DoD and VA healthcare providers face the dual challenges of achieving Electronic
Medical Record (EMR) meaningful use milestones while managing shrinking budgets.
As a result, investing in agile, secure IT infrastructures that meet “always on, access
anywhere” requirements at reduced cost is critical.
To further accelerate patient care delivery, providers are focused on virtualization,
cloud, and IT- as-a-Service (ITaaS) models that enable them to stand up new
technologies and service delivery methods, and accelerate the deployment of key
healthcare applications. Key ITaaS technology enablers include a cloud-based, highly
automated technology infrastructure, as well as an online catalog of standardized
business, IT, and clinical services that clinicians and administrators can directly
consume. Through this approach, DoD and VA healthcare providers can reduce costs
Implement Medical Imaging 3.0
(Value-Based Imaging)
Consolidate PACS / Radiology
into Single Infrastructure
Image-Enable the EMR
dramat- ically while accelerating the delivery of new IT services to help improve
patient care collaboration.
Big Data analytics is also playing a critical role—offering the potential to improve
avoidable readmissions, disease surveillance, prescribed treatments, and patient
outcomes. According to
a recent MeriTalk report, “The Big Data Cure,” 59 percent of
Federal healthcare-focused executives surveyed say in five years, fulfilling their
agency’s mission objectives will depend on successfully leveraging Big Data.1
Leveraging EMC solutions, military healthcare providers are redefining
their IT
infrastructure, analytics capabilities, and data security.
EMC’s best-in-class hardware, software, solutions, and services—integrated with
Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS) applications from EMC’s industry-
Optimize Virtualization/VDI
leading partners—deliver highly available and highly efficient infrastructure for your
Empower Collaboration &
radiology and cardiology medical images. And, EMC helps military healthcare
Efficiency with ITaaS
Enable Access with
Private/Hybrid Cloud
Deliver Advanced Security and
providers develop a Vendor Neutral Imaging (VNI) roadmap for leveraging a Vendor
Neutral Archive (VNA) to create a logical layer of federated image management—and
an integrated care system to support the warfighter.
As a forward deployed force, the military’s healthcare mission is mobile. By linking
PACS and EMR access across mobile devices using a virtualized, always-on, cloud
ready, EMC infrastructure, DoD and VA caregivers receive a complete patient view at
Ensure Continuous Availability
the point of care without sacrificing availability or performance. This means providers
Provide Integrated Backup and
can securely access EMRs regardless of device or location, and make quicker, more
informed decisions. And, military healthcare providers can leverage significantly
enhanced efficiency with IT-as-a-Service—a service-oriented approach that moves
beyond traditional IT complexity and rigidity by decoupling services from physical
hardware assigned to specific applications. Instead, compute, storage, networking,
Implement EMR/EHR
Meaningful Use
Optimize Analytic Performance,
Actionable Insight
Maximize Caregiver Efficiency
EMC Corporation is a global leader in
enabling businesses and service
providers to transform their operations
and deliver IT-as-a-Service.
Fundamental to this transformation is
cloud computing. Through innovative
products and services, EMC
accelerates the journey to cloud
computing, helping IT departments to
store, manage, protect, and analyze
their most valuable asset—
information—in a more agile, trusted,
and cost-efficient way. Additional
information about EMC can be found at
security, and availability services are pooled, aggregated, delivered, and managed by
intelligent, policy- driven software in a highly virtualized environment. The result is an
IT infrastructure optimized for clinical and business agility, high performance and
availability, and greater efficiency.
To help comply with EMR meaningful use guidelines, providers can deploy EMC
Trusted IT Solutions to keep Protected Health Information (PHI) highly-available,
secure, and private as they increase the use of IT to improve patient care delivery.
Avamar® and Data Domain backup systems deduplicate at the source and target,
decreasing bandwidth utilization and backup times, while returning storage capacity
for unmatched Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). EMC applies industry best practices for
security, data protection, and availability to every aspect of hardware and software
design. The result is a suite of trusted IT solutions that directly address the
requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and
the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act,
Advanced Security—encryption from the infrastructure to the end-user device,
integrated governance and compliance management, identity and access
management, and security analytics
Continuous Availability—active/active architectures, integrated disaster tolerance,
and point-in-time recovery
Integrated Backup and Recovery—enterprise-wide data protection solutions,
backup as a service, backup monitoring and analytics, archiving, and direct
integration with healthcare applications
Pivotal’s Big Data solutions help caregivers discover insights from vast amounts of
data, allowing them to make more informed healthcare decisions. These solutions
allow customers to store, manage, and deliver value from massive data sets using the
most disruptive set of enterprise data products. EMC and its expanding ecosystem of
analytics software partners can help turn clinical, financial, EMR, and unstructured
For Additional Information Refer To:
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Healthcare Providers
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White Paper: Trusted IT Solutions for
Healthcare Providers
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Research: The Big Data Cure Study
Research: Rx: ITaaS+Trust
data into clinically relevant information that enables caregivers to leverage existing
data to better predict patient outcomes, recommend effective treatments, and
optimally support force health protection and readiness. DoD and VA healthcare
providers leveraging this technology are able to analyze patient data at a faster and
more scalable rate than ever before.
EMC’s formula for success has enabled thousands of healthcare providers to transform
their IT operations to drive more clinically relevant, operationally efficient, and
financially attractive solutions. Leveraging our dedicated Solutions Lab, we certify,
benchmark, and validate our partners’ EHR, PACS, and analytics applications with EMC
storage platforms, management software, cloud, and security offerings to complement
our application and infrastructure expertise. Our solutions are built on a foundation of
trust with RSA® security woven throughout, and through industry-leading supply chain
security. We use field-tested tools, proven methodologies, and best practices to
minimize risk and accelerate time to value for our Federal customers as they
deliver warfighter support and force readiness, support population health, execute
cutting-edge research, and deliver humanitarian aid around the world.
To learn more about how EMC
products, services, and solutions can
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