers, Nannies Incorporated became suspicious because the
references seemed too flattering and discovered that she had forged the certificate and written
the references herself. A possible tragedy had been averted.
Nursery World
“Just a quick note to thank you very much indeed for the wonderful maternity nurse you
provided for us. Catherine was efficient, very professional, and she quickly became friends with
the whole family. The first few weeks of Harry’s life were as a result relaxed and happy and
Samantha had a chance to recover properly. We were all very sad when her stay with us came to
an end.
Thank you also for your efficient service – no less than I had expected from one of the foremost
nanny agencies in Europe!”
UK Tax and National Insurance
As a U.K. employer you are responsible for making the correct deductions for tax and National
Insurance from your employee’s pay.
Advise the Inland Revenue as soon as you employ a nanny. The Inspector of Taxes will issue a
PAYE Reference Number and a pack of stationery including simplified tax and National
Insurance Tables. When you employ someone, complete a P16A and send it back to your tax
office ensuring that you enter the tax reference in the box provided.
The Inspector of Taxes will issue a P12 deduction card for your employee, which you complete
each time you make a payment. The tax and National Insurance deducted should be sent
periodically to the Collector of Taxes using payment forms which will have your Collection
reference number on them. After the 6th April, you will be asked to summarise these deductions
for each employee separately on form P37 and send them to your Inspector of Taxes with the
P12 card.
Ofsted registration
OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education) is more commonly known for carrying out
inspections and providing feedback to primary and secondary schools. However, nannies can be
registered by Ofsted too.
An Ofsted registered nanny provides an array of benefits for the employing family. The employer
can benefit from the childcare voucher scheme by employing an Ofsted registered nanny.
Employers are only eligible for the childcare voucher scheme if the nanny is Ofsted registered.
Many companies offer the childcare voucher scheme because it is an easy and convenient way to
pay for quality childcare. It is not compulsory to take part in this scheme but it benefits the
employer greatly, giving them huge savings on childcare over a long term basis.
It also serves as a peace of mind to employing families too, knowing that their nanny has passed
all of the required checks such as First Aid Training and a full, up to date CRB check.
For more information on this scheme employers can visit www.childcarevouchers.co.uk.
For detailed information, nannies can either consult the Ofsted website, email or call the Ofsted
registration desk.
Telephone: 0300 123 1231
[email protected]
Total weekly Cost
Net monthly cost
Total monthly cost
1, 019
1, 038
1, 058
1, 078
1, 097
1, 300
1, 343
1, 387
1, 430
1, 473
1, 517
1, 560
1, 603
1, 647
1, 690
1, 733
1, 777
1, 820
1, 863
1, 907
1, 950
1, 993
2, 037
2, 080
2, 123
2, 167
2, 210
2, 253
2, 297
2, 340
2, 383
2, 427
2, 470
2, 513
2, 557
2, 600
2, 643
2, 687
2, 730
2, 773
2, 817
2, 860
2, 903
2, 947
2, 990
3, 033
1, 736
1, 808
1, 881
1, 953
2, 026
2, 098
2, 171
2, 243
2, 316
2, 388
2, 461
2, 534
2, 606
2, 679
2, 751
2, 823
2, 896
2, 969
3, 041
3, 114
3, 187
3, 259
3, 331
3, 404
3, 476
3, 549
3, 621
3, 694
3, 766
3, 839
3, 911
3, 991
4, 076
4, 161
4, 246
4, 331
4, 416
4, 501
4, 586
4, 671
4, 756
Net weekly cost
Total cost of employing a nanny in the UK 2012/2013
Model contract of employment
Nannies Incorporated strongly recommends a nanny contract to be used by their clients.
The contract was drafted by a lawyer and should be used as guidance. It should be adapted to
your own family circumstances. Employers are obliged to provide an employee with a written
contract within eight weeks of the commencement of employment.
A nanny contract should cover the following aspects:
Names and addresses of both parties.
Terms of employment: date of commencement, termination procedure, working hours,
time off, description of duties & responsibilities and babysitting arrangements.
Remuneration & tax.
Accommodation if applicable and specification of benefits such as use of car, telephone,
meals, medical insurance, pension etc.
Holiday entitlement.
Sickness & sick pay.
Disciplinary procedure and grievances.
We will be happy to provide you with the full version of the model contract for nannies for your
perusal. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on this subject – Nannies
Incorporated is always available for advice.