Vendor Agreement- Event Planner/Coordinator

Vendor Agreement- Event Planner/Coordinator
This agreement MUST be signed by the event planner BEFORE the client
enters into a contract with the vendor.
This agreement is between _______________________________ (Vendor) and The Old Cigar Warehouse on
______________ (Date). This agreement is valid for one year from the signed date. This agreement is
not a contract of exclusivity, it just grants the vendor privileges at our facility. Privileges may be
revoked at any time for any reason.
1. The Vendor is responsible for:
a. Setting up, maintaining and breaking down their equipment, including all contracted floral and
design elements they are responsible for.
b. Maintaining the timing of the event, including coordinating the ceremony and reception timing.
c. Maintaining the guest lists, ticket sales (if applicable), sponsor relations and any other event
d. All floral and design elements must be removed from the facility by the Client or Vendor at the
conclusion of the event. Nothing may be left overnight. Planner is allowed up to four on-site
meetings with the client before an event to finalize the event details. Additional meetings will be
billed at a rate of $25 an hour.
e. No personal items such as toasting flutes, gifts or clothing may be left on-site after the event.
f. The vendor should work with The Old Cigar Warehouse to produce the best event possible. If
there are conflicts regarding our services or space, the vendor should bring them up in a
professional manner and work with us to solve the problem.
2. Additional Equipment:
a. The Vendor should communicate with the Client any tables, chair and linen needs so they can be
at the venue. OCW doesn’t keep extra equipment on hand.
b. All stages and lighting uses should be approved by The Old Cigar Warehouse at least one month
in advance. Stages must be installed by a professional stage company and should have their own
certificate of insurance.
c. The Old Cigar Warehouse does not provide any electrical assistance or cords. Vendor should
bring in their own power cords.
d. The Vendor may only use gaffing tape or a drop over cord cover to secure their wires.
e. All wires should be secured in a safe manner.
f. OCW staff must approve all floor plans.
3. Décor:
a. OCW has the right to refuse any décor items if they are deemed to be a safety or fire hazard.
b. No open flames are allowed with the exception of sternos. All candles should be in a container
with at least a 1” lip.
c. The Vendor may not move any furniture or rental items without permission. | (864)248-4868 | [email protected]
The Vendor may not hang any signs, banners or lighting from the walls or ceiling without
e. Absolutely no pyrotechnics are allowed on premise.
f. No confetti, birdseed, or glitter are allowed on premise.
g. If sparklers are used, OCW staff will pass them out and coordinate their usage.
a. The Vendor will be billed for any damages made by their owner, staff or subcontractors. All
damages should be paid within 10 business days. Failure to pay stated damages will result in
loss of privileges.
a. The Vendor may have one vehicle parked on-site for free. OCW cannot guarantee further free
Load-in & Load-out:
a. Our venue coordinator will work with you to create a day-of timeline. We cannot open any
earlier or stay later than the client’s contracted times. All set-up and break down must take place
within the contracted time. Overtime charges will be billed to the client at the rate of $150 an
b. We are not able to accept any deliveries or hold any items before or after the event.
c. During load-in we ask that you not block any driveways or traffic patterns.
d. All load-in should be completed at least 30 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin.
e. Vendor is required to check out with venue staff before they leave.
Staff Behavior:
a. All vendors should be dressed appropriately for the event.
b. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs may be brought or consumed on-site by the vendors.
c. Staff members may smoke in the designated areas but must not smoke within sight of any guests.
Certificate of Insurance
a. The Vendor must provide a Commercial General Liability Certificate of Insurance naming Fusion
Event Group, LLC as an additional insured. Minimum limits are $500,000 per occurrence and
$1,000,000 aggregate.
b. If Vendor is going to charge the client a fee for providing a COAI to OCW, that fee should be
disclosed before the client signs a contract.
a. OCW reserves the right to use photos of the Vendors for our advertising and marketing uses.
Indemnification & Miscellaneous
a. Vendor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold The Old Cigar Warehouse, its parent company,
employees and guests free and harmless from and against any and all claims, demands,
proceedings, suits, judgments, costs, penalties, fines, damages, losses and attorneys’ fees asserted
by any person or persons, including agents of employees of the vendor venue by reason of death
or injury to persons, or loss or damage to property, resulting from or arising out of, the violation
of any law or regulation or in any manner attributable to any act of commission, omission,
negligence or fault of vendor, its agents or employees, or the joint negligence of vendor and any
other entity as a consequence of its execution or performance of the agreement or sustained in
or upon the premises. This indemnification shall survive the term of this agreement as long as
any liability could be asserted.
b. The Old Cigar Warehouse cannot be held responsible for any theft of equipment, products or
vehicles while on-site or in our parking areas.
c. Vendor understands that The Old Cigar Warehouse is not the contracted client, and therefore is
not responsible for making any deposits or payments to the vendors. | (864)248-4868 | [email protected]
The Vendor understands that guests of the event may not understand the separation from the
vendor and The Old Cigar Warehouse. Vendor should make every effort to reflect our reputation
in a positive manner throughout the planning, event and post-event process.
All vendors should have a City of Greenville business license.
All contracts issued by OCW must ultimately be signed by the client, not the event planner.
Company Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Designated Representative: ___________________________________________
Date: ___________________________________
Phone Number: _______________________________________________________
Email Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Website: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
This form, along with your insurance certificate should be emailed to
[email protected] upon booking the event.
Contracts may also be mailed to:
The Old Cigar Warehouse
PO Box 465
Greenville, SC 29602 | (864)248-4868 | [email protected]