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Associate: Dr Beth Shewring
Dear Patient,
Reference: Dr R Heath – Reduction in Patient Appointment Sessions
Dr Rosie Heath is changing from being a Full Time GP as of 1st November 2014 and is
consequently reducing her face to face patient sessions as a result.
Unfortunately Dr Rosie Heath will no longer be able to be responsible for all 2000 of her
patients, and therefore her patient list has to be re-adjusted by moving some of her patients to other
Doctors who are increasing their Sessions to compensate.
The reorganisation of Dr Heath’s patient list will be done on the basis of Surnames and in alphabetical
order in order to be fair to all the patients.
As a result of this you may find yourself on the list of Dr Becky Payne or Dr Beth Shewring, both
doctors are well known, popular and respected at Church View surgery.
Yours Sincerely
D Russell
Practice Manager on behalf of
Dr R Heath