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Cloud-­‐fp for Entrepreneurs Investors Charts Reports Model Entrepreneur myCompany Cloud-­‐fp account TransacEons Bank •  Entrepreneurs can build a comprehensive plan for their company including both financial and non financial metrics •  Based on the plan the progress of the company can be monitored as the planned metrics are compared with the actual data as imported from banking accounts or other data sources •  Extracts of the plan, including compelling business charts can be shared with external users (e.g. investors) Integrated model for financials and other important performance metrics Table Series Chart •  A financial plan should first of all accurately model the key economic drivers of a business. Secondly it must remain acEonable in terms of planning. •  These objecEves translate in „as liKle data points as possible as many as necessary“. The challenge is to find meaningful aggregaEons, where adding addiEonal disEncEons does not improve the quality of the plan •  Many of the key drivers are nevertheless not financial in the first place. Number of customers or visitors on the website… or number of customer calls and hours of training do not immediately translate into monetary values, but might sEll be a key driver and thus worthwhile measuring •  Cloud-­‐fp allows you to model all the important metrics in appropriate structure Crowdsourcing market •  Don‘t start from scratch, rely on proven templates provided by professionals •  Find in Cloud-­‐fp‘s marketplace templates and role examples for the specific business you are planning Planning based on plausible projecEons •  With the right choice of metrics, planning becomes a straighUorward exercise •  Based on good projecEons of the key drivers, all other economics fall easily into place •  Cloud-­‐fp supports you with powerful projecEon funcEons (growth rates, S-­‐
curve simulaEons) that substanEally speed up the modeling process Compare plan with real numbers imported from originaEng systems •  Planning makes only sense when the real numbers can be monitored and matched to the plan to quickly recognise deviaEons •  With Cloud-­‐fp allows extracts from accounEng soVware to be imported and matched to the defined metrics •  Also, staEsEcs from web analyEcs systems can be imported and analized in conjuncEon with other metrics Report to your stakeholders •  Cloud-­‐fp gives you a set of easy yet powerful graphical representaEon opEons and the possibility to assemble graphs into slide presentaEons •  Reports, charts and also single metrics can be made selecEvely available to extended audiences (e.g. board, investors and shareholders, employees) Report