Assure quality of service and quality of based on live events QX

Assure quality of service and quality of
experience in real time using metrics
based on live events
Intraway's QX Customer Experience Solution assists CSPs to assure the quality of their
services as well as understand their customers’ point of view with regard to the
different services they provide.
Understanding the "Customer Experience" related to Over-the-Top (OTT) applications
distributed across multiple networks has become a recent challenge. Analyzing a
customer's perception of the quality of the service they have received is essential to
improvement and growth. Customers generally do not understand metrics, KPIs, SLAs,
protocols and lost packets. A customer only knows how they feel after an experience.
In the US, 38% of homes surveyed contacted their ISP during 2012 and, 23% required
an on-site service call due to a slow connection. However, half of the time, the issue
resolved itself. For this very reason, metrics are crucial in understanding just what the
customer is experiencing. Our QX solution helps you to gain this understanding which
in turn lowers Call Center related costs and decreases the number of on-site service
calls along with other potentially adverse consequences.
Intraway’s Quality of Experience solution offers automation, ease of use and
standardization when measuring customers’ perception of quality across multiple
neutral network access points.
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Quality of Experience
The solution gathers measurements from probes distributed at different points throughout the broadband network. It
analyzes and presents the information in real time and
generates valuable reporting.
• Measures the user's experience without taking technical
factors into account
• Measures the frequency of problems reported by users
• Allows for quick redistribution of probes in problem areas
• Enables benchmarking between products produced by
the same or different manufacturers
• Reduces the potentially high cost of requiring a separate
measuring tool for each different technology
Listing of available probes:
• Quality of Experience: Proprietary Software installed on a
computer deployed on the broadband network
• Quality of Service: Proprietary Software installed on
end-customer network hardware such as a home router
• Droid: Application installed on a Smartphone with Android
Advanced Features
• Offers analyzed results in a qualitative format
• Programmable tests can be set to measure varied time
• Plug & Play Probes
• Compares results between assigned service plans and
• Performs measurements behind any IP element
Business Uses
• Service Plan monitoring
• Comparison between geographical zones/ plans
• Monitoring of competitors' services
• Net calibration and configuration
• Compares different types of access technologies
• Monitors new services
• Procurement audit
About Us
The Intraway Corporation is the fastest growing developer of advanced OSS/BSS solutions in the
Americas and, since 2013, within Europe. Our solutions currently manage over 40 million devices
deployed in 17 countries. Our 45+ client list includes major market players such as: Mediacom,
Telefónica, América Móvil and Tigo. Our module based platform reduces network operating costs and
integrates the latest technology in advanced firmware management, service provisioning, fraud / cloning
prevention and instant IPv6 enablement. Additionally, we offer a state-of-the-art IPTV platform and
sophisticated CRM and Billing systems for small and medium sized operators. Our offices are located in
Barcelona, Buenos Aires, London, Mexico City, Miami and São Paulo.