EDITAL Concurso de Contratação de Doutorados – CIÊNCIA 2008

Concurso de Contratação de Doutorados – CIÊNCIA 2008
The CEPGIST, Centro de Petrologia e Geoquímica (http://cepgist.ist.utl.pt/), offers one research
position in the field of Geosciences. The successful candidate should have a strong background
in Environmental Geochemistry. A high-quality experience of laboratory techniques usually
applied for natural stone, soil and water analyses will be an important factor in the candidate
selection process.
Centro de Petrologia e Geoquímica is a research center of the Instituto Superior Técnico, one of
the oldest and largest schools of Science and Engineering in Portugal, member of the prestigious
network of leading European Universities of Technology CLUSTER. Centro de Petrologia e
Geoquímica (http://cepgist.ist.utl.pt/) is a research unit focused on the study of the effects that
different processes, either natural or anthropic, may have on the quality and sustainability of the
various environmental compartments (water, soil, plants, animals) as well as on human health.
Duties of the successful candidate include cooperation in currently running R&D Projects and to
build up national/international visible Research Programs of her/his own in her/his field of
expertise and to co-supervise students at undergraduate and post-graduate level. The working
language is English.
The successful candidate will receive a salary in accordance with the university regulations for a
senior researcher. The contract offered will have duration of up to 5 years, renewed yearly based
on mutual agreement. The annual gross income, before taxes, will be approximately 3,000
Euros x 14 months.
Applicants should have obtained a PhD in Geosciences / Environmental Geochemistry.
Candidates should have a high quality research record and research experience. The successful
candidate is expected to do research in the area listed above. For more information, consult
By email to [email protected] , with the following information:
- Identification of the candidate
- Curriculum Vitae/resume
- Letters of Reference
- Statement of purpose for the period of the contract.
The Centro de Petrologia e Geoquímica / Instituto Superior Técnico is an inclusive, equal
opportunity employer.