Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church

Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church
on Santa Catalina Island, California, USA
PO Box 735 (800 Beacon St.) Avalon, CA 90704
Phone: 310-510-0192 Fax: 310-510-8360
Email: [email protected]
Pastor: Reverend John Nghi Tran
Hispanic Ministries: Deacon Alfonso Castillo
Secretaries: Lynda Poindexter, Pat Vlcan and Martha Flores
Parish Council: Susie Griffin
Financial Committee: Charles Wagner
Music Coordinator: Wayne Griffin
Hispanic Choir: Veronica Bueno
Youth Coordinator: Steve Hall
Religious Education: Lynda Poindexter
Hermida Hernandez (Spanish)
Weddings: Pat Vlcan – [email protected]
Saturday 5:15 PM (English) Sunday 9:00 & 11:00 AM
(English) and 6:30 PM (Spanish)
Monday through Friday 8:00 AM (English)
CONFESSIONS: Saturday 4:30-5:00 PM
BAPTISM: Contact Parish Office at least ONE month before
the desired baptism date.
MARRIAGES: Contact Parish Office at least SIX months
before the desired wedding date.
Contact the Parish Office
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Mass Intentions: Xavier Gonzales
Prayers Requested for the Dead: Joe Jordan Jr.
Pre-Baptism Class will be on Saturday, October 18 ,
from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Parish Hall. Parents and
Godparents are required to attend. Contact the Parish
Office to register.
Reminder for Confirmation 1st yr.: Will meet Saturday,
Oct. 18, at 7pm-9pm. With Deacon Alfonso & Martha.
Confirmation 2nd yr.: Will Meet Sunday, Oct. 19, at
12:15pm- 2:15pm. With Deacon Alfonso & Martha
Thank You! Father Vincent Nguyen, who was here with
us this week to celebrate daily Masses while Father John
was off the island for a continuing Education program.
Thank You! Ron and Coralee Carolla for the generous
donation of a bill counting machine that will help
expedite our weekly cash counting.
We are revitalizing our St. Catherine’s Youth Group All those young adult Catholics who have been
confirmed and are attending church regularly are invited
to join this group which will have its first meeting on
Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014 after the 11:00am mass. The
group will meet the last Sunday of each month after the
11:00am mass, in the Parish Hall. We will discuss teen /
catholic issues and have social activities together. No
need to sign up; just attend our first meeting on Sunday,
Oct. 26, 2014. See Steve Hall if you have any questions.
To join you must be in High school, be confirmed, and
attend mass regularly.
Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors: Copies of the
November/December schedules are available in the
Share Your Talents: Please consider volunteering as a
Eucharistic Minister, Lector or Cantor during the
weekend masses. Eucharistic Ministers share their faith
openly with the parish community through their
participation in the Mass. Open to active, confirmed
parishioners. Lectors share a desire to proclaim God's
word and should be comfortable speaking before groups
of people. Cantors and musicians lead parishioners in
song and prayer. Contact the Parish Office for more
World Mission Sunday October 19th: Next weekend our
parish will celebrate World Mission Sunday. This year
we are invited to reach out and help build the Church in
Mongolia, the world’s youngest Catholic Church, as well
as local churches throughout the Missions, in the most
remote areas across our world. Through the work of
these churches, and their witness to Christ, the poor
receive practical help and experience God’s love and
mercy, His hope and peace. Please keep the Missions in
your daily prayers. Please come prepared net weekend
to give generously in the collection for the Society for
the Propagation of the Faith. For more information,
please visit
"50 Years of Liturgical Reform: Beyond Vatican II
Nominalism" featuring Dr. Massimo Faggioli - Vatican II
at 50: A Symposium, presented by Loyola Marymount
University and Mount St. Mary's College. Thursday,
October 16, 2014 at 7 p.m. 50 years is a significant
period of time to assess a reform in the life of the
Church. The anniversary of the liturgical reform is
particularly important as the issue of different "liturgical
cultures" in the Catholic Church has been at the center
of the debate on the legacy of Vatican II. In a time of
change of priorities in the Church with the pontificate of
Francis, it is time to reassess what remains of the clashes
around the liturgical reform. A reception will follow. For
more information, visit
Red Mass for Members of the Legal Community - The
32nd Annual Red Mass on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at
5:30 p.m. at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels,
and to a hosted reception following Mass. All lawyers,
judicial and public officials, and others interested in the
law are invited. Archbishop José Gomez will be the
celebrant and Bishop Gerald Wilkerson will be the
homilist. Representatives of the judiciary and public
officials will participate in the liturgy. To RSVP, please
call 626-914-8942 or email [email protected]. For
more information, please visit
Synod issues message to families in conflict zones –
“Third Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of
Bishops, along with all participants, share the paternal
concern of the Holy Father, expressing our profound
closeness to all the families who suffer as a consequence
of the many conflicts in progress. In particular, we raise
to the Lord our prayers for Iraqi and Syrian families,
forced on account of their profession of the Christian
faith or their belonging to other ethnic or religious
communities, to abandon everything and flee towards a
future without any form of certainty. We join with the
Holy Father Francis in emphasizing that “no-one may use
the name of God to commit violence”, and that “To kill
in the name of God is a grave sacrilege!.”
DID YOU KNOW? Talk with your children about safety
at school - “Back-to-school does not have to mean backto-worrying. Though safety inside school is ultimately
the responsibility of the principal and school staff,
parents can take a few basic steps to ensure a safe
school experience.” Talk with your child about safety. Be
specific. Talk about instinct and paying attention to
funny feelings of fear. Explain what to do if she doesn't
feel safe (find a teacher, call 911, etc.). Make sure she
knows how to contact you or a trusted neighbor who is
likely to be at home. For more information, please
¿SABIA USTED? Platique con sus hijos sobre la
seguridad en la escuela - “El regreso a la escuela no
tiene que significar regreso a la preocupación. Aunque la
seguridad adentro de la escuela es finalmente la
responsabilidad del director y del personal de la escuela,
los padres de familia pueden tomar unos pocos pasos
básicos para asegurar una experiencia escolar segura”.
Platique con su hijo/a sobre la seguridad. Sea específico.
Platique sobre el instinto y poner atención a los
sentimientos raros de miedo. Explique qué hacer si
él/ella no se siente seguro/a (busque a un maestro,
llame al 911, etc.). Asegúrese que él/ella sepa como
contactar a sus padres o a un vecino de confianza que
con seguridad vaya a estar en casa. Para más
información, por favor isite
parents/ resources/ article/parent-teacherpartnerships/ 6-rules-school-safety