Thank you Letter to Judge Trentacosta address, on left margin

Thank you Letter to Judge Trentacosta
Proper Heading – includes your address, line space, the date, three line spaces, then his
address, on left margin
Thurgood Marshall Middle School
9700 Avenue of Nations
San Diego, CA 92131
February 7, 2014
Honorable Robert J. Trentacosta
Judge of the Superior Court
220 W. Broadway
San Diego, CA. 92101
Dear Judge Trentacosta,
Thank you for …. I enjoyed …. Creating the scenario where we had to make decisions like a
judge was…. I found this field trip to be… because….
Write a letter that includes an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Each part may have a
single sentence but often has more than a single sentence.
Part 1: Thanking the judge for his time clearly states the purpose of your letter.
Part 2: Describe what you enjoyed or found interesting in a couple of sentences. Use
Part 3: The conclusion part of your letter must be at least one sentence that goes back
to the purpose of the letter and repeats the purpose or thank you message.
End your letter with either “Sincerely,” or “Yours truly,” (a comma follows “Sincerely” or “Yours
then skip four line spaces and then word process your name. Sign in between the “Sincerely” or
“Yours truly” and your printed name. For example:
[Cursive signature]
Francesca R. Zangara - Mason