Quantum Effects in Biological System Workshop 2014 2 to 5 December 2014

Institute of Advanced Studies
College of Science
Quantum Effects in
Biological System
Workshop 2014
2 to 5 December 2014
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Following the success of the previous workshops (Lisbon 2009, Harvard 2010, Ulm 2011, Berkeley 2012, Vienna 2013), the next
and sixth workshop, QuEBS 2014 will take place in Singapore. The 2014 workshop will cover the most recent developments
in this interdisciplinary field and foster exchange of ideas among scientists from different backgrounds and continents. This will
be the first QuEBS workshop in Asia, and, by choosing Singapore, we hope to engage the fast-growing scientific community in
the area.
The scientific program of the workshop will feature a variety of topics including:
1. Intriguing effects of quantum coherence in photosynthesis and other complex biological processes.
2. Novel developments in optical spectroscopy, single molecule technology, quantum dissipation, coherent transport, quantum information, and computational methods.
3. Emerging examples to demonstrate how the insights learnt from biological systems can guide the optimal design of artificial systems with potential applications to solar cells and chemical sensors.
We’re happy to announce that
Prof Alan Heeger (UC Santa Barbara, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2000),
Prof Rudy Marcus (Caltech, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1992), and
Prof John Walker (University of Cambridge, Nobel Prize in Chemistry
in 1997) will present keynote lectures!
Organising Committee:
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Prof Rudy Marcus (Caltech)
International Scientific Advisory Board
Prof James Barber (Imperial College London)
Prof Graham Fleming (UC Berkeley)
Workshop Chair:
Prof Jianshu Cao (MIT)
Workshop Co-Chairs:
Prof James Barber (Imperial College London)
Prof Kok Khoo Phua (IAS)​
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