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Product Brochure
PowerPro T/A Controls
Controls & Data Acquisition
PowerPro T/A Control and Data Acquisition
From Total Automation to Complete Hands-on Control
PowerPro T/A offers Total Automation. Start your engine, reach oil temperature and then sweep, all with one click.
Or take a more hands on approach, it is up to you. With precision control of throttle and load, you can automate
break in’s and warm up’s. Engine mapping is a breeze. Power Pro T/A accepts up to 45 sensors. Look for new
features in all PowerPro systems such as Sweep Tracer for live comparison graphs while your test is in progress.
Precise control over engine and dynamometer
Step testing for engine mapping
Automate test patterns from start to finish
Sweep Tracer real time graphing
Eight pressure channels with four transducers
15 general purpose 0-5V auxiliary analog inputs
Two analog outputs
3 fuel flow inputs
Second monitor and video card for split screen display
Expansion box
Two days of training included
PowerPro T/A Allows You to...
Control load and throttle precisely via software
Create warm-up cycles
Perform life cycle tests
Write break-in patterns for flat tappet cams
Step testing/fuel mapping
Upgrade your existing system
CorrTorq(ft-lbs) 9/19/2014 Sweep 17
CorrHP(Hp) 9/19/2014 Sweep 17
CorrTorq(ft-lbs) 9/19/2014 Sweep 19
CorrHP(Hp) 9/19/2014 Sweep 19
NEW Sweep Tracer real time graphing
Included Sensors
Load Cell
Speed Sensor
8 egt’s (12 inputs)
3 temp (5 inputs)
1 fuel flow (3 inputs)
4 pressure sensors (8inputs)
Contact your Power Test representative or visit our web site at for more information.
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