Credit Card Agreement Terms

Credit Card
Agreement Terms
Credit Card
Agreement Terms
1. Definitions
These are the definitions used in this Agreement:
• ‘Balance Transfer’: a transfer to the Account
of an amount you owe another lender (who is
not a member of the HSBC Group) or such other
transactions as we tell you are to be treated as
a ‘Balance Transfer’.
• ‘Card’: any MasterCard® or Visa credit card
issued to you at any time or to an Additional
Cardholder under this Agreement and references
include any numbers or details that allow use of
the card without physically presenting it where
the context requires.
• ‘Cash Advance’: any cash withdrawal, purchase
of travellers cheques or foreign currency, gambling
transaction, money order or transfer made at your
request (excluding Balance Transfers).
• ‘PIN’: the Personal Identification Number
provided for use with the Card.
• ‘Promotional rate’: any rate which is less than
the applicable Standard Variable Rate.
• ‘Purchase’: any transaction under which payment
for goods and/or services is made by use of the
Card or the Card number.
• ‘We’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to HSBC Bank plc, and
include its successors and any person to whom
it has assigned its rights under this Agreement,
‘you’ means the person entering into this
Agreement with us and ‘HSBC Group’ means
HSBC Holdings plc, its subsidiaries, associated
and affiliated companies.
2. Using the Account
a We will open an account in your name to
record transactions under this Agreement
(the “Account”). Transactions using the Card
may be authorised by you or another person
you allow to use the Account (an “Additional
Cardholder”) using, as the circumstances require,
a combination of the Card, PIN or other security
details associated with the Card or the Account
or in other ways advised to you by us from time
to time, subject to this Agreement, until the Card
expiry date. Such authorisation will be given to us
or to a payee (for example, a retailer or supplier).
Where a chip and PIN Card is used, a PIN must
be used to authorise a transaction unless the
transaction is executed at a distance, for example
over the internet, in which case other security
details will be requested from you or the Additional
Cardholder to authorise the transaction.
b You must not use your Card or the Account for
any illegal purpose nor allow anyone else to do so.
If you do, you will be responsible for such use and
may be required to reimburse us and/or Visa or
MasterCard®, for all amounts which we or they
incur as a result of such use.
c You may ask us to issue a Card to an Additional
Cardholder. You are responsible for all use of
the Card by the Additional Cardholder, including
any use in breach of this Agreement. You must
ensure the Additional Cardholder complies with the
relevant terms of this Agreement regarding the use,
safeguarding and preventing misuse of the card.
We will cancel any use of a Card by an Additional
Cardholder on request if the Card is returned to us.
d Once you have your Card and the Card has been
activated you may use it and draw credit under
these terms and conditions. Credit may be drawn
down earlier than this if we allow you to make a
Balance Transfer before that time. You must not
exceed your credit limit at any time. You may draw
credit by using the Card to make Purchases, Cash
Advances and we may allow you to make Balance
Transfers. In determining your credit limit, we will
take account of all factors which we reasonably
believe to be relevant.
e We may allow other persons to make payments
to the Account on your behalf.
f Promotional rates, other than introductory
Promotional rates, are conditional upon you
complying with certain terms of this Agreement.
We may withdraw any Promotional rates that
were not given when you applied for the Card
and apply the applicable Standard Variable interest
rate if you do not make a payment on time or go
over your credit limit and do not rectify this within
seven days of us asking you to do so.
g We may restrict the amount of any balance you
may transfer or stipulate other conditions for the
Balance Transfer. We will tell you when we do this.
3. Charges
a We will charge the Account with:
i All amounts incurred by the use of the Card and
all interest, fees, charges and costs referred to in
this Agreement;
ii our costs of seeking to enforce our rights under
this Agreement, any costs we incur in tracing you,
any costs of using a collection agency and any
legal costs;
iii the amount of any tax or other duty imposed
upon this Agreement or the use of your card(s).
b Except for gambling transactions, we will
charge a cash fee for Cash Advances. The
amount of the fee is set out at the start of this
c Any non-sterling transactions (foreign currency
transactions) are converted to Sterling by the card
scheme (MasterCard or VISA) using wholesale
market rates applying on the day conversion is
made. You can find the current exchange rates by
calling Card Services on 08457 404 404. We charge
commission on foreign currency transactions at the
rate specified at the start of this Agreement.
d We will charge a fee for making a Balance
Transfer. The amount is set at the start of this
e If you have not used your Account and Card
for more than twelve months we may make a
reasonable charge to your Account. We will give
you 30 days’ written notice before we do this.
We remind you that you are free at any time to
end this Agreement without penalty by giving
us written notice.
f We will charge interest on unpaid insurance
premiums charged to the account at the same
rate which applies to the relevant transaction
to which they relate or, if there is no relevant
transaction, at the rate applying to Purchases.
g We may make a charge for any additional
services we provide outside this agreement.
We will tell you of these charges when you ask
for the service.
4. Authorisations
a The use of the Card may be restricted or
i if such use is causing, or would cause a breach
of this Agreement;
ii if we have reasonable grounds for suspecting
that you, any Additional Cardholder or third party
has committed or is about to commit a crime or
other abuse in connection with use of the Card
or the Account;
iii as part of our procedures to prevent fraud or
misuse of Cards.
You may be asked for further information,
including verification of your identity, when
we are asked to authorise a transaction; or
iv if you do not use your PIN when you use your
chip and PIN card at a facility which requires you
to use a PIN.
b You cannot rescind or revoke a Purchase or
other transaction made by use of the Card or Card
details once you have authorised the transaction to
us or the payee (for example, a retailer or supplier).
We will credit the Account with a refund only if
the payee refunds us. We may charge the relevant
rate of interest on such a transaction amount.
c Our authorisations process takes account of
transactions which have been authorised by you
and us but not yet applied to the account.
d When you place an order on the Internet with
organisations who participate in Verified by Visa or
MasterCard® SecureCode™ (designed to prevent
fraud) you will be invited to register for the service
applicable to your Card. If you do not do so, as
part of our fraud prevention measures we may
not authorise further Internet transactions with
participating organisations.
e If a transaction is refused by us then we will
give notice of this refusal via the supplier, retailer
or other organisation with whom you try to make
the transaction. If you or the Cardholder were not
made aware of this refusal around the time of the
transaction, you can seek details of the refusal by
calling Card Services on 08457 404 404.
5. Repayments
a We will send you a statement each month
(and this may be an online statement, by email
or other electronic means where we have your
consent to do so) if there are transactions or other
movements on the Account and you must tell
us immediately if anything on your statement is
incorrect. You must pay us at least the amount
shown as due for payment by the date indicated
on the statement.
b Payments made by you will only take effect
when received by us as cleared funds eg a
cheque may take several days to clear after it
is received by us.
c We may tell you at our discretion if you may
miss making a monthly repayment but if you do
so, you may pay more interest as a result and any
interest free period will not be extended.
d You should not make payments that place the
Account in credit. If you do, we may still restrict
the use of the Card and the Account to the
amount of your credit limit.
e If you make a payment late or not at all, interest
will accrue on the unpaid amount at the rate for
that part of the balance remaining unpaid.
f You can at any time repay all or any sums owing
under this Agreement, subject to you making
the minimum monthly repayment, by making
payment to us by cheque or other appropriate
g Payments received are applied to pay off the
minimum payment shown on your statement,
then the remaining balance on your statement,
then any items not yet included in a statement.
We will apply your payment first to any payment
protection insurance premium, then to categories
of balances in the following order:
– Cash Advances
– Purchases and Balance Transfers not being
charged at a Promotional rate
– Purchases and Balance Transfers being charged
at a Promotional rate
In each category, interest and charges are paid
first followed by the remainder of the balance.
6. Protecting the Card
a You and any Additional Cardholder must take all
reasonable precautions to prevent the Card and the
Card number, the PIN, your password, any internet
password and internet identity number or any other
security details for the Card or Account (the “Card
Security Details”) from being misused or being
used to commit fraud. These precautions include:
i sign the Card as soon as it is received and
comply with any security instructions;
ii protect the Card and Card Security Details;
iii do not allow anyone else to have or use the
iv destroy any notification of the Card Security
v do not write down the Card Security Details
nor disclose them to anyone else (other than
any Additional Cardholder permitted to use them)
including the police and/or our staff;
vi if you change your Card Security Details to
make them more memorable to you, do not
choose sequences of letters or numbers that
may be easy to guess;
vii do not tamper with the Card;
viii keep Card receipts securely and dispose
of them carefully; and
ix contact us about any suspicious matter or
problem regarding the use of the Card at a
terminal. We may disclose to the organisation that
provides the terminal any information we consider
necessary to resolve any such matter or problem.
b If the Card is lost, stolen or liable to be misused
for any reason, you must tell HSBC Bank plc
immediately on our 24-hour telephone number
08456 007 010 (textphone 08457 125 563) or
+44 1442 422 929 (textphone +44 1792 494 394)
from abroad (our address is Card Service Delivery
PO Box 6001, Coventry CV3 9FP).
c Cards belong to us and must be cut in half and
returned immediately if we ask you to do so in
any of the circumstances set out in Clause 4a,
or where there is any other valid reason.
d You must co-operate with us and the police
to recover lost or stolen Cards and to investigate
any unauthorised transactions. If you are asked
to report unauthorised transactions to the police,
you must do so immediately and in any event
within seven days of being asked. If you recover
the Cards you must not use them and should cut
them in half and return them to us.
7. Misuse of the Card
If someone else obtains the Card or Card details
with your, or any Additional Cardholder’s consent,
you will be liable for any use made of the Card by
that person or anyone else, even if you have not
authorised it, until you notify us under Clause 6b.
However, you will not be liable for any losses that
arise from any misuse of the Card or Card details
where they are used to buy goods or services
remotely, such as over the Internet, by phone or
mail order, subject to certain limited exceptions.
8. Variations
a We may, at our discretion, change any of the
terms of this Agreement, including interest rates
(and the APR) (either generally or on specific
promotions only), the repayment date or amount,
the statement date, Default Charges, fees or other
charges, or introduce new terms. In particular,
we may vary the interest rate(s) and the APR
depending on our assessment of your ability
to meet your financial commitments (including
considering your credit history and information
held about you by credit reference agencies) and
how you conduct your Account from time to time.
These changes would be personal to you and we
do this to ensure there is a fair allocation of the
risks and costs of borrowing between our different
customers. Where any change is to your benefit,
we will give you at least 7 days’ written notice of
the change. Otherwise, we will give you at least
30 days’ written notice, unless Clause 9a applies.
b The reasons why we make changes to the
terms of this Agreement include:
• a change in law, industry code or good
banking practice;
• a change to the cost of providing services
to you, including money market rates or bank
base rates;
• as a result of a change to our way of doing
business including the introduction of new
• to reflect our policies on the competitiveness,
market share and profitability of our business,
where we are not acting dishonestly, for an
improper purpose, to discriminate against a
particular customer or as an unreasonable
financial institution;
• to make the Agreement clearer to you; or
• any other valid reason.
c If we change the terms of this Agreement, we
may change your Card, Account number and PIN
and cancel the Card that your new Card replaces.
The balance on the Account will become subject
to the new terms. If we do this we will give you
30 days’ written notice.
d If you are unhappy with any changes made
by us under this Clause 8, you may end this
Agreement by giving us notice under Clause 9c
before the change takes effect.
9. Restricting Card use and
ending this Agreement
a This Agreement has no fixed or minimum
duration, however we may cancel or suspend the
use of the Card for all or any purposes or refuse
to replace or reissue the Card if:
i we believe that there is a significantly increased
risk that you may not be able to fulfil your duty
to repay the credit in line with this Agreement
and this includes situations such as you going
bankrupt or having similar proceedings taken
against you, if any of the information you gave
us when you applied for the credit is found or
suspected to be to be untrue, your bank account
with us or any member of HSBC Group is frozen,
if adverse information is received from credit
reference agencies or if you die;
ii we have reasonable grounds for suspecting
fraudulent or unauthorised use of the Card; or
iii we have reason to believe that the security of
the Card or Card details has been compromised.
b We may end this Agreement in any of the
circumstances set out in Clause 9a, or if you
seriously breach the terms of this Agreement (for
example, if you do not make repayments on time
or at all) and demand repayment of the balance on
the Account, in each case we will serve on you
any notice required by law.
c This Agreement has no fixed duration, however
it will also end when either of us gives notice
in writing to the other and where you end this
Agreement, when you return to us all Cards.
We will give you 2 months notice if we end this
Agreement under this Clause 9c.
d If this Agreement ends:
i you must ensure there is no further use of the
Card, and cancel any payment authorities and
standing orders;
ii you will be liable for transactions made before
or after this Agreement ends (apart from any
referred to us for authorisation after it ended);
iii the terms of this Agreement will continue
to apply until we have been paid in full; and
iv we may require immediate repayment of the
balance on the Account.
e If you have a Platinum Credit Card with Annual
Travel Insurance, the insurance cover will end
when this Agreement ends. The annual fee is
not refundable.
f On your death, the obligations under this
Agreement will continue until all Cards have been
cut in half and returned to us and the balance
on the Account has been paid. Any Additional
Cardholder must immediately stop using the Card
and must return it to us cut in half.
10. General
a We may at any time transfer our rights and/or
our obligations under this Agreement to someone
else. If we do this, it will not affect your rights
and/or your obligations. You may not transfer any
of your rights and/or obligations.
b Any security given by you to us does not apply
to this Agreement.
c We may, at our discretion, relax any of the
terms of this Agreement but we shall still be
entitled to strictly apply them again at any time.
d If you have a dispute with someone else over a
transaction made with your Card, you must keep
making payments to us while you
are resolving it.
e We may use any credit balance on any other
account you hold with us, to reduce or repay any
sums you fail to pay under this Agreement. We
will give you a reasonable opportunity to pay the
outstanding sums before we do so. We will tell
you as soon as possible after we do so.
f We will not be liable to you for any loss due to:
i any failure or delay in providing our service
caused by strikes, industrial action, failure of
power supplies or computer equipment or other
causes beyond our reasonable control;
ii anyone else or any cash machine not accepting
or retaining your Card, or the way in which any
such non acceptance is conveyed to you.
g This Agreement is governed by English law
and you agree that any legal case concerning this
Agreement will be heard by courts of England
and Wales.
h We are required by law to tell you that the
terms of this Agreement are in English and that
we will communicate with you at all times in
English. You may at any time during the term of
this Agreement request a copy of this Agreement.
i You must notify us immediately if you change
any of your name, address, telephone number
or your email address.
j Any Additional Cardholder has no right under
the Contract (Rights to Third Parties) Act 1999
to enforce any term of this Agreement.
k To facilitate debt recovery overseas, we may
appoint another member of the HSBC Group to
act on our behalf.
11. Your information
a Information we hold about you will not be
disclosed to anyone (including other members
of the HSBC Group), other than where:
– we are legally required to disclose,
– we have a public duty to disclose,
– our interests require disclosure,
– the disclosure is made with your consent,
– as set out in the terms below.
Credit Reference Agencies
b We may share information with credit reference
agencies (CRAs) to verify your identity and
suitability for an account, using information from
the Electoral Register and other public sources.
We may use details of your credit history to assess
your ability to meet your financial commitments.
c The CRAs will record details which will form
part of your credit history whether or not you
proceed with your application and if you make
several applications within a short period of time,
this may temporarily affect your ability to obtain
credit. Where you have agreed, we may share
details of how you manage any current accounts
or borrowing from us with CRAs.
d If we make demand for repayment following
default and you fail to repay the sum due in full
or to make and keep to acceptable proposals
for repayment within 28 days, we may (in the
absence of any genuine dispute about the amount
owed) register the default with the CRAs which
may affect your ability to obtain further credit.
Crime Prevention and Debt Recovery
e To prevent crime, verify your identity, recover
debt and to meet our legal obligations, we may
exchange information (both within the UK and,
where appropriate, overseas) with other members of
the HSBC Group and where appropriate, with fraud
prevention, law enforcement, debt recovery agencies
and other organisations including other lenders.
f If you give us false or inaccurate information and
fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud
prevention agencies to prevent fraud and money
laundering. Please refer to clause 11n for more
information regarding the use of data by fraud
prevention agencies.
Data Processing
g The HSBC Group may use and share relevant
information about you, your transactions and
your relationships with the HSBC Group for
credit assessment, customer service, market
research, insurance, audit and administrative
purposes. This may include information provided
by you, or someone acting on your behalf. Where
appropriate (for example if you have relationships
with other HSBC Group Companies in other
countries), this information may be shared with
HSBC Group Companies outside the UK.
h We may use other HSBC Group companies
and/or third parties to provide services on our
behalf which may include the processing of
information about you.
i Whether it is processed in the UK or overseas,
in accordance with data protection legislation,
your information will be protected, by a strict code
of secrecy and security which all members of the
HSBC Group, their staff and any third parties are
subject to.
j Information may also be processed for the
purposes of complying with applicable laws,
including anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism
laws and regulations and fighting crime and
terrorism. This may require the disclosure of
information to a UK or overseas governmental or
regulatory authorities or to any other person we
reasonably think necessary for these purposes.
k We may provide information about you and
the conduct of your account to any additional
cardholder and to any person to whom we transfer
our rights and obligations under this agreement.
Information about Products and Services
l If you agree, the HSBC Group may use and share
relevant information about you, your transactions
and your relationships with the HSBC Group, to give
you information about products, services (including
mortgages) and promotions, available from HSBC
Group companies and those of selected third
parties which may interest you by post, telephone
electronic and other means. The HSBC Group may
also exchange, analyse and use relevant information
about you in the way described above to ensure
that promotional content displayed to you on screen
when you log on to HSBC Group websites is more
likely to be relevant and of interest.
We will ask you whether you are happy for us to
contact you about such products and services or
use what we know about you to help decide what
we display to you on our websites, when you
open an account. If you change your mind at any
time please let us know.
m Under data protection legislation, you can make
a written request for a copy of certain personal
records we hold about you. The current fee is
£10.00 per request from each individual.
n Further details explaining how information held
by CRAs and fraud prevention agencies may be
used is set out in a leaflet entitled ‘Credit Scoring,
Credit Reference and Fraud Prevention
Agencies’ available on our website or can
be requested from branches or by phoning 0800
587 7008 (Textphone 0800 0283 516). Please call
this number if you require details of the CRAs and
fraud prevention agencies we use. Lines are open
8.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding
Bank Holidays).
o To ensure that we carry out your instructions
accurately, to help us to improve our service and
in the interests of security, we may monitor
and/or record your communications with us.
Any recordings remain our sole property.
p We will obtain your written consent before
providing a banker’s reference about you,
however, if we receive a request from another
financial services institution we will provide
information required to verify your identity for
money laundering prevention purposes.
Additional Information for credit card
products and services
q For products (such as insurance) that are not
provided by the HSBC Group, we will exchange
information about you and your account in relation
to that product with the chosen product provider(s).
This will include changes to your name, address,
card number and other relevant information
(including secondary card holder/additional policy
holder details). Details of the product provider(s)
used are included on this form. With the HSBC
Group’s approval, product provider(s) and their
associated companies and agents will also process
information about you, including sensitive data
such as health records, in the manner described
above, to the extent necessary for providing you
with the product described (such as when making
decisions about your eligibility for cover, assessing
claims, undertaking crime prevention measures
and passing information to regulators and/or
ombudsman). In this context, ‘we’ and related
words and phrases include the product provider.
If you require details of any fraud prevention
agencies used by our product provider(s) please call
0800 587 7008 (Textphone 0800 0283 516).
Complaints Procedure
If we do not deliver the standard of service you
expect, or if you think we have made a mistake,
please let us know. We will then investigate
the situation and, if necessary, set about putting
matters right as quickly as possible. In addition,
we will take steps, where appropriate, to prevent
a recurrence. Please allow your branch manager
or the manager of the department concerned the
first opportunity to answer your concerns and put
matters right. However, if you remain dissatisfied
and would like further information about our
process for resolving complaints please ask for our
explanatory leaflet ‘Listening to your comments’.
If we are unable to resolve your complaint to your
satisfaction you may then complain to the Financial
Ombudsman Service, South Quay Plaza, 183
Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR. Tel: 0800 023 4567.
Email [email protected].
HSBC Bank plc
HSBC Bank plc is established at 8 Canada Square,
London E14 5HQ which is its registered office.
HSBC Bank plc is authorised by the Prudential
Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial
Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation
Authority. We are a financial services organisation
and banking institution. The Financial Conduct
Authority is the supervisory authority under
Consumer Credit Act 1974. Its address is 25 The
North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5HS.
HSBC Bank plc is entered in the Financial Services
Register under reference number 114216. You
can check this on the Financial Services Register
by visiting the Financial Conduct Authority website or by contacting the Financial
Conduct Authority on 0800 111 6768.
Important Information
Right of withdrawal – You have the right under
section 66A of the Consumer credit Act 1974 to
withdraw from this Agreement, without giving any
reason, during a period beginning the day after you
have received your Card and notice of your credit
limit and ending after 14 calendar days. You can
withdraw from the Agreement by sending written
notice of the cancellation to HSBC Bank plc at Card
Service Delivery, PO Box 6001, Coventry CV3 9FP
or by calling 08457 404 404. If you withdraw from
the Agreement you will have to repay to us the credit
you have taken under the Agreement and pay to us
any interest accrued on that credit at the applicable
rate for the transaction(s) without delay and in any
event no later than 30 calendar days after giving
notice to withdraw. You can do this by cheque or any
other appropriate means. Where you use your Card
during the 14 day withdrawal period, if you ask us
we will inform you without delay of the amount of
interest payable per day.
Goods and Services – If you purchase any item
of goods or services costing between £100.00
and £30,000.00 using credit under this Agreement
then if, for example, the goods fail to arrive or
are not of satisfactory quality or there was a
misrepresentation by the supplier regarding the
goods then you may have a right of redress
against us as well as the supplier.
Missing Payments – Missing payments could
have consequences such as making obtaining
credit more difficult and could result in legal action
to recover any debt owed under this Agreement.
The following Direct Debit Guarantee applies
to customers opting to make credit card
repayments by Direct Debit.
The Direct Debit Guarantee
he Guarantee is offered by all banks and
building societies that accept instruction
to pay Direct Debits.
• If there are any changes to the amount,
date or frequency of your Direct Debit
HSBC Bank plc, Card Services will
notify you (normally 10 working days)
in advance of your account being debited
or as otherwise agreed. If you request
HSBC Bank plc, Card Services to collect
a payment, confirmation of the amount
and date will be given to you at the time
of the request
• If an error is made in the payment of your
Direct Debit, by HSBC Bank plc, Card
Services or your bank or building society,
you are entitled to a full and immediate
refund of the amount paid from your bank
or building society.
– If you receive a refund you are not entitled
to, you must pay it back when HSBC
Bank plc, Card Services asks you to.
ou can cancel a Direct Debit at any time
by simply contacting your bank or building
society. Written confirmation may be
required. Please also notify HSBC Bank plc,
Card Services.
Issued by HSBC Bank plc
Customer Information, PO Box 6201, Coventry CV3 9HW
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