Learn With Us… Candidate Affix to Siliguri Photographic Society

Learn With Us…
Siliguri Photographic Society
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(Important: Before you fill-up the application form candidate must be read terms and condition)
(To be field by the candidate to his/her own handwriting in capital latter by “BLACK PEN”)
Name of the Candidate
(As recorded in Metric/High Secondary
Father’s / Husband Name
Date Of Birth
:______________________, Gender : Male /Female , Religion:___________________Nationality:___________________________________
Address of the Candidate: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
_________________________________________________________ ______________________________________ _________________________________________
Candidate Phone Number: +91-_____________________________, Email Address :__________________________________________________________________
Are you: (Business Man), (Employee), (Employer), (Student), -------
Please tick any of this and describe about yourself…
Do you have any Camera: (Please Mention?) : ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________
______________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________
Photography is your: NEED, DESIRE HOBBY, PLEASURE OR PASSION) Please Mention: __________________________________ _____________ ______________
_________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Why you would like to join us :______________________________ ____________________________________ ___________________________________________
Do you Have Any Camera: ___________________________ ______________________________, DSLR, ANALOG Camera, Cyber shot, Power Shot etc.
Did you join any Photographic Club, Society, Institute, before you join here ) Please describe :_____________________________________________________
How you find us: By our Website, Face book, By your Friends, Please describe: ___ _________________ ________________________________ _____________
Would you like to share about us others :________________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________
___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number : +91-94341-43491, Email:- [email protected], www.siliguriphotographicsociety.com
19 M.N. Sarkar Road
Mahananda Para
Terms And Condition
RULES - Violation of group rules may result in the removal of your images from the pool without notice. Repeated violations will result in your
removal from the group.
In case of loss your ID card, the holder must intimate it immediately to the club authority in writing and collect a
duplicate card.
This card is issued to confirm SPS membership only of the holder of the card. SPS is not responsible for any unlawful or
irrational or any unacceptable act of the holder of the card.
Any members not abiding to the terms and conditions of SPC may be asked by SPS executive body to return his card.
we will not allow any brand promotional and Commercial ADs act
If the SPS (Siliguri Photographic Society) found any difficulty like ,political hazard, publicly hazard, illegal hazard, which is created by
Member(candidate ) then siliguri photographic society will be not responsible and membership will be remove without notice .
Please DO NOT creates an album or file. Albums will be deleted in Facebook
Please DO NOT post excessively selective color changed images in Facebook
Please DO NOT post links of any kind. Images with links may be removed without notice. Exceptions might be made under special
circumstances. Please talk to an admin first.
Please DO NOT post photos with Borders, Logos or Watermarks. Photos that don't comply may also be removed from the group without notice.
Spamming other websites here will result in your removal from the group. No warnings, no discussion.
Tags are not permitted.
Members may only submit their own original work.
No nudity, no obscenities, no abusive language or behavior.
Finally, blocking an admin will result in your immediate removal from the group.
Member Fee: - Rs .350/Year for each Member of the SPS. For Student Rs. 250/year
Siliguri Photographic Society can make any changes like Terms and condition, Rules and regulation
Without notice.
I have read / understand all the terms & condition, and all the details given by me are true as my best knowledge if the
SPS (Siliguri Photographic Society) found any difficulty like ,political hazard, publically hazard, illegal hazard, which
is created by me , take the necessary immediate action to cancelation of my membership and SPS will not be
responsible for this.
Your faith fully
Signature of the candidate
if you are a student (Required Parents signature)
Parents Signature