Functional Imaging in OncoLogy seminars

Functional Imaging in OncoLogy seminars
Functional Imaging in OncoLogy (FIOL) is a multidisciplinary scientific network at Aarhus University Hospital,
focusing on the use of multimodality functional imaging in the management of cancer and in oncology
research. The FIOL seminars are held the first Monday of each month from 15:00 – 16:30, in the Conference
Room at Department of Oncology, Nørrebrogade 5J, 3 rd floor, west end.
The following seminars are planned for 2015-2016:
5.10. 2015 Radiotherapy and the immune system. Brainstorm for defining a new project
Organized by Morten Høyer and Anni Morsing
2.11. 2015 Functional imaging of brain for radiotherapy planning and evaluation
Organized by Morten Høyer
7.12. 2015 Breast cancer personalized medicine and molecular imaging
Organized by Anni Morsing
1.2. 2016: Preclinical nanoPET/MRI, MRI and hyperpolarization MR spectroscopy
Organized by Morten Busk and Erik Morre-Pedersen
Feb 2016 (date tbc): Head and neck – hypoxia dose painting
Organized by Jens Overgaard and Cai Grau
7.3. 2016 Prostate imaging - multiparametric MRI, new PET tracers
Organized by Kari Tanderup and Lars Tolbod
4.4. 2016 Thyroid imaging and dosimetry
Organized by Trond Bogsrud
6.6. 2016 New functional CT-techniques: dual energy, spectral, phase contrast etc.
Organized by Ludvig Muren, Jørgen Petersen, Finn Rasmussen
The seminars are open for everybody. Programs are circulated before each seminar. Please contact me
([email protected]) if you want to have your name on the mailing list.
On behalf of the organizers
Cai Grau