—Several members of the NOCCCD staff and its service

A Summary of the Board Meeting of July 22, 2014
Comments from Members of the Audience
2014 November Bond Measure—Several members of the NOCCCD staff and its service
communities spoke in regards to agenda item 3a, which would put before the voters a November
4, 2014 facilities bond measure.
Audience members who spoke in support of the resolution included:
 Jim Adams
 Mark Grennhalgh
 Patricia Green Pappas
 Juan Garcia
 Darrell Blunt
 Christopher Wright
 Daniel Gonzalez
 Dennis Salts
 Michael Cooper
 Raffi Kaprelyan
 George O’Hara
 Steve Shanahan
 Janelle Godges
 Richard Fee
 Michael Frey
 Ron Armale
 Darlene Fishman
 Joyce Carrigan
 Ian Holmes
 Mark Majarian
 Cliff Lester
 Michael Klyde
 Ed Valdez
 Carlos Urquidi?
 Bob Jensen
 John Tebay
 Mela Hoyt-Haydon
 Minard Duncan
 Derrick Coleman
 Tom Chiromonte
 Raine Hambley
 Rick Rams
 Bill Pinkham
Margaret Mohr
Scott Thompson
Robin De Roo
Darlene Jensen
The following speakers expressed their concerns with the measure:
 Chris Norby
 Barry Levison
 Joe Imbriano
 Shaun Paden
Chancellor’s Report—Dr. Ned Doffoney
Chancellor Doffoney began his report by introducing Julie Kossick, the new District Director
of Human Resources. He went on to state that the last couple of weeks he has been busy meeting
and addressing different groups – both educational institutions and local businesses and he
outlined a few.
Comments from the College Presidents and Provost
Dr. Rajen Vurdien, Fullerton College President;
Dr. Jose Ramon Nunez—Dr. Rajen Vurdien, Fullerton College President, introduced Dr.
Jose Ramon Nunez as the new Vice President of Instruction. He reported that Fullerton College
has an unduplicated headcount of 9,124 for summer school, compared to this time last year of
10,196. Registration for the fall term began last week and the campus is already 43% full with an
unduplicated headcount of 10,204. Dr. Vurdien added that in the Trustees’ folders were letters
from Richard Ramirez and Hilda Sugarman expressing their support of a District bond
Dr. Bob Simpson, Cypress College President
FTES Target – Cypress College has achieved its final 2013-2014 FTES target.
Acknowledgement was given to the significant contributions of Executive Vice President, Dr.
Santanu Bandyopadhyay, and deans of the College who produced the schedule of classes that
addressed student needs as their base FTES was produced…The Automotive Technology
program has been awarded a $100,000 grant from California Department of Energy which will
allow the program to begin the process of developing infrastructure and curriculum in support of
sustainable energy applications in the automotive industry. Congratulations and thanks go to
Automotive Technology faculty member Marty Orozco who prepared and submitted the grant
Dr. Greg Schulz, School of Continuing Education Provost
2014 Summer—There is strong demand in SCE’s popular tuition program Kids’ College and
Teen Program (KC&TP). Unduplicated headcount enrollment for all of SCE is currently at
14,515, which includes over 1,900 KC&TP students registered by the first full week of classes.
At this rate, SCE is on target to exceed the 2,200 students served in this program by the end of
last year’s summer term…Opening Day—2014 Opening Day Event ―The Future is Now at
SCE‖ is set for September 5, 2014. The event will feature the Provost’s State of SCE address as
well as the recognition of service pin recipients, introduction of new employees, and
announcement of the 2013/14 employees of the year.
Comments from Members of the Resource Table
Academic State Curriculum Institute—Cypress College Academic Senate President
Jolena Grande reported on her attendance at the Academic State Curriculum Institute.
Comments from Members of the Board of Trustees
Internal Auditor—Trustee Leonard Lahtinen noted new positions to District Services and
inquired on the need for a new management position of Finance & Facilities Internal Auditor.
Chancellor Doffoney responded that an internal auditor has been contracted for the last few
years because of the need for a District its size. External auditors will continue to be used as
required by law.
Resolutions—The Board adopted Resolution No. 14/15-01, Resolution of the Board of
Trustees of the North Orange County Community College District Ordering an Election, and
Establishing Specifications of the Election Order, authorizing a bond election for November 4,
Finance & Facilities
Finance—The Board ratified purchase orders and check. (The Purchase Orders and Checks
are available for review in the District’s Business Office.)
Agreements—The Board authorized to enter into agreement with PeopleAdmin, Inc., an online recruiting and position management subscription service, for a three-year period beginning
August 1, 2014, for an amount not to exceed $127,510 and on terms and conditions acceptable to
the District.
Fullerton College Projects—The Board authorized to award Bid #2014-15, Fullerton
College Lighting Project, to J Kim Electric, Inc. as the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.
Human Resources
Retirements—The Board approved the retirements of Carol Green, Cypress College Dental
Hygiene Instructor, effective December 31.
Promotions—The Board approved the promotion of Sara Escarrega from Fullerton College
Laboratory Clerk, Biology to Cypress College Laboratory Technician, Chemistry, effective
August 11; and Karin Pavelek from Fullerton College Child Care Teacher I to Fullerton College
Child Care Laboratory Technician, effective July 23.
Next Regular Meeting
The next regular meeting of the NOCCCD Board of Trustees will be held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday,
August 26, in the first-floor Board Room, Anaheim Campus, 1830 W. Romneya Drive,
“News from the Board of Trustees” is produced
by the NOCCCD Public Affairs Office as a summary of Board actions and reports.
It is not intended as a replacement of the official minutes of Board meetings.