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November 10, 2013
Church of
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
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Rev. Robert J. DeJulio, Pastor
Rev. Abraham Vettiyolil, mcbs Parochial Vicar Rev. Ferdinand Madaki
Weekend Associates
Rev. Edward T. Dowling, S.J., Rev. Stanley O’Konsky, S.J., Rev. Michael Greco, OFM, Cap.
Mr. Joseph McQuade Deacons Mr. Daniel Murphy
Mrs. Marianne Parker Parish Trustees Mr. Frank Barbieri
Mrs. Fabiola Brito Briseno, Administrative Assistant
Dr. Joseph Schippa, Music Director- Mrs. Elaine Ruggiero, Organist
Mr. Gabriel Gomez, Buildings and Grounds
Parish School
Pre-K – 8th grade
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Mrs. Susan Cotronei, Principal
Religious Education Office
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Mr. Michael Hall, Director
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Saturday . 4:00 - 4:45pm & by appointment
2nd & 4th Sunday of the Month at 1:30pm. Please call Parish
Office to make arrangements.
There is a six month planning period required.
Please make an appointment with one of the priests for further
Devotions to Our Lady
Rosary . Monday - Saturday . 8:40am
Miraculous Medal Novena - Monday . 9:30am
Weekdays: (Mon-Sat) 8:00AM and 9:00AM
Weekends: Saturday 5:00PM, Sunday 8:00AM, 9:30AM, 11:00AM, & 12:30PM
Memorial Day-Labor Day, Sat. 5:00PM, Sun. 8:00AM, 10:00AM, & 12:00 Noon
Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
From The Pastor
During the recent government shutdown one
of the things that was said repeatedly by both
sides is that they were looking for 'common
ground' upon which to build the foundation
of an agreement. While the politicians may
have taken more time than necessary to find
this so called common ground the American
people seemed to be able to find it and unite
almost immediately over one issue - veterans.
One of the consequences the shutdown had
was a direct impact upon the men and
women who have and continue to put
themselves in harms way to protect our
freedom and liberty. They are mindful of the
risks involved but they accept that as part of
the process to guarantee that our country and
its citizens are protected from danger. This
indeed is a noble cause and those who
participate in military service are indeed
heroes in every sense of the term.
November 10, 2013
During the pre-Christmas season we will
again be collecting gift cards as part of our
parish Giving Tree to be sent to those who are
recovering at Walter Reed Medical Center. It
is our way of letting them know that they are
appreciated and not forgotten.
This weekend let us remember those who
served our country, protected our liberty and
sacrificed much throughout our history.
Rev. Robert DeJulio
Because of the shutdown veterans issues
became a matter of public outcry. Whether it
was the closing of monuments, the
interruption of veteran's services and benefits
or the payment of death benefit compensation
to the families of those who died in combat,
the story of this injustice became an
important part of our daily news. How could
a country that has benefited so greatly from
the efforts of men and women in the military
turn its back on these people in their time of
need? It seemed almost incomprehensible.
What does it say about us as a people? How
do we allow this to happen?
The next scheduled cooking day for our
parish chefs is Friday, November 22nd.
The menu consists of Sloppy Joes and two
frozen green beans. Food should be
brought to the Church office by 1:00pm
where it will be picked up and delivered to
St. Gabriel’s Church. Please remember
that all meals are for a minimum of 20
For information, call Geri
Engstrom @ 738-1141.
Sometimes we have a rather short memory
when it comes to things like this. We tend to
forget the lessons of our history and that our
quality of life is what it is because of the
sacrifices of others. It is rather sad to see that
a day set aside to honor our veterans has
become overshadowed by the commercialism
that infects so much of our life today and the
moments of silence and respect have been
overcome by 'sales' and shopping.
Second Time
Michael Marcellino & Angelica Herrera
Please pick up your workbooks in the
Sacristy. Thank you!!
Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
Monday, November 11
8:00 AM - Valerie Fumo
9:00 AM - Santo & Caterina Rondenelli
Tuesday, November 12
8:00 AM - Isabel Torres & Juana Lopez
9:00 AM - Joseph & Helen Doino
Wednesday, November 13
8:00 AM - Leonardo Don Diego, Jr
9:00 AM - Philip Gregware, Jr
Thursday, November 14
8:00 AM - Adeline Patinelli
9:00 AM - Caroline Donahoe
Friday, November 15
8:00 AM - Justin Acocella
9:00 AM - Lucille Capalbo
Saturday, November 16
8:00 AM - Edward Miller
9:00 AM - Frank Pfeiffer, Jr
There will be a parish Mass of Thanksgiving on
Monday, November 25th at 9:00 AM. Please
plan to attend with your family. Non perishable
items for the Food Pantry will be accepted that
day and there will be a collection at all Masses
for Hope Food Pantry in New Rochelle.
Please join us to make a family Christmas
ornament for the Parish Christmas tree.
Sunday, December 1st in the school cafeteria
following the 9:30AM Mass. Please register
by November 16th at 738-0670 or
[email protected].
November 10, 2013
The Silent Auction is looking for the donation of
unique items – Tickets to sports events,
Broadway shows, gift certificates for spa
treatments, cooking or yoga classes would be
great additions to this very special table. You
can also make a monetary donation so we can
purchase items for this table. For information or
to make a donation please contact Marina
Kolmer at [email protected]
The OLPH Choir needs your voice! New
members are invited to join our very
welcoming choir as we prepare for the
holiday season. Rehearsals are held on
Sundays at 10:15 AM downstairs in the
Choir Room prior to singing at the 11:00
AM Mass. All voice types are needed.
Please consider joining this very special
ministry. For further information, please
call Dr. Joe Schippa at 914-907-4997.
The Annual Thanksgiving-in-a-box food
drive for needy families, will once again be
an Interfaith Pelham event. We are asking
volunteers to assemble a box of food for a
family of 6-8 people. Last year we provided
much needed food for 500 families. If you
wish to participate or need more
information, please call Michelle D'Urso at
738-6442 or email at [email protected].
A flier will also be posted on the parish
website: www.olph-pelhammanor.org.
Sunday, Nov. 24th at 4:00PM Community Church. All are welcome.
Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
November 10, 2013