South Ridge Weekly Contested: Hidden Agenda Matthew 8:28-34

South Ridge Weekly
nov. 2, 2014 - 9:00, 10:30, 12:00
Contested: Hidden Agenda
Matthew 8:28-34
Jeremy moore
(pastor of community life)
We will remember the life, death,
resurrection and promised coming of
Jesus Christ through Communion.
(Communion crackers are gluten free)
Embrace God, s Grace
Extend God s Love
Next Sunday, Nov. 9th
Contested: Relationship
Ephesians 6:10-13
Mat Dawson
Service Info
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The offering supports the ministries of SRCC in
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News & Notes
SR Students’ Fall Retreat Update
SR Students’ Fall Retreat last weekend was a
great weekend with amazing weather. The
activities, music and speaking times were
impactful, and students and leaders had good
opportunities for spiritual connection. Thank
you for your prayers, and please continue to
pray that God will develop the seeds that were
sown over the weekend in the lives of the
students, their friends, and their families.
India Trip
Nathan Tuckey, the Lead Pastor of South Ridge,
is presently in India and will be speaking at
several churches and pastors’ conferences this
week. Pray that God would use him to
encourage those who are followers of Jesus in
India and that those who are leading the
churches in India would be strengthened. Pray
also for safety as he travels in and around the
city of Bangalore.
Congregation & Community Care Fund
The Congregation & Community Care Fund is
used to meet the needs of people in our
congregation and community. The fund
provides help for utility bills, groceries, rental &
mortgage, car repairs & gasoline, medical bills,
and essential home repairs. While
contributions may be made at any time, the
Thanksgiving season is an excellent time to
contribute to help meet the needs of others.
Contributions can be placed in the donation
boxes on the wall by the foyer exit doors.
Discovering South Ridge (DSR)
Interested in a deeper look at South Ridge or
pursuing membership? DSR is for you. Whether
to become a member or to learn more about
SRCC, join in for both sessions on Sunday, Nov.
16th and 23rd from 4-6:30pm in the Hospitality
Room. DSR explores SRCC’s history, beliefs,
vision & ministries and provides an opportunity
to interact with SRCC ministry staff. Register at Child care is available if
Thanksgiving Extend Project
Extend God’s love to families in need with
young children by providing them with some
basic needs through the Friendship Center for
New Beginnings (FCNB) in Flemington. FCNB
meets physical and spiritual needs of families,
especially single parent households. Simply
purchase baby items listed on the insert and/or
pickup a baby bottle at the kiosk and fill it with
loose change to help support ongoing needs of
the Friendship Center. All donated items and
baby bottles should be returned to the church
by November 23rd. Visit
thanksgivingproject for more info.
eNews is less than 250 words and is sent
weekly by Nathan Tuckey to provide a preview
of upcoming Sunday services and other
ministry highlights. Sign up at southridgecc.or
or through the About You card.
Crossroads Christian
Groups, Growth &
Connecting Points
Every Wednesday at Crossroads is Chapel Day
when we gather for a time of worship and often
parents join us. A recent theme was service,
the 8th grade presented several short skits to
demonstrate what service looks like followed
by a “Bible Challenge” game as the Jr. High
students competed to find verses that talk
about serving others. For the younger children,
Kindergarten teacher, Jeanne Lerch, used a
carved pumpkin to explain how sin can dim the
light that should shine forth from each of
us. For more information or to schedule a visit,
call 908-735-5501 or visit our website
Groups, Growth, & Connecting Points
Groups @ South Ridge are small communities
where people are changed by God’s Spirit as
they experience belonging, embrace God’s
grace, and extend God’s love. They’re places
where people “grow in 3D” (3 directions) in,
up, and out. Three types of groups are offered:
Serving Opportunities
SRCC Prison Ministry
The SRCC Prison Ministry exists to create a path
for God’s healing in inmate’s lives by facilitating
groups and worship services at Edna Mahan
Correctional Facility. Visit or
email Jeremy at [email protected] for
more info.
Homeless Ministry
Several times a year, SRCC volunteers assist at
area churches to house and feed the homeless
through Family Promise. Email Laura Kroon at
[email protected]
Nursing Home Ministry
Be a part of SRCC’s team that will visit Country
Arch Sunday, November 16th at 2:15pm and
Rollings Hills Sunday, November 23rd at
2:30pm For more info, email Rozan Brown at
[email protected]
Helping Hands
This is a ministry designed to connect people
who have needs with people who can help
meet those needs! From preparing a meal,
donating items, transportation, minor repairs,
yard work to snow removal, there are times in
all of our lives when we have true needs. It is a
blessing to give and a blessing to receive! If you
are interested in serving in Helping Hands,
please fill out a card located on the display rack
and drop it in the display mailbox.
Life Groups - smaller and especially
personal. 6-16 people custom-craft a pathway
of spiritual growth and impact in a community
of steadily growing trust and encouragement.
Each Life Group has a unique participant focus
(mixed adults, couples, parents, etc.) and
(often) meets in a home. Many incorporate
care &connection for kids. Sign up in Sept. and
Jan. at
Total Access Groups - larger and especially
accessible. TAGs are dynamic communities
that provide a consistently open door. They
include: Anchor, Moms Mentoring Moms,
Mentoring Single Moms, Wed. Women’s
Group, Mon. Men’s Group, Griddlemen,
Marketplace (business leaders), Flix & Faith,
and the Hub (young adults). There’s no sign
up. Just show up! Connect with a leader now
Electives - topical and especially
equipping. Electives zoom in on a particular
topic or challenge to gain new tools, not
merely from the material, but from the
strengths and wisdom of increasingly tight-knit
community. Sign up throughout the year at
Tuesday Morning Prayer
Tuesdays, 6:30-7:15am, a group meets in the
hospitality room to pray for Weekly requests,
SRCC’s missionary families, and other needs.
Feel free to participate. For more info contact
Angela at [email protected]
Moms Mentoring Moms
Looking for encouragement, a little support,
and other women praying for you? Join Moms
Mentoring Moms, 9-11am, the first Tuesday of
every month (Oct - June) in the Worship Center
for a time of fellowship, lively discussion, and
practical suggestions for today’s moms.
Childcare is available if pre-registered.
Groups, Growth &
Connecting Points cont’d
Community Martial Arts
CMA offers quality martial arts instruction as a
pathway to a relationship with God and service
to others. Learn the art of Kempo-jujutsu (at
no charge!) from qualified, encouraging
instructors. Advanced and Children/Family
classes are Saturdays at the Clinton Community
Center (9:30 & 10:30am). Beginner and
Intermediate classes are Tuesdays in the SRCC
Activity Center (6:30 & 7:30pm). Email Ed
Barton at [email protected]
Adult Basketball
Monday nights, 5:30-7:30pm in the Activity
Center. If you’d like to join, email Ed Billington
at [email protected]
SR Kidz
Sunday Kidz Trax (Nursery thru 6th grade)
This ministry is committed to a holistic
approach to partnering with parents in the
spiritual development of their children. It
supports the family through providing a strong
foundation of biblical knowledge and has easily
accessible resources at home. Kidz Trax is
innovative, relational, biblically sound, fun and
never boring.
Kidz Trax (newborn - Pre-K)
9 & 10:30am Main Building
Kidz Trax (K-5th Grade)
9 & 10:30am Activity Center
Kidz Trax (SOS - 6th Grade) 9:00am Room 025
Wed. Nights X-Factor
This ministry is a robust, exhilarating and highly
interactive experience in which our K-6th
Graders will be given the opportunity to select
a custom track best suited for them in addition
to being part of an innovative approach to
Bible memory. Childcare provide for infant –
pre-k for those in groups or volunteering.
SR Students
SR Students’ Weekly Schedule & Events
Sunday Jr. High Bible Study 9am - Room 023
Sunday Sr. High Bible Study 9am - Youth Center
Wednesday Evenings BI - Youth Center - 6:15-8
(Parents are invited to join their students)
Tonight, November 2nd, 6-8pm at The Ridge—
worship, small groups & games.
Nov. 14, 15—Unveiled Conference at Calvary
Church in Souderton, PA for girls 12-18 and the
women in their lives.
Visit for registration and info.
Nov. 23rd, 6-8pm, Harvest Outreach Party at
The Ridge; games and food. Bring your friends!
Any questions about SR Students, contact
Marie at [email protected] or visit
The HUB is a community of acceptance &
action for those in and around their twenties to
belong, to be shaped, and to become engaged
in serving and spiritually impacting others. If
you’re 18-34, come help co-create this
community of service, transparency, and
spiritual growth. The HUB kicks off Sunday,
October 12th at 7pm at Factory Fuel Co., 2
Stagle Road in Flemington. It meets thereafter
on the first Sunday of every month. The HUB
also has separate gatherings for men and
women. For more info, visit
TheHUB or connect with The HUB on Facebook
at www.facebook. com/TheHubSRCC.
About Us
The Welcome Center
A place to speak with someone about a
ministry or question you may have.
Information Displays
Located in the foyer, the displays hold
SRCC ministry info. Additional info can
be found on displays in the hallways just
beyond the Hospitality Room near the
The Kiosks
Located to the right of the entrance
doors provide rotating information for
current and future events.
Handicap Accessibility
Wheel chair seating is available on the
left side of the Worship Center. A
Handicap Rest Room is available in the
nursery area. Ushers are available to
provide assistance.
Message CDs
Free CDs of all messages are available at
the information displays. Messages are
also available in MP3 format through
iTunes and on our website.
Library Resources
Check out books, CDs and magazines in
the library. The library is open after first
and second service.
Bilingual Bibles
Bilingual Bibles with an English and
Spanish translation in parallel columns
are available at the Welcome Center.
Service Times & Cancellations
For info regarding service or ministry
cancellations, visit the website or call
the church office. Info will be posted by
6:30am for Sunday service and noon for
Wednesday evenings.
Congregation & Community Care Fund
This fund is used to provide assistance
for various needs in the SRCC church
congregation as well as in the
community. It is utilized to assist people
in various ways. The Congregation and
Community Care Fund boxes are located
on either side of the foyer doors.
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November 2, 2014
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Prayer Requests, Comments, or Questions:
Tear at perforation
Nathan Tuckey, Lead Pastor
Jeremy Moore, Pastor of Community Life
Mat Dawson, Pastor of SR Students
Marie Saenger, Assistant
Dori Parker, Director of Family Ministries
Vicky Gawalis, Assistant
Ben Stapley, Director of Programming & Media
Steve Sargent, Director of Extend Ministries
Bob Grant, CCA Principal
Dave Homa, CCA Vice-Principal
Angela Agnoletto, Ministry Assistant
Raegan Indyk, Ministry Assistant
Susan Sheets, Finance Administrator
Cherrie Weisel, Facilities Coordinator
SRCC Weekly Giving
October 26, 2014
7 Pittstown Road
Clinton, NJ 08809