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With Potluck Lunch
TODAY at 11:30 and 12:30
- Meat Provided -
Ministry tables are set up today through the
building to advertise what we are doing here and
to solicit volunteers. Please get involved! Our
goal is to have 85% of our members in a
Get Inspired…Get Involved!
Deacon Selection
The following men have been nominated by the congregation and
approved by the elders to serve as Deacons of this church family for the
next 3 years.
If anyone knows of a scriptural reason why these men should not serve,
please let an elder know your concerns by Sunday, November 9th.
Installation of new deacons is tentatively scheduled for the end of
Sam Aikin
Steve Cheshier
Keith Kalet
John Wingler
Bo Bolick
Bill Ellis
Gary Scott
Greg Winnett
Ken Brisco
Tad Goss
David White
John Cheshier
Bill Johnson
Tom Wilkins
Church Staff
Ray Hawkins Senior Minister - [email protected]
Tony Griffies Youth and Worship Minister - [email protected]
Christy Jordan Children’s Minister - [email protected]
Rhonda Hawkins Preschool Director - [email protected]
Elaine Gilfilen Office Coordinator - [email protected]
Tom Wilkins Property Manager - [email protected]
Ronny West Building - [email protected]
Service Times
Sunday Morning Worship
9:00am and 11:18 am
Sunday Bible Classes 10:20 am
Wednesday Night Dinner 5:30 pm
Wednesday Night Classes 6:15 pm
Fall Inspiration Day
October 26, 2014
New Theme: Serving With the Heart Like Jesus
Song Leader - Terry Davis
9 am Worship
Here in This Place
Call to Worship
No. 23 Our God He is Alive
screen Let God Arise
screen Above All
Jesus Keep Me Near the
Children’s Worship Exit
screen How Can I Keep from
screen Get Right Church
Mighty to Save
No. 552 Have Thine Own Way Lord
No. 23
No. 63
Service 11:18
Our God He Is Alive
Let God Arise
Call to Worship
I Will Call Upon the Lord
Here in This Place
Garden of Prayer
Please serve yourself at one of the 3
locations during the song.
Children’s Worship Exit
Get Right Church
No. 552 Have Thine Own Way Lord
No. 448 Greatest Command
Attended Nursery Available
Praises and Prayers
Kim Colbourne has been moved to
rehab. Please pray for her swift
Sandra Layne is recovering from
pacemaker surgery.
Walt Gilfilen
Jerry & Claytie Hall
Charlie Meadows
Sheri Meadows
Sandi McBride
Sue Love
Thelma Redford
Friends and Family:
George Buchanan
Charles Cotton
Greg Gibbons
Joel Gilbert
Debbie Hamilton
Melba May
Lisa Meadows
Patrick Mills Sr.
Brenda Nunnally
Cindy Palmer
Edna Petty
David Roché
Alicia Smith
Cindy Stevens
Harold & Louise
Nicki Thomas
Robert Troxler
Margaret Yarbrough
Elder’s Corner "Let there be lights in the
expanse of the sky to
separate the day from the
night and let them serve
as signs to mark seasons
and days and
years.” (Genesis 1:14, NIV)
As we enter the fall season, remember
that we are to be a light to the world
around us. Let us give the Lord
permission to change us, to add that
splash of gold. Then we can share the
good news of transformation to those
around us who need a dab of paint on
their minds and hearts - so that the
Master can say, “Now you are my child,
and I can display you for all the world to
see.” - David Gilfilen
2014 - 2015 Church Theme
We are going back a few years and
Atlanta Inner City Ministry (AIM)
reinstating a past theme of ours - “Serving Oct. 26 Hot chocolate, cider, juice, boxed
With a Heart Like Jesus.” Now, more
Parmalaat or other dry milk
than ever before, our world needs to see
us displaying Jesus’ heart through
everything that we do. Let’s serve our
(no classes or dinner at
neighbors and give God the credit!
the church building)
At Brumby Elementary
Many volunteers are needed to
make this outreach a success.
Areas where help is needed:
decorated car trunks, welcome
table, craft table, and
greeters. Join us at
Brumby about 5:15
pm (pizza provided).
Kids will be there
5:30 - 7 pm.
Student Gatherings: Sunday AM, 10:15;1st & 3rd
Sundays, 5pm; Wednesday PM, 6:15. Most gatherings are in the
Teen Rm.
Thanks! Thanks to all who supported the MAD Scholarship Bake
Sale yesterday by either providing goodies to sell, or by helping out
at the sale. On behalf of our students, we appreciated your support!
ADULTS: All who ar e inter ested in the East Cobb Youth
Ministry should stop by our Ministry Fair table and pick up a copy
of our volunteer packet! We have a place for YOU in the ECYM!
On the horizon...
• Group Grub @Willy's Mexican on Roswell Rd.: 11/2
Trunk-n-Treat @ Brumby Elementary: 10/29
West Metro Area-Wide Devo: 11/16
Timothy Boy's Evening Worship: 11/23
--Your school is a Mission Field. Find someone to pray over. Connect that
person to The Savior.
Our Wednesday night
Bible classes
will participate in a service project
with Operation Christmas Child.
We hope to fill 20-25 shoes boxes this year. Donations of small
items would be appreciated. (toys, socks, crayons, markers,
notepads, hard candies, hair access.) These items can be dropped
off in the resource room in the children’s wing. We will have a
packing party on Wednesday, Nov. 12th. For more information,
please see Christy Jordan.
The Atlanta Inner City Ministry
Thanksgiving in a Box
Due on or before Nov. 16, 2014
The list of needed food items are on the table in
the foyer. We are using only one box size this year. Please
consider assembling one or more boxes, as we would like to
provide for 100 families this year.
Thank you for helping families, served by AIM, celebrate
Thanksgiving and see the love of Christ through your
generosity! The Missions Ministry
Sunday, Nov. 16th, AIM Service Project
Please plan to stay after services for lunch
and to pack up the food for Thanksgiving in a Box. See Christy for more info.