Literature list – 1st week of the course

Innovation and Project Management, autumn 2014
Course director; Cecilia Enberg
Literature list – 1st week of the course
Below, you find the literature for the first week of the course. For each of the sprints during the
course, resource packages, including literature, will be released. The literature consists of articles
only, i.e. there is no course book.
Mandatory literature
Grant, R.M., (1996), Toward a knowledge-based theory of the firm, Strategic Management Journal,
vol. 17, Winter special issue; 109-122.
Kogut, B. and Zander, U., (1992), Knowledge of the firm, combinative capabilities and the
replication of technology, Organization Science, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 383-397.
Fournier, V. and Grey, C., (2000), At the Critical Moment: Conditions and Prospects for Critical
Management Studies, Human Relations, 53 (1):7-32.
Cicmil, S. and Hodgson, D., (2006), New Possibilities for Project Management Theory: A Critical
Engagement, Project Management Journal, 37 (3): 111-122.
In addition to the articles listed above, you should read the articles listed below. The articles
highlighted are included in the minor examination.
Types of innovation
Christensen, C. 2007. Disruptive innovation: dilemmas persist. Leadership excellence 24 (9): 7Henderson, R., and K. Clark. 1990. Architectural innovation: The reconfiguration of
existing product technologies and the failure of established firms. Administrative
Science Quarterly 35 (1): 9-30.
Utterback, J., and W.J. Abernathy. 1975. A dynamic model of process and product innovation.
Omega 3 (6): 639-656.
Innovation management
Birkinshaw, J., G. Hamel, and M.J. Mol. 2008. Management Innovation. Academy of Management
Review 33 (4): 825-845.
Cooper, R.G., 2008. Perspective: The Stage-Gate Idea-to-Launch Process – Update,
What’s New and NextGen Systems. Journal of Product Innovation Management,
vol. 25, issue 3, pp. 213-232.
Damanpour, F. 1991. Organizational Innovation: A meta-analysis of effects of determinants and
moderators. Academy of Management Journal 34 (555-590).