N o.
226.—V ol. V . ]
When some weeks ago I promised to attempt a criticism of the
supposed anti-spiritualistic texts of the Pentateuch, I scarcely ex­
pected that.a review of two verses would coyer the ground, nor
can I now leave this wonderful compilation without answering a
question which some of your readers may be asked. It is this
I f we are to select such commandments as are binding upon us
from amongst scores that are not, by what test can we determine
which belong to us, and which may safely be disregarded P”
The answer will offeni} many pious souls, and contradict the
teaching of many a pulpit, but it is the only one warranted by the
Scriptures, has the sanction of all the best commentators, and it is
opposed to no creed in Christendom. Simply, no part of the
Pentateuch is bidding upon Christians in any degree. An examina­
tion of the texts cited, and scores of others, will show—1. That
the “ Law ” is not addressed to Christians (Exodus xx. 1, and
xxiii. 31—83; Leviticus xx. 25, 26; xxvi. 46); 2. It is not
suited to Christians (Exodus xxxiv. 12—14; Deuteronomy vii.
16, and xi. 29, et seq. ) ; and, 3. Christians are specially exonerated
from its enactments (Acts xv. 28, 29.'; Hebrews, chaps, viii., ix., x .;
Colossians ii. 10—23 ; Romans vii. 6, &c., &c.) Nor do the
isolated texts (such as Luke x. 28; Matthew xxiii. 3) bear, when
read in their natural connection, any such meaning as that forced
on them by those who would-substitute the tables of stone (the
Ten Commandments) for “ the fleshy tablets o fthe heart” (2 Corin­
thians iii. 3).
I will now draw attention to some of those passages of the
historical books which have been cited as anti-spiritualistic, com­
mencing with the remarkable allusion in the opening verses of the
Second Book of Kings:—Ahaziah, bein^ sick, sent to Baal-zebub,
god of the Ekronites, to inquire concerning his chance of recovery.
For this Elijah censured him in these words: “ Is it not because
there is not a God in Israel that thou sendest to inquire of Baalzebub the god of Ekron ?”
Be it observed that no censure is cast on thp Ekronites, only on
the king, who, having a divine revelation and an established priest­
hood at command, bad wantonly become a traitor to his country
and church, and trafficked with those nations with whom Israel
was forbidden to Hold communion. No law had ever (so fai1as we
know) been given to the Ekronites forbidding them their own
form of worship, nor have we any warrant for supposing that they
were idolaters, though their form of religion, like that of the
Israelites themselves, contained much of symbolism.
But who'was Baal-zebub? The name means “ god of flies,”
and the'commentators, following each other like a flock of sheep,
suppose that the Ekronites, being; plagued with flies, deprecated
the test by deifying it. This might be likely in a polytheistic
community like the Greeks, but national gods are not so elected,
and a deity feared, rather than' loved, would not be appealed to
oracularly, and least of all in case of sickness. I would modestly
offer another explanation. The prefix Bfial (toi), found as a
component of the names of all Canaanite deities, and even applied
to “ familiar spirits ” (1 Sam. xxviii. 7), and to the mistress of thp
house (1 Kings xvii. 17), conveys in itself no idea of supernatural
power, ahd the other element “ of flies ” suggests that the reference
is to the sun; continually associated with tne names of Baal, Bel,
and Belus.
In the fly, bred apparently bv the sun’s rays from disgusting
putrefaction, the Ekronites found a beautiful type Hike the Psyche
of the Greeks) of Him who, brings life frpm death, and who, as
Ahaziah thought, might well.beexpecjted to restore,lost health.
The orthodox Adam Clark explains the words of St. James,11every
1 8 7 4 . [P ricel£d.
good and perfect gift is from above, and eometh down from the
Father of Lights, to have reference to the sun; and the words' of
the apostle Paul, “ who giveth light and life to all things,” fairly
express the devout feelings of these Ekronites with whom in Holy
Scripture we Gentile nations of the earth are classed. God has
long since abolished the symbolic worship of the Jews, but the
pure inquiring spirit of Ekron, never forbidden by Him, will still
doubtless receive his blessing.
The “ witch of Endor” (1 Samuel xxviii.) was a simple
clairvoyante, and the spirit of Samuel, always attached to Saul
(1 Samuel xv. 35), communicated through her means with the
unhappy King of Israel. The words “ Why hast thou disquieted
me, to bring me up?” do not, in my opinion, refer to incantation
(whatever that may mean), but may be paraphrased thus: “ Why
do you, by1your wicked conduct, so trouble me as to oblige me to
reprove you P” Throughout the chapter no word of blame is cast
upon the actors in this little drama, which is, to a Spiritualist, both
natural and pathetic, nor does Saul appear to have been ever
punished or even censured for it.
Before closing this paper I think it advisable to quiet the fears
of those who are terrified by the denunciation of the Rock to assure
theth that the word yofrres which the editor renders “ jugglers,”
and the Authorised Vereion “ seducers,” cannot possibly be made to
apply to Spiritualists. The verb yoai, from which it is derived, is
to groan, to cry, and refers to the songs or chants with which the
travelling jugglers accompanied their performances. Though oc­
casionally applied, as by Plato, Symp. 203, to a professional
sorceress, it nas radically no such meaning, and the Scripture
passages refer to those whose delusive words are like the songs of
syrens, or the spells of charmers. But scholars are apt to forget
their scholarship under the influence of bigotry, as Mr. Martin, of
Brighton, a gentleman of undoubted erudition, forgot himself so
far when wilting on Spiritualism as to translate vvtvpa riffam
(Acts xvi. 16) a spirit of the serpent, a meaning which no one not
full of the idea that Spiritualism is “ devilish ” would ever have
thought of assigning to it, the word being a natural derivative from
or Delphi, the birthplace of inspired prophecy. It is, how­
ever, remarkable that the Rock, after admitting the, reality of the
spiritual manifestations, adopts my own translation of a kindred
word [see M e d i u m No. 224, page 452], and admits the yofis to be,
not a medium like Williams or Fay, but rather a juggler like
Maskelyne and Dobler. Before I proceed to notice the positive
injunctions to spiritual investigation scattered through the New
Testament, I shall feel obliged if any of your readers will point out
passages in either the Old or New Testament which appear to
forbid it, that I may either demonstrate the contrary, or confess
the position I have taken up an untent^le one.
, To the Editor.—Dear Sir,—I have received a letter from Mr.
Enmore Jones, wherein he is good enough to inform me that the
anonymoiis part of his attack in his letter of last week is intended
for me. Now, sir, may I beg of you that when Mr. Jones next
intends attacking me personally, you will be good enough to insert
my name, so that I may pubficly know I am the guilty one, and
be saved from the impertinence of his private gloss. It is not of
the least consequence to me what Mr. Jones thinks, nor do I mind
whathe may say o f me in print. I forgive him, if he will’ only
abstain from writing letters of personal explanation. “ If floggee—
floggee; ifpreichee—preachee; no both.
, M^,.Jones,charges mp with-trotting out Mi. Spurgeoa as.repre­
sentative of Christianity, and with tramping the country to dp so,
;;;; •~
I being only a “ raw recruit,” Atfd who^may ifft&j’ia Mr. Jones,
- , ^ K n o ^ g ? ^ in ^ > » ifc in o jr ie d g e '
tlat^BliouIdbe_summotied;tp<''hi3^^and;preaence,toplead,'by; lteelfcw era^jpdr ‘ V.
;TIte;eav'e,-Writer, oretmteme’' witfc,Mi^Ufgrtt;HSaiidltyi?''tiat* m tt& ro
way o f e x t e n u a t i o n , . m y monstrous
that only once irf ne'Ml^tn^tj^®feifent lectures do I refer to Mri that^w ith.thi9en dow m en fc^ato^ ;a«crib''e"^ itituH iW v(S'Satan f
Spurgeon, and lieix .merely to ;quote.: a- Sondrftkljttmget from^a- espeoiallyi&I have nob beetf)s^e;miB8g-,a£rt;liq p^ww^Mmtr
sermon of bis P Is Mr.Johes the Lord Ghamberlam and'. licenser ” ’\ B it Lf^il to seeiwhat in m iM & n ^ there fts h ^ssssit'‘ mt^li^sjib/
:Iilioralifcy’’ and the c d n clu s io iiv te ^ M A I hava,oas46^uaTBss ^ t l f o .
of spiritualistic literature, or ttte- censor oi
jmrgatoriuif or is he only over-anxious that Spm tn^flteaip -.pj^yiority;
of tVie/Biblei;:' .1^; iatrbllj'p^
Christianity should leave each other alone P If: sdj-ifc^ffiiVp^
'/v »w B .o f'm y ;o b a ^ te /o r
even though ho should fling overboard twenty. Mr;.;Sgnrg®8iSj\ 5 " I eqviaUjsrfailito s e ^ a o f i n M i ^ i i ^ ^ '^ l i i ^ i j i jy ^ ^ t a a a g a S m s r
and raassey-cre any-number of “ raw recruits.” I d 0 ?not/c»!e^to’. via u d .ig ^ ora n o^ tfith e?^ h d iM «^
put forward Mr. Spurgeon, or any other man. as'irepreffitttetiye^.of
becaUB& they ate. not to te& tina fii
i^ K jflg p
t Itstrife nafc nut' y o ic strike sfc$> t i t e Stanly sm oS T sh ell^ w h ia lti ofey«Hvitnea»e&.
castiodSIbte'agdf Ba'ifcsOf-tEtoca1iB^naifeag for, us but. ta smash; farl'aer*
the sheffwliilst-it-ia-ampty^ and. dititr with.a. wilt; and: the- weight
o f a Nasfl^tIi hammer^Otfaelwise;:tHiK .£eBudiators are back again' be a^%^»ithBSfcinaor3*H;ty'b^!
i:dftur>oit[«rbi b»aaam c?d'
as ever.
S ^ ^ ialiait' andtha/
C h r i s t i ^ ^ e | i ^ ^ . ^ ^ '| p ^ ^ p o ® ) ^ j ^ ^ t gen^ whosa- nesfe
happerod to'lte betweetrtwO" dftiues mspn^wPiSe battle, migfit no illusion— will dSjpfijS'OSfxtft' s w L . ^ _,
oil W-View it.
as well rise up and cackle her indignant'remonstrance, or cluck her I view it from a Biblical standpoint, just as I view
from that
peaceful persuasion, as for Mr. Jones to think o f staving’off the pcfitat I see that1it-ie ,an old ship iptti a nem'ffgnre‘-head,,tlhat it » * the
conflict between the two powers that are now aiming silently, ^.neoromanpy ” and dealing with “ familiar spirits ” which the Bible bo
surely, swiftly to be locjjed^ti.theigrip of a liferandldeathjitrugglfc. jfehemefltly condemn^ arid coriaequentl'j’ I sSj^.,no questions as to its
A sham Spiritualists, manufactured outr of myth, is- the- worst 'possibW-use— itfisenongli for me that Jit is forbidden, and forbidden
enemy of a Spritualiam founded, on faots. This ou^ opponents, because it is bad ; and, if it is bad, who can be its author ? Sceptics and
know, and we jhust recognise. Mr. Jones seems to think that the infidels may latigh at the idea of a Satanic Origin, and wavering believers
demonstration of the fact of a life hereafter is everything. Well, in the Bible may dispute it, or even assert the opposite beoauBe of the
that depends1/'If^Qhristian Theology be true—if this-hugeet swindfe11alleged-good results; but, for my part, I dare not set appearances, however
of a Credit-Mobilier scheme of salvation—if this concootion of mis- attractive, against plain commands— nay, the very fact that they are
against plain oommands is to me sufficient proof of their evil nature.
(fflpjlie.d.my)ih3,((all(0f which can be identified and reinvested with
Nevertheless, if tbe denial of the fundamental doctrineB of Christianity
tfieiriti^ qr/ginal meaning)—this farce founded .on fftblW—if this be evil, Spiritualism is evil, for I have sefti-abundant evidence, in addi­
report of'thft X)iviqe character be gospel, why none but thoughtless tion to Mrs. Tappari’s “ inspirational leotntes,” that “ the spirits” are
fiole cap want to: know that there iaa hereafter at all. ^For myself; rank heretics, or, as Paul expresses ifc( that “ they speab-ljes in hypocrisy
if.what; 1, was taught by Christian Theology (which so often filM so- that, besides the prohibitions of Soripture, which,are enough in them­
my eyesrwith.fitter brine, and made mv heart ache horribly)—if I : selves* the evident fruits of the system demonstrate its* thorough badness.
abul thought, ititrue, I should desire to lie down at the end o f this
I know, indeed, what William Howitt.and others have advanced in
life and never wake in any other. This must have been the-feeling opposition to the argument from the condemnation of the Bihle, but if
if)fi.myriads besides myself; and I hold the doubt, the disbelief, and eier men.“ wrested the Scriptures” in defence,of an error, these advo­
in$Jferenee of,men regarding the theological report, to be the cates of Spiritualism have done so. My advice^ therefore, to all over
feleesedeat and divinest sign for us, that there is a living love which whom I have any influence, in reference to this modern neoromancv, j?,
sjjpajijs ih: the souls of men, even in this way, until they attain the “ Touch not, taste not, handle not .” 1st, because-God - forbids i t ; 2nd,
because these “ angels from heaven ” (?) prbaoh another1 gospel than
higher, mediumship., Spiritualism has already proved itself to be
that which-Paul preached; and be savsj Let them-be accused;”— I am,
the-mightiest solvent or dissolver of false beliefs yet known, whether
& « .,
i ■
; A r t h u r A. B e b s .
it.get the credit for it or' not. But its work in that way has but
E ilb u m to the
jlffi, begun. * It has not fai^ty, or fully come to the grapple yet.
VKhen itj db.es, you will hear—and some there are who will sorely Newcattle Chronicle :—
^ 1 —how.tlift old tones crackle and' crumble in the wrestling-hug
To the Editor of the Daily Chronicle.
and crushing embrace of this young, and mighty messenger of im“ It is presumption- deserving o f eternal punishment for men to be so daring as
mp^tal.lijfe.. Spiritualism is the very dawn of our daring to think to pry into the closet o f God’s determinations tllrougti the medium o f imagined
disembodied men.”^TA B . Lam m .
freely in matters spiritual for the first time; and it is o f the first
Sir;— According to lo r d Brougham,: analogies are dangerous things.
necessity, that w-e should come to an understanding between our
Mb. Bees’s “ Rings of Saturn ” analogy iS'Birigul&rly unfortunate. He
own^ouls and the Maker with regard to the Jewish Scriptures as informs us that be has never seen th® “ rings.” Had he. added that,
the jgvealer of, Him, and' then not to keep the fesults private to nevertheless, he waB quite certain they we|je Satanic in their origin and
Qi)rpel(Fes,.,but communicate them to others, and help to lift the influence, how profoundly impressed the astronomers would have been.
burden,of lying, beliefs from their dwarfed and darkened souls. In Yet this is exactly his position relative to the spiritualistic manifesta­
OQOBKisibn,. I'cannot put any heart or malice into M. Eenan’s tions ; be has never seen them, yet “ has not the shadow o f a doubt that
remark, though-1 quote it. H e ' says, one must needs feel very they ace evil.” Mr. Rees also elects to be a bigot in reference to his views
confident not to: be troubled,’When-old women, and children lift of the Bible. . Well, since differences on this subject are by no means
li^aeeebing .hands' and entreat tfs to think as-they do; or i f we db uncommon, what with Unitarians,. Trinitarians, Peculiar People,
not; in. deference to Mrs. Grundy or Mr. Jones, we are asked to Shakers, &c.,, all professing to read'the B^ble more olearly than -the
keep,our thought to ourselves.— Yours,
Gebald' Massky, . others, an appeal may Burely be made to your correspondent to allow
Spiritualists the same right of' private judgment whioh is understood to
be ttie;distinguishing trait o f Protestantism.' -Knowledge without t t o guidance of- ttie Wisdom principle may-do temjwrary harm; yet blank
S^m -N JUMBINa THROUGH THE RINGS 0E SATURN, ignorance is Burely the worst evil of the two.
Y ou r corrispotidtat quotes St. Baulia&ouismg thqsn who diffen %ora
'’Our strijjecfc suggests' a cartoon so funny that we regret our
bito. , - Tiiis-aamg^PauliBi said bimself, to,.bane, been coJiTorted. by the
U t ility tji present a. pictorial1illustration of the new planetary agency-of a spiritualistic manifeetation. The recognition accorded by
(uppa,under’ theakig/cal management., Tbe R&v, A. Rees o f Sun- the lering, Jegusitorsuoh manifestation^ ns instanced.in the Transfigura­
dwrta^d-iarftJjjbeiftLNpiwoaforinistminiBter, who -goes just a ‘‘ wee. tion, doubtless will, however, with men. of insjghti. outweigh amifiionlsii” beyond the usual petrifaction: of a Wesleyan community. The, fuld, the; zealot,cursing* of; n imndr«d Pauls.— Yours, &c.,
July 27lLi, 1874^.
N. K ilburn, Jun.
J % 2 5 it h .;i8 7 4 .
<kflbek):’ cannot: stand Spiritaalism unless 'dresaedi out! in.-the shaggy
coattail, hknms^and hoofs of a personage dean to;tho. (Jhurch, The;
rHpeuend, glsntlemaa- hoids irp- the' rings- of Saturn ,before; this
To-the Editor o f the Aiui/clnnd Thass apd Jlerald.
queerljo-accoutred individual, whenMh, Kilbtirfit, cortes- along,
I f i wera,to commence this letter by-gajing, “ What foolB Wesleyan
«ffiB4ed::with'.the!;-whipi'06 logic aaii: forces; his: shaggy majesty to
jumpitbrotigh the ringa,oM)<lftttbtimuch;to>tbe,astoBiBllm€jBJ}^£,tbe, mmistenraiie; they hwe no attraction, a&ve to weak: minds,” l^ow horrireverend gentleman. The following letter appeared in the fiedsJrottftMflders,would-be; my iieputatinn for good: taste and centlemat^breeding, would be gone, and I would really^ bave no. cause therein
Neivcastle Chronicle of July 27 :—
to-complain, swing,thatilw.ould hive beongjiiliy of a gross vioiatioo o^
the trutb,‘ tbe author of a wioKed and vulgar Jie.
N ow .did I widen the area.of the statement, and instead of “ Weslfeyan 15wiiterB,’c asserb ibat “ 'Wesl«yamism" presented “ an amalgam
bow?V«t*, wteo We^beMiffAtailiai’i-wlkh' tha1eilbjeot; for, many o f all' that’ is paltry, iiUpious^and'.naisty—Buohj:a witch’a- cauldron: o f
jiatw, ifr.i«(*Dri»ti/»g!tO)6ee again a«(J'againi:tlia[ol!i*Btala>til^ocriona toi the abOnainablei tbing»M.bat its-badiinffuemo, attractedpnly w«ak minde,- for
ft^nfi:>8pMtaaliBtn)^bioD|llikeiitbe. objentionm ofi iriildalifcy'to:- Qhriai itrhadtno influeneei on;any othen” why-my-imagiOatioa fails to prefigprer
tfanit^uhavaltewi ■rtbutl e i loDgr^go.-'biitr, aw , contjnwnl^ r«vj»jng:-.witilat the tepi&eta whioh would- he lfevelUchat-my.impious and lying statement.
WWrPefcrtaca, off .in4 (4 ? e »
k n tf^ g ^ n is fao/i I e c ^ ' t o . tbaiil Yatjw.ljatll haver-imaginotiveijfsketcibed.as.a posaiblaaci of. loyr.,breed­
ing and violent vulgarity has actually been perpetrated, not ibs'ide a
l#nj4)p,as$uiH, bvt.in, a Wesley^) jjylpiti. , , ,
,'' ,^arJt^yerpmtH,.?8iW'ioK is reDOTted;ih jo u r' is»ue q f’ last week' to
i t i n \AJ a ill A v rn n iT^Unnal T m U f t n A ^ A M * >l«* A ' h H A A M i d i t t f ^ i t t t 'A i r K h .
r coniine my attention ,t^ iaypw^d. B pm tu ^ 8(&,.wb9 ,
defen4 the epoanest.of ,th^ir iiew’.teitli." ,SHm One oi* ffieiiit ih repfe'to.
fiir,— Lam d i d that you Have fearlessly opened jour columns, to the
dl^euraitm oPBBiritualldm, 'for tfi» aoorietf' it cOfifrontfc- th» light’ tbe
eatftg W n h a t M6iii8Ur fifiiit,' “ Whogeimi6rteP:tt»t^ Broiigiit
W tti6 'rerehttdi gisntfeman Vid''m&tiy itsrtrted' tfiat tl)ere* wnrin
J9U- 81, 1814
TH E j t o l U M
gmffi 'M i d . f :itlfflW wfa wgsM.'feffll f@fl®
m fM m $hm,w0 H s| the mm m ^M tm ^m m b. Wmkgm m i
; ■
Mi. M
... jtfo tth e M tyetar 4tia m ^ B h p d 'minority,: t b t o
llw b o mmmltT bQ foUoirtiie revernd.wrilet i& hie violent m i
Sir.Obaylsi state®tm be., bm
ia th®..pm
valuable bfei’roatbsi, ttnefcjbjs: kuejn everv.ios^^
©£ft. elaim to Wfb©f?om.$sSa®®t ®wmmmm,mj me#...pibliQ? Ar^aofe all the spirits of ?;h©
m o ^ f e s a 4)t o fo?a@ o f uBd0^©lop8cI Isuf^a tos©wl®dg®,biit §o long m mdiuipi through whosa,they profess to obtain;th®'powar
it Ises
ite ad t o u t © sa d fidrc&at®® mas J ib W illiam Oroole®, F.lf.S,, ,miking the®@®1?©0? J> m .Sir .Oh@rles mean. to s^rm . U
tbs ^sl^bmfe^ e f a s e t ; Alfred Wallaes, P M ; , t h e #distinguished tnetio “ oiroles” who may be actuated by vulgar cummtj &
• ^©B ss
a®taraliitj €jp6m ^?lITarI®j, th© electrioiatf'and part promoter o f tbtf oiroles with reverent intmt have the power of interruptiog tb? Eoly
Atlantis telegrapbio soheine; B obert Dale Owen, the esteemed’’ statesman m& Utt&ateuv,. with m ^ i d s o f other cultural and noble minds, it
ran well a ffofd t0 smile m pity at the boisterous rage o f an un­
charitable though revered partisan.— Yours truly,
July 18,1874.
N . K i l b u r n , Juk, .
Bear Sir,— The accompanying corresporfdenoa, which I extract from
the Liverpool Mercury o f tbis day, is the result o f a yery prevalent
rumour in this town and neighbourhood, to the effect that its “ ohief
pu’ pit orator ” o f the Church o f England, as by law established, had
mercilessly encompassed “ the death o f Spiritualism!” W ith what just
reason let roe hope that your 5,000 subscribers and their friends will
have an opportunity o f truly judging, by its courteous publication being
vouchsafed at your hands in the next journal o f the British Institution
o f Progressive Thinkers. Souls are developed in heaven as bodies
make them on earth t o a vast extent; they blossom not in the better
spheres ; fat, carnal-rainded sinners are but poor miserable skeletonangels; rankling evil ripens to ruio, here, there, and everywhere, if there
be no spirit o f God in th6 life o f man.— Yours ever,
Liverpool, July 26,1874.
D ie L e b e n s g e is te r .
“ 29, Erskine Street, Liverpool, July 9, 1874.
“ Reverendand dear Sir,— May I inquire if I am correctly informed
that on Sunday last you utterly denounced the scientific phenomena
alleged to be spiritual as o f ‘ purely Satanic origin ’ ? Nay, further, that
4all Spiritualists, so called, are anti-Christian ia their principles; in
fact, agents o f the D evil ’ ? &o. I f this be true, as a lover o f science who
has investigated these same phenomena at home and abroad with extreme
care for, a lo n g series o f years, and now regards them as fully established
beyond the possibility o f rational question either scientifically or philoso­
phically, I shall give a public address on such faots and phenomena, and
respectfully invite you to substantiate the statements in question, and at
tbe same time refute the scientific testimony that I shall then and there
produce from the actual observation and practical experience o f others
as well as myself.—In the oause o f truth and j ustice, with sincere regard>
I am, &c.,
“ W i l l i a m H i t c i i m a n .”
a lA A M
flA M A M iA j
ip w s u
I f
u p u
(m A
A lU A lA tl
Ik A M A
B M kaM
w o
n i ' .m 'i
w »u v^ w
Florence,” “ Leonor®,” and their sister^ f e have the best authority for
the ability o f Satan to asiurne angelio forms, I have read numerous
accounts o f spiritual seances, but I fail to discover any information
gained at all likely to benefit humanity. O q the other m nd. members
o f a oirole are likely tohave their faith in'Christianity shaken; and this
would he sufficient motive for the A rch Deceiver in humouring those
who hanker after “ appearances.” I d o not dispute that Sir Charles
Isham may have seen, neard, and felt supernatural creatures o f some
kind, but marvellous as this is I am still driven to ask
Cui B on o ?
S pirit M anifestations .
Lamport Hall, July 41
S ib ,— Y our correspondent, after reading the account o f a seance
with Miss Showers ih your impression o f this day week, asks, “ Is
this all ?” N o ; it is perhaps the lowest phase o f Spiritualism, but it
is just what is now most required by many o f the most intelligent
amongst us, as it is the only form o f it which is capable o f attracting
the attention o f their unspiritual, but I hope I may add, rightly-disposed, natures to the higher branches o f Spiritualism. So soon as our
minds are open to receive the higher phenomena, and the right means
are adopted, higher phenomena w ill most assuredly follow. The ques­
tion n Cui bonoV’ has been put and replied to times without number,
and it has been lately well said by a deep thinker (but doubter), “ I f
theee facts can be proved true they are the most important that have
occurred in historic times.”— Yours, obediently,
C, E. Isham .
T h is lady is quietly doing a w orlt in L on don o f great im portan ce.
H er peculiar form o f m edium ship is one w hich cannot b e je ^ r
plained aw ay b y the cry o f d eception or trickery. T h e m vesti^ itar
goes unannounced, and w ith ou t even givin g his nam e, revelations
sim ilar to those recorded b elow are th e result. M iss F o w Ut is jjbt
equally successful in all cases, o w in g to tem peram ental peculi­
arities she cannot see for some sitters ; generally she is. im pressed
to tell such visitors so soon as th ey present them selves, w h ich gfcves
her tim e and strength, as w e ll as th e tim e and patience o f her
visitors. A n unsuccessful sittin g is m uch m ore fatiguing to the
“ Emmanuel Church, Friday Evening, July 10, 1874.
m edium th an 'a favourable one, and, being entirely unconscious all
“ Dear Sir,— I have returned this evening from Chester, where I have th e tim e she is under spirit con trol, she is not responsible fo r any
been detained to a late hour. Y our letter, w hich I received last night, mistake w h ic h m ay be made. T h ese are due to disturbance? in
jiss fitted me with an agreeable surprise, as I must confess that I am the conditions w h ich science has y e t to explain. Failures are,
pleased with any communications on scientific and philosophical subjects
how ever, exceptions, and the h on est seeker is generally rew arded
from one who, like yourself, has devoted so large a part of a laborious
w ith value fo r his tim e and m on ey, w h ich he w ou ld n ot p a rt w ith
life to the study o f the greatest and deepest problems o f human nature.
for double th e cost. Indeed, success depends as m uch upon th e
In the allusions which you are kind enough to make to my address on
Sunday morning last, I may assurfe you that I never employed the sen­ sitter as th e m edium . T o accom m odate her m any fashionable
tences attributed to .'me, and that tbe question o f M odern Spiritualism was patrons M iss F ow ler has lately rem oved to 21, P rin ce’s Street,
scarcely present in my mind when I endeavoured to unfold a few simple H anover Square, quite near to R e g e n t Circus. W e append a letter
thoughts on demoniacal possession as it presents itself to the student o f ju s t received from M r. R . 0 . P o o le , 25, W est Square, S .E ., giving*
the New Testament. The nearest approach to a reference to modern facts w h ich cou ld b e m ultiplied b y th e hundred. Mr. P o o le saye :—
I was present at a sitting with Miss Fowler, at whioh some remarkable
times which I then made was an allusion to the demonology and witch­
were obtained. From amongst others I select the following, sOme
craft o f medieval ages, when I took occasion to say that at periods o f
great ignorance among haltoivilieed nations a certain -belief has taken o f which are especially good, as showing that thought reading ” does
posa&sion o f the minds o f the superstitious, leading them tohave recourse not cover all the facts o f o la ir v o y a n c e A gentleman, who had witnessed
to familiar spirits, &c. Having made no previous notes o f the sermon, a fatal accident some time since, had the particulars o f the sad event
I cannot cite at length what^would be o f little interest to myself, and most minutely described by the spirit o f him who had met his death
certainly o f less value to you / who have meditated much more deeply* upon that occasion. Little “ Annie,” Miss Fowler’s controlling, spirit,
than I have done on this momentous question o f existence.— Accept my also recalled to his Yemembrance numerous other events o f his life, and
best regards, and believe me, dear sir, to remain, very faithfully yours, finished by going, as a proof o f ubiquity, to hia home, and accurately
described tho fittings and furniture o f his bedroom, giving the subject o f
“ H enry C arpen ter *
the pictures on the walls, and amongst other thiogs she named one o r ,
two articles as being in th& room , which the gentleman denied being
little “ A n n ie” saying, in answer to his denial, “ Think again;
We have received the following letter from Sir Charles
I know that they are there, for I oan see them.” H e told me the,next
day, however, that “ A nnie” was right, and he was mistaken. H e found
July 19.
the things were there u^on looking.
: Dear Sir,-—T! don’t k^pw whether Mr. Serjeant Cox has a keener
A lady, who had obtained a ev em good tests, such as th© names o f
sight than other people, but with regard to the stains which were
brothers and sisters, together with the oause and manner o f their p a cin g
applied to the fingers o f “ Florence,” and which he states were found
away, asked, “ Could the Spirit tell her anything whioh she did not her­
upon Miss Showers, I hear from Mrs* Show«rs that M r. Crookes told
self know, but whioh she- oould afterwards verify?” The answer given ^
Misfl Showers he could not detect any stains o n th a t lady, neither could
was, “ Ask your husband does he remember having given to me a num- *
Mrs. Showers. As t o the statement o f M r. C os th a t“ conditions are
her o f jlittle ^ a t e stones some time before £ j m e ^ onwards r whioh was
imposed that appear as i f designed to prevent ® 'too 4©s® iseniiiny. A
a oiroumstanoe unknown to4h@ inquirer,; but found, upon isq u ity , to be
friend is appointed to conduct the seasiee.” N obody conducted'the
a faot. The spirit also: control® ^ Mip Fowler, to Qttm the f®om s a d
seances untiffche notorious one at the house o f M r. C os suggested the
fcak©the l i l y ’s hand, ^ i n g r “ T h t ip irit a y it h a t you have ©n one 6 f h e r ,
necessity o f A eondueftof. I t would be easv to reply to other state­
rings/’ and'Sna>Uy s e a t e d 'fr o m amopgst^.iiveraV others-.th® vesyJEjteg ;.
but this may b® su M oien t^ I am r yours,
' ■
■ '
•‘C ^ l t I s H m v ' -
which the oommunioating spirit had worn in life...• MMj oth^;;tie?fc®»
,®quany,^®rp.;aiid ole&sywee: at th#' same time given, 0 ox whiek-jf®f9
feste.utterlv HUknowa to Miis,Fowler. - ' .
.v :.
‘. :
Sir Ohafrles M
M m J w m rn \ m ^
medium( th e '.s M it
Mrs. Showers feeli ^eepl^lhd injurioiii reports, upoai her eharaot©*' sister,. wti.,eoaimis®i€®tiag,' knd liti®.
and that' of her daughter. Xftijij etoieid thr@® weeks with It&'Cfttiiofr,' ha0'.justjqin^;the s p i r i t , , a e r . b i s
i®; *
H id
w ho found them to;:
; ‘ _.:
aofe.&o old, yets kob)
^He poiffitg;tC5:hii.,thwt
The folio,wingcorrespondence has 6p^ar€^ ia the ^?n ?^^^
Mercury:— *
ing. ;.:OK;ritim bosa eat
I t o e w .t ia t
n^med WiUiam, who jdied when they were ohjldren, bu t a d id n ot know
W®' 1
▼wwfWWWJr y »V«WW
'Sify^'ir.^’i t i w //; ;"!!-■ ?
vaQ'aJtijfoa i t e i f f p .t o l § p | ^ # l
^ 9ra d toa u tioii
mm ,1 W .^m ■I f e W
fito M .tttt. w © » 'ferity*?; ’ mMm®k'mm ©ff th * ^ ^ i o n i t e
®sf§$eg k l r n a £ to ;fe ® £ ^ 0 wasvtFfliiB.i®!? ia ih® t o , ^&uA &ffl$r,
I w i o f ® brother,*oplad®®! 4siy r©M cm wb@sgt tfta' di«
seri& p® .it, all. 1 M C® n i so thought msm m o t #& matter, uafcitHar®®
d e p ^ s 1s k l t e ^ !t® i
tottek ssM 'fii ©f t o father,'whois ib® bad
^ & sm i:m '^m ^')ot, t h o u g h fassily ftlBmmrn, fdr some years. At
t a s t e d th* m m §® 'portrayed fey littl© *<:'Anhie,? and wit*
gsa§M| ®w®jv which' 0C9u*r®$ the game m e k t or n w J v »s
paarfbtst© the tom© « s /giw n through Mica Fowler's mtdiumsliip.
©ss@tlj iiia ila f m ofeariirtgF,Wasalso obtained in my pre■se&ga,.$$»§ gadgetoftfe©.tint 'being'rt'tbetiaie'apparentfyain good health;
feufe’W : ^ ^ ' § i i i i ^ |®@8®d'/&waj, and therewas not sis weeks between
'm M m -M w m m m ^ k w i : ; >
U j iSi*
\Wm mjmm amb i o a p w a w s t . .
:w ife m
: mm tm M ;lte ‘
SpWI^Ust®* Aas0eW#8,.wilS..b®.
▲ luratft3 .'.:
; V.r
We shall be very ple&fed to «e a#, maigr.bf.jth*'fHcnii
'«» .
csu raaks ifc qouvsniant.to 'aUand.
whQ,d«iire to,tiki with' mswill
qf tbeir intention tq do to. Wqsbou.14,
all parts. Mr. Burns bis bean invitie4,4o%^^^ifch.ui»|Hati r@ply has not
yetkea received. I hope our friends at IJ^rby, X<eaibbOPo’«QyorDdon,
&c., to * will not overlook tbis io*itatt$i(/«0 we
to h&v® m
joyable gathering. I amsorry to infurfnfrigals tbal our Ljeseuos,
has been dead for several weeks. It was resolved
ent.at. iita
^ s ^ ^ fp w e im d fe p ifr & d wouM like further verification to these teste,
I a m g|TO tlssm t$3© ?ismes sQd addresses o f several who, like myself,
wepswi4k©ii€st0 fcb®ab0?©,§om©of tbem men o f good position in the
Pity1 o f Eondon,-—has&headed nut®, and not likely to mistake when
t h e j J j w a <$ui®fc, unobtrusive lady telling them o f events in their lives
that had been long blotted out o f their memories, and showing a know­
le d g e o f their most private affairs, some even o f whioh they had hardly
thought o f themselves.
bold®dventur© o f our devoted brethren Messrs. Hinde Brothers,
o f I s l i n g t o n ,i n making extensive arrangements for Mrs. Tappan in
o f .which tbeir town is the centre, has very olearly demon*
stentedtjj® wisdom jo f th® ideas thrown out in a recent article in the
M spiW i, Jt was there stated that in some places much'preliminary work
bad to be undertaken before publio meetings could, bd made profitable
eitber to th© cause or its promoters. N o doubt tbe vjait o f such an able
adTpc&ffi @s Mrs.'Tappan must 4 o good, however discouraging the meet*
in®® m aj appear at the time. I n such places as Y o rk the Messrs. Hindp
'• m u ^ ha^e ^pmt a, little fortune, but a very different rep ork bas to be
aiada o f Mother places. Our record o f Mrs. Tappan's journeyings a
intended to be faithful pictures for the friends of the cause to guide
{jrem as to the places in which Mrs. T<jppan’s great power may be most
e ^ t u a U y utilil®#, befcoe we point out failures as well as tbe more en*
o o n i ^ l f epiaodea o f the touri W e think we may safely say that 'we
h a ^ a jo t through with tbe first order o f incidents, and, that in the future
n d tjj^ g will be p r i n t e d for our historical embalmment but that which
is o f tha most cheering description. The experiments o f our Darlington
fron d s have furnished admirable tbermoiuetrical readings as to the
degree o f spiritual heat existing in. the places visited, and we hope Messrs
H inde will, at the close o f the campaigD, furnish'a general report o f tbe
vicissitudes met with, w ith practical observations on the attendant
o a i ^ V 'g ^ o d and adverse fortune.
jteHM^fchave beesa espedted from the appearance o f so many astound­
in g leitera firbi& the p§n o f M r. Barkas, and the marked success wh ich has
B tese's visits o f late, Mrs. Tappan’s reception at Newcastle
wa»:tfa&©fOTOiFig triumph o f her Northern tour thus far. A correap cm d saiea p:— MA pr^tound impression has been made in favour o f
ou r glorious cause. The meetings were most enthusiastic anclappreciati«e»B «d tfee ©udi®noes at the close o f the poems clapped, shouted,
fij fped> and#wav®4 hats, &c.„ cheering..with ungovernable demonstrat i < ^ .o t admiration and applause. At the close o f the last evening Mr.
Baziks, announced that M rs. Tappan would shortly visit Newcastle again.
Thw called forth ar volley o f approbative manifestations/’
last'session'" to'close until the friends saw *fc desimbla to re*o ntinu© it
I hope this feeling will be tbe result o f the coming gatherings
The late members o f the Lyceum will be presented with a free ticket,
and tbe charge for friends will be la. esob, an etirly application for frbicb
will oblige the committee; T h e afternoon and'ii&mp part o f the evening
will be fo® amusement. Tea on the table at 4.30^ after whioh a meeting
for mutual interchange o f thoughts will be h®idi The frim da desire tot
exp m s their sincere thanks to our go® i friend M r. Jennison for hi»<
kindness in sending tbe donation fo r the Lymuns ju s t received, and hope?
he will be able to make one o f a party from ik e “ great" city.” Applica­
tions fpr tickets or further information may. be obtained from yours, h&
the oause,
J. A sh w orth , Oor. Se®; and Late CJonductor.
64, Morple Street, Nottingham) July
P^S.— I hope all the Spiritualists in the town will aoet>pt tbis invitation, also those who are investigating the subject.
[W e regret that this letter did not appear last week; W e hope tber»j
will be a full attendance. Mr. Burns will endeavour to be present.— E d. M .].
T belocal papers have devoted much space to reports of the meetings,
butitherecpraB time offered are of the most faulty description. The
anbjgande of the youths who “ represented the press ” on these occasions
is bb ^SsBBiva ae th© innate dignity and unmingled succeBs of the pro*
oeei3«f§. cotsy p©rraifc, without a violation of common decency. The
dil^BVtin^^'-tt^bblwin the Advertiser, “ R . W .,” with- a low ingenuity
traya in whioh a professed trance or inspirational
^ a p P ^ it e ^ h © @t “ b la ij^ itie ifv or an “ impostor." Tbese malevolent
«ufj|»<®iti«®s in the empty skull o f that writer fulfil the function of
tootg/ and liof^ourable feeling, with the better olass of
^huaal®ity» ^biua it is, we suppose, that a portion of society cannot
fora*ia liberal'or enlightened estimate of Spiritualism and its sup^ortare.
G E R A L D M A SSE Y ’S L IS T O F LE CTU RE S F O & 1 8 7 4 - 5 .
Mr. Massey has issued the follow ing list o f subjects for the ensuing
season. W e hope M r. Massey will be extensively engaged. Tho plan
which we recently recommended for the introduction o f lectures o n
Spiritualism into the arrangement o f Mechanics' Institutions, might be
adopted in respect to M r. Massey. Special efforts should be made tosecure a visit from M r. Massey in every place where leotures can be got
up. His lectures are o f the highest class, fearless and logical, and carry
conviotion with a class o f minds which are,repelled by the performance*
o f those where genius is not so sparkling. Tne recent triumphant tou r
in America w ill re-introduce Mr. Massey to the English publio with
renewed zest. The list o f subjects offered is as follows
1. Charles Lamb, the Most Unique o f English Humourists.
2. A Plea for R ea lity; or the Story o f the English Pre-Raphaelites.
3. W hy I am a Spiritualist.
4. A Spirit-W orld Revealed to the Natural W orld from the Earliest
Times by Means o f Objective Manifestations, the Only Basis o f Man’»
5. The Life, Character, and Genius o f Thomas H ood. *
. W hy Does* N ot G od K ill the D ev il? Man. Friday's Robinson
Crucial Question.
7* The Man Shakespeare, with Something New,
. The B irth, Life, Miracles, and Character/of Jesus Chriet; Reviewed
from a fresh Standpoint.
9. Robert Burns.
10. The Meaning o f the Serpent Symbol.
11 Old England’s Sea Kings.
12. The Coming Religion.
Address— W ard’s Hurst, -Hemel(Hempstead, Herts.
G O L D E N W E D D IN G S .
T o the Editor.— Dear Sir,— Y ou have copied an error from t h »
Kensington jNew, whioh, perhaps^ you may think it as well to oorreot.
I f it please G od we live to the 20th o f next Septeraber (1874), we shall
see our 50th w eddingtday*—our ^‘ golden wedSiisgJ’
Y ou are aware, no^' doubt, that W illiara and' Mary H o^ itt bad 'the*
happiness to pass theirs some two years ago. They were then in Borne,,
where they now are* M ore fortunate tfian they, we shall receive the
greetings o f , our friends at home. It is . singular that four earnest
Spiritualists shoukLbethus God-bkssed in being t^ a tb e r on earth, after
' A #: S t ^ t o f i , offi tbe 27th, a very intellectual though n ot numerous the expiration o f h alf a century, each of. the four haviog been literary
jnectmgi: sssesabled■'to^ listen tp Mrs. Tappan. O f the meetings at workers all that time. No better persons live than W illiam and Mary
D6s4m|t<Ka ®B^ @^isb<a
im shall report next week.
T ho future H ow itt; none who have done so muoh good h ere; none, I w ill say, w h o
•;. 'n i i ( M i | ^ ^ vH ii i\ ^ f^ a m 'm a y 'be learned ($om •he? Bist o f Appoint- are destine& to^ db so mud) .good to man herea&en , .
I hucably kope our lives also have been, passed as workers o f H is w illinMflttL: :'W&'b^pet:ih&';MencSa'of th movement will, in all the places she*
Now, then especially (on our 50th wedding day), and always, I humbly
WWow^' . l l r e. T a p ^ n ^ meetinga ■ ■ .
trust, we ah^tril jo in in thankfulness to the meroiful G od who has' kept u »
sa long together.--T ruly yours,
S. C. H a l l .
.^pi^arw^l lestureiin the Co-operative Haljl on the
Am m yiLla, 50, Hollanci. Street, Remington, ?f., ^Tuly 24th.
oa Monday,. -AuguatilO^ and
:'Sfer®st, ia thd:e?emngateigh^
ssfesw)^' tbirowa
fectt^'-o?- inffre^ly;
■■ ■ •
490^1:% fchfi-Spf^erS'
. 8 ® S ' 'i t t ::f e . „.
stbfe;;a te © lte s >:
" i M
[ W e gladly give a pleysetothe above letter, an d w ish ^ e eould fittingly
e x p ^ a t l^ fe e lie p which o?eriow ‘ t h e - o f ntteiance when w e
MftlwaplatiB;the thenar hintei,®fe. i® 'M ^ ,K ^ fo b ^ t s a fle o t io n i.- W eha^te bad th e honour o f vorefeicg ilaiKSP w i % j b ( ^ o f these literary:
veteraM ^a^ t b o y ^ on dstail^^er
'ge®#Hy'rf@il ta.agp©s even at
•5.. M a r & ll, it eeema: te jh t e a a -b f^ t h ff^ i.® ^ oonsists
4 h @ g it ^ o h m d ^ t 9 'a ^ s p i9 S o h ^ i^ 'lQ m u k e . . ^ ^ r ^ . w ^ ^ w e s e e k , .
we .
feeeow® ifgirilael) lit#® in one bright chain, whioh, parsing from tbe>
divine source o f goodnees, suspends in being all the children o f t h e .
' Infinite by its m ighty power. I t is when we overi© fe'fehi®-ji|i®r>rela-,
tw i?
m >ym ,
s g r M '.^ i g t o u a '& r i d /p p u l a P f l o c i & l ^ S t i b n ^ l k e l f v e ^ d r ^
1b r o t o ^ v i n t o e t h e m e e l m l i i o o f i ^ M B t i ^ 6 u H r i e n ^ o n
«p m tio n s will be therebv inofe(i9fd.
1fplicity of tbeir lives, let us ench try to be Worthy o f similar bl^Sain^i-—
Ed. M .]
m p p ^ ora .
% m
s m
« ? r T ^ r n ^ ^ vT B "5 ■JJ‘™ > «T
® a 4 ® m w .-r # p B & y » ^ p s ^ $ 8 r d .' i h e M h ^ i W (^ p @ ^ ! l 9 Weafc*
gat®;!@&@w>o»fe2,w, eventag£t 0,30.
''-■ I'.!
%My !I Qikm fm 'Mmpqmm>^#§- nnMa@Am^m.tMwpplp'iAliiOj
BgiGHTOff.— September otb.
o b te ^ ftM p N M i
I&i#®§Miis®i®§ ¥2m?.fkfM®
m^mmmw'k$)§MB-§mM Mi i i M )th®f «t*i> v’‘i1t
w w e altiCnio^i
K ‘ ij
q t ic b
M j?.| ferse,f ill 8 ^ for A m erica qn $ l u t i j ^ : Q f o b i t o
dates for September still vaoant. '
fo r «^ipifci@ij,>bat ®@t b ^ p eref
,, l { r . Mprse,may be addressed $e$;w®ek,OM& o f Mrs.
g ,0 fm -«|.i»ii#p|a/|ji^j*dl fbwW to .w . gW jT jw ..#*
'tills T d r w , ^bp,fte^biur^ Bpad, ^ a ® r a «s ^ w h , lioiido^i :";
/, ■
optiid® pf jflw.tjnfc t t o jm i-;
.^ f a a i c t Q i j .bewi l dew the, sincere In fcoejr
.' dfM W tO o S j . ’...,;:
v 'U to
;Wi®fcorr o f mi*nV developm ent,;culmioAtinigm. the
LBBD8.-7August ’4 $ , 8th,:& nC .te, i
if, l^Ve/* which, ;if ag&ooiftted
Spwsepy,Bai»iajPli --rAuguit2nd, . i a f c b < ? B f e f ; :
^ a ^ n i t b ; 1'i r i k c p © f o e w costetriieiibn o l ; a' siHeV o f wiea - di?©sHon@
B olton .— August 9th, Co-operative H all, afternoon ®^®?efn!|g,
to this; peip&bi&d obmseptioii o ft b s b s y o r s i^ p Bu&¥.—Monday evening, August 10th, Co-of^rafci?® JM L
I f e ' i f ^ t e e o a W h i t e t o 't a t a 1it toleration, a n d t o
M a n n i m t .— Auwat 16th. •»
. .. . ,. , . . .
ih w tea m in g^
tfoe ■■word M comprehension,” as isoUmng fe e
Oi^iiAM .f14i«g?i4 2Sr^, an<i i® a efollow in g
vM e o i ^ i ^ R o p i n i o n s , rind $au@es, within; ito e lf.a o a fo r
tiivEEPOOL.— August 26th to 30th.
, ............ '
vl y •IsMfc?©®,'! fraay ©ay, a ©omprehensibnist: is one wboee m otto is
Letters fo r Mrs. Tappan may be addressed to her, oare o f Messrs.
co-operative— nationalism--rwhose kw is,ev® py one may d o us he pleases
H inde Brothers, Bright Street, Eastbourne, DarliOgton.
/w ithin tbs resieeofcion o f general convenience; whose principle is tbe
“ 111 - ■1
«pvw »igaty o f t t o ipdividuaV lim ited.by responsible governm ent; whose
M r. T om E ves has done a great work in Roohdale by his wonderful
w ligion is the -worship o f ^he beyond, 6s the faith o f the knowable;
whose social l u r in g is mutuality, tempered by eelf-toterest; whose
,B «ibtol.— Make application to M r. George Tommy, 7, Unity* Street,
indueement is kindness ; w&ose political axiom ip inequality in equality,
an d whpse moral standard is ooneqientious negation. I f these heads are Oollege Q-reen. .
acceptable, we im y now inaugurate the reign o f comprehension as in»
M r( G. B. C lark sends a copy, o f printed testimonials indicating
Closing in MeOdly recognition all the other isms, anities, and doms that that he is a “ Licentiate o f tbe Royal College o f Physlbians^’ ^ c.
' - . . . .
hare existed, dip exist, o f may exist;
o f a eom ...
. and. fo r the education
BoLTON.-i-rMrs. Tappan lectures at Coroperdtive Hall, Bolton, on
hensionist it recognises a continu ity o f idea as a silver thread td String I Sunday, August 9th, a ftern oon at 2.80, evening at=0 o!elock doOra open
the wh ole succession of tea ch in g /from th e opened eye o f the baby to the | lia lf-a n 4 io u r p rev iou s; adniiflsibn— FeseFved seats Is., baokisefttsiSd. ./
closed lid o f death, the rudiments o f which I have endeavoured super
£cially to lay before you in the nine lectures you have paid me tbe com*
pliment o f atteatLm|, and, I trust, absorbing. Continuing the procedure
■of /finding the xnaxims o f moral measurement, as presumedly wise
^iraotions in harmony with the red, personation; blue, am iability; and
yellow , isolation, we tak6 “ freedom through equity” as the moral la w ;
fop bersbnality1we take “ live to learn,” as corresponding to blue,
'«tniabiHty, forvve'learn by teaching as well as bearing; and “ watch to
WiK^’ %s' th e inducement for advance, in isolation, yellow. F or the
«ecoodafy ©oloufi, we h^,ve “ sle&p after sowing,” as an encouragement
t o exertion, omnge ; (<get by giving,” the motto for the establishment
o f mutual trading, as consoientiousness, pu rp le; and “ hotoe centres
*11,” as the cheerfulness o f green, tbat associates all external actions with
the creation o f approval at your own fireside.
Completing the spectrum, the remaining colour, indigo, is, “ disarm by
reason," that is, appeal to the indwelling sense o f justice (if awake) for
th e cessation o f opposition to rig h t; if tbe sense is not awake, it must be
awakened by punishment. In ray jjext lecture I propose to explain the
sixteen colours, and, as each, is represented by a motto, I may here state
that the remaining nme are-olive-green , “ smging sweetens patience ; ’
russet, “ iiurry binders haste; black, “ p roofm ak es faitbi;^em eraldgreeta, “ w ork to p rove;’ pink, “ each for a ll; cream, “ all for eadh;”
in flA n
n n m n n l
4 -r\
^ U a
in /1
i« a 1 1 i n /«
a n n a A
liia it /iA
S. H a r d a k e u , Back Lane, H o f sfor th, Leeds, makes & ^11 (qt fu n ie ^o
open a new meeting-room for Spiritualists. W hen we know more o f
the circumstances we shall be abl^ to make a more, direct appeal.
A v ig oro u s discussion on the phenomena o f Spiritualism is going on
in the Newcastle Daily Chronicle. M r. Barkas's @ble reports bfave
chiefly occasioned it.
T h e Framlingham correspondent o f the Ipswich Journal,gives « good
account in that paper o f a seance by M r. Williams whioh Jbe-attended
when on a recent1visit to London.
L iv e r p o o l P s y c h o lo g ic a l S o cie tv . — “ Spirituality o f Sotil Mnithematically Demonstrated,” is the subject on which D f. W illiam Hitfthman will deliver a philosophical address (by special request) a t'th e
Islington Assembly Rooms, on Sunday evening nest;
A corresp on d en t would be glad to hear from any friends ih fehe
neighbourhood o f Cannock desirous o f investigating the iSpirjtifal
phenomena, or to join a oircle already formed there.— Address to M r.
B urns, Spiritual Institution, 15, Southampton R ow , London,
L u th e r C o lb y , editor of the Banner of Light, in . a letter iubt
reoeived, says much in a very few words. Spaaking o f M r. Gorald
MQS8ey’s great successes in Boston, he characterises the poet, in these
| wor<j 8 - r - “ He is a splendid man.”
Shiilds.-A class of fifteen perions. haBvboen iatettkM&ig
d h o u g h t. Spiritualgmfor two mo^hs, and se^ral medium^ar^undf^
^Wendship ;” ultramarine “ promise with-
S ou th
& . I m ent.
Being new to the ^subject, tbe class would be glad .of,. «pme
o n , but they require the fire o f criticism to aniieal them as sound
counsel from more experienced investigators, if guch there b» iu th e
distriat.,v .
At the conclusion o f the leoture M r. W ilson, as an appropriate poem
t o moral teaching, recited Pope’s “ Universal Prayer,” and stated that his
D . (Liverpool).— Y ou m ayread(allw orks in tb e Progressive, I i b » r y
lecture next Sunday would be “ The Chemistry o f W ords, in analysing I.on applying.to Mr. Chapman, the Jocal representative, at the',Islington
Assembly Rooms. H e has a l^rge parcel ot' the works, in h^nd?,a^d [un­
them by Colour, Form, and Number.”
less all are in use, no doubt he will gladly alWw you tp participate in
reading them. A t the same time become a member o f the sooiety with
Mias. W o o d fo k d e ’ b M edium ship.— T o the Editor.— Sir,-^Referring which Mr. Chapman is connected.
t o a notice o f Mrs. W oodforde’s mediumship in your last impression. I
A Sunday school teacher writes to say that he has been expelled from
wdiild ask permisaioa1to give a few words o f testimony to th«> good effect
the Sunday school beoause o f his adhesion to Spiritualism. , The super■of her treatment (o r mth®r o f the spirits through iier) bn the health, as
«Tidenwd the re«.lt in my own ckne. Among Bom«other oomplaiots, ^ ' " " m a ,d e
most objeytjbnable lang^ge . t o re»peot to it
I tai b«n iuM og
from Mhronio iLrtion of the stomaeh’
stom ach, I S
Spiritualism are in harmony with our common dhristiaiitt| r -Ottier-
^br'iwhioi*:I •
:ibany' a n d various remedies in vain. After a
«ourse,of ^rea,tment, both by magnetising and prescription, at the hands
■of the epirits, I think I>ipay say that this troublesome pomplaint has
•completely dissppeaKed, (while the others, which are unfortunately due
t o causes that cannot at present be removed, being, in fact, quite outside
medical treatment, have been much alleviated.
Mrs. Woodforde^s
magnetism would, I am certain, be very efficacious to all sufferers
from the various classes o f nervous affections, in these days so
numerciis, and especially to persons o f reffined sensibilities, between
whom and the medium would &'■ established without d ifficu lt
services invaluable..
Through7 her I have hAd frequent, afid il^ng;
conversations (spoken on my part, written tl^rougii. her on theirs) with
my parents on matters of the most -private';'and I may add test-giving
natiire, and redeived inforioaiion aiid adkise quite unoMainbble from'
cartb-Bo^rces, whilstj in .©(ddition, .her, ,-gpidjM have inmrjabjy shown
themselves, eoti^leoua '4 M # l e iboum lM if/t f e ^ i v i u g t o these
'ew lines, I feel sure, M r. Editor, that you. will be adding to tbat good
which your paper is' always doing,
wise people! would fail to see it.
. !
“ M essrs. B a stian and' T a y lo r ,” says a Newcastle co^i^^biil3^nfc,v‘ riare
here. We have gbfc up several seances for them. They v^ill be en ^ g ed
up tillaboiit Wednesday. As I have not been fcb^ithy o f th eir m atings
I cannot personally s p ^ k o f the reiraltsi" I ba#e heard JVom several
that fch© phenomena sre very good. and several person! «havts bad good
tests through Mr. Taylor.” Another correspondent says, “ L ik e other
imediums, they appear to be devoid o f fouatness (tact; at^l ileavfe avw ytbingljb be done by their friends. ^ Jf.tfeey adveBtised tb^yi could isave
___ ______ fl__ _
TIT* ^ „ L 1 * U
very.pleasitog result®., The pb^om ena,, have beei^,
.# i y
Occasionally he has given se&ncas in j(th$ ligh| witbput
screea o s a ^ ia n c e o f
kind, and ‘g o w « ir ^ l,^ n p ^ e ^ jh ftV fi)iw t t
m^nirefited. On a reosiit pcc^ ioii no mahifestatwDS^r^yldnd^
A t the close Of thb ^ i r t ^ M r . Herne;^ d , ” wnllerneh,' I|
the sitting has been barren of results, ’but^'bver th m %iftES ; X
control. I , however, offer to return your |ees paid for &dmission, or I
will give yOu a freb >iiitiM yti®h to^.feffldber fe n c e .” The iitteri wipre
• tro w :-
.repbgnjsed and
rsdttofe of' lweire^iwe^^rfg',t o i ^ l d ' ‘be. d^red.
lieMilth and hatMbnf.
W h <e^Bek>;
as w ell as comfoners, guides, ahdcounaello^in jfenerid.—Ep'. Mi]*5 ; '.'|}o f u r t i i i i h ; | l w _ ‘ !T
m ’tar.
k r m ^ b le
, j
' • ' 1, 1;
ifc -jfc .." ..
■j s p - i-■■v * . - to
f •o:-ms ■m'^ a v Mr'' '
'te m m 'M ii£
qf t a Mraroigj 1^ m$km§fa® Mmf MUmdur^
WM ■_
Curtto sai^y®* |% feaSdM
low, London, B.C.'
©fcsmd* London, W.C.; John
H o jw o o^ M’w m m m }} S m m MH&mghj, $% Union Bfcreet, © tegow .
aTMtaUtabfag &®sffl©§ ®n&depots for th@
nl» of o m
te&i? @®&ftated worl®*tad wiU
b©gM f@ '‘w mm ‘mmmw!mM®M imm mash'm 'tgel'dlqposM to m$m
i- ...j..
,,.,. .;.J , . .....
. . . . — -------- --
, .,
m w m w m ,
t . ^ n t e )o
§m®» l| & a o h
\ FR ID A Y . JU L Y 81, 1874.
Our supply of double-sheet paper for the Medium being ex­
hausted, anil as the new cargo has not been delivered, we are
forced to fallback on a smaller-sized sheet in stock, on which we
print th® present number of the Medium. We are, therefore,
compeM to n>b our saaders of four pages of matter, and withhold
a numtet ©f sommimicatloa@s for which delinquencies we crave the
kind fiidujgttioe of aU concerned. We are not, however, prone to
empty apologies; we do not believe in the morality of the thing.
Inaceortac© with this teaching we promise amendment of a sub­
stantial kind, which We hope will be satisfactory to our patrons, and
make them desire that we again place ourselves under similar
obligation. What we mean to do is, to issue a special number of
the M edium , one for investigators and for Spiritualists also.
Specially for investigators we propose to give the whole of the
report on Spiritualism of the London Dialectical Society; we
mean the. Report propex—the workings and findings of the several
sub-Committees, with the general report of the Committee as ap­
pointed % the Council. We shall not, of course, give the evidence
of the Spiritualists who were examined, nor the correspondence,
though it is probable a brief synopsis of these will appear. This
will^then^ lb©a sufficie&t extension of documentary evidence for
the investigator; and now something special for thb Spiritualist.
. We have no doubt each of our readers would be glad to be put in
possession of a spirit-photograph—a real spirit-photograph, printed
in the^usual w ay £rom‘the negative; a genuine spirit-photograph,
not a sham; arecognised spirit-photograph, with the printed attes­
tation of the sitter, and the circumstances under which it was
obtained along with it. This is the kind of article we mean to
igive, as pa^ of the special number of the M ed iu m of which we
speak, I t w ill, in addition to the news of the week, contain the
whole of the Dialectics^ Report unabridged, and a genuine spiritphotograph, suph as is usually sold mounted on card for Is.
This number of ^tlse M ed iu m we shall ^et ready as jsoon as
possible; but we ihvitei our reader&and the friends of Spiritualism
generally to do .their share. It iwH be a publication worthy of the
most fikfensiv© circulaticHi. In price it will be l$d., the;usual
price—no morel The public mind is now in a state to make dispaaionate
of any such evidence in favour of the phenomena.
It is .the duty of Spiritualists to supply th^t evidence, and we in
our place hereby make a proposal, entirely new, and the like of
whicn has never been before suggested. It cannot be said that we
Offer a shabby iecompe@se for our shortcomings this week. That
the offer ia a generous one all will admit, and we hope every
Spiritualist who f®ad@ our gajser will be liberal in their acceptance
o f this amassment. The Dialectical Report and a spirit^photo*graph for If a, is a
which few wiU be able to refuse. We
will furnish 18 copies for 1@, 6d., 60 copies for 4s. 6d., or 105 copies
for 00. By coffltoaaf together subscribers may have their parcels
dotfn in one Iwg© package* Mid.w© carriage; and if all do for this
work what is potsible, that number of the M edium may even
exceed, th© **Jobs King1w Number ■in circulation, and do as much
ill on® week as the jog-trot time-server method
l;Q® |sl@td® ste^tommeii©© work at one© to make up a list of
we‘‘ hope to be able to annotince when
:tbi&umber afey;
M§ m f b® m gm d, m mmM mmW: ^
m p iis t s .
h®M ^-.rn m
‘ ®$®m fm a i l w of Hi©
p m it. Mr. M®m©*§m m m m ih®
'Mm. Eay gives ter pnMI©m m m iilt e
nm Jk$& m § Otaaf m m t t e a c ^
msnt). Th$m public ©xMMtloas'W 4oiag ©^ M 'm k k mmmi
be'^timated. HundMs go and w lta « th# pkmpm@i^ which m
of such m inexplicable nature
®!l th© Mowing 0m§ are Mfiy
•t their wits’ ends tp account for
fl@ ety of :tb®,s©w^prs
that it is eonjurinf only teidi to' w m km aE
that the wonderful r@@ults are not t e , to th® m M m of m jfm m
in th® flesh. The way in wMch Mr. Mymttodwrn ih® ®xmbitipi&
tends to arouse ,the greatest degm of ttoigght,' md &t tht mm®
time disarm antagonism. Th® most eminent Spiritualists now
send their inquiring friends to Hanover Square Booms to gratify
curiosity respecting spiritual manifestations.
Miss Lottie Fowler can only be seen by one person at a time.
She does not make appointments; visitors must take their chance
of finding her disengaged. Mrs. Woodford© may be found fit hex
address. Mr. Ashman, Mr. Cogmah, and others, may be met with .
at their respective abodes.
Inquirers may be furnished with every information at the
Spiritual Institution, 15, Southampton-Row, Holborn. A fine
collection of spirit-photographs may be seen, and other objects of
interest to the inquirer.
The large stock of paper which has been provided for. the
“ Letters op Spiritualism” by Judge Edmonds is nearly all
devoured b^ the insatiable u new macoine,” which during the year
past has done sucE good work for Spiritualism. As a mechanical
medium there is none better ih the movement. By the way, we
have been asked if the Spiritualists presented us with a new
machine, value £500. The answer is—No. It was procured in the
ordinary way of business. So the movement has had the advantage
of it in an enlarged M edium and the inspirations of Mrs. Tappan
without being put to the cost. We hope these advantages are yet
in their infancy. Our pleasure is much more to do an independent
work in the rich fruits of which millions may participate than to
be made the recipients of many favours. At the same time we
gratefully avail ourselves of the kindly aid and co-operation of those
who are as anxious as we are ourselves to spread abroad the glad
tidings of God’s truth. To return to our first topic, the subscription
list for the “ Memorial Edition ” will not close until the book is
ready for delivery. Orders come in daily. 'An eminent London
firm, in issuing a new edition of a Buny^n,” state that the noblest
monument to the inspired puritan is the placing of a copy of his
immortal'works in every home. In'a row days there will be
erected in hundreds of English family circles a monument to the
memory of Judge Edmonds, such as he said met his special favour,
and which has also been heartily sustained by his many friends in
this country.
A very full attendance witnessed the demonstrations on Tuesday
evening. A great number of heads were subjected to an examina­
tion more or less exhaustive. Two gentlemen, entire strangers,
were most accurately described, and the interest was prolonged by
philosophical disquisition amongst tiie audience till eleven o clock.
The social enjoyment of these meetings increases every succeeding
week. Even if no lecture were given, the company would not
be at a loss for mutual entertainment. An association of inquiring
minds is being formed, which may become quite a power. We
respectfully urge visitors to be in their seats by eight o’clock. The
proceedingsare so interesting that a late beginning necessarily ex­
tends the meeting to a late ending, and the admission of parties
after the lecturer has begun inflicts a cruelty on the speaker, whose
mind is sufficiently tried by the difficulties of a subject so profound.
The phrenological seance takes place on Tuesday evening at eight
o'clock, at 15, l^uthampton Rpw. Admission, one shilling each
person. •
S P I R I T U A L I S M,
At Maryldxme Mvsic HdU} High
At 7 o’dock, doom open at 0.80.
;; ;A t;tls ® i^
Is well Supplied withjhe
^a^;giaai©iialJ\JMuroci of
;the" busies‘ amo$ifice="
jc ^ d a r s$afc04$a ,pagfs#i,;#2.'
th)??®; pubbc s&mm 4uriag fcfe©;w@ek at 61,
Eei@fv®d ®@ats, l a % o t t o BMts9 Er@e.
By ticket only, wbioh must be obtained not laterihan Saturday evening
;of—Mr., ^. .Busaa, 15, Bosithamptcm Bo#, W.U ; Mr. F. Cowpbr,
8S8„ Sdgwaf© lead; Mp. J. Mayhabb, 103s Li(i30B ©P0V©; Mr. Whit-,
w r, 2f WeUington Terrs©©, Bavswat^r; Ms*. I. Hockeb, 33, Henry
Streep St. John’s Woodf Mr* T. Wei™hogam, 27, Warrea Street,
at eight o dm&k. ^ John King ” materialises on Thursday and Fitrroy Square; and of the Secretary, 0. Whits, 46, Dorset Street^W.
, • , , :
a l i B
; s
i ^
i :o i . - -
';■ ’1
■ ' :f
«ntin,ao t i l l
~ ~ l
— .J
iH T
9bra, towlM>mlii tn -oieiit tlme^Tbe lyre o f He«brew bards were struug,
Whoraki&gs a -d ored In
songs sublime. And prophets prais’d with glowing tongue.
2 N ot now on Z ion ’s height alone
* T h y favoured worshipper may dw pll;
N or where, at sultry noon, thy Son
Sat weary by the patriarch^* w e ll..
4 To thee shall, age with snowy hair,
A nd strength and beauty bend the knee,
A nd ohildhood lisp, with reverend air,
Its praises and its prayers to thee.
There is
T H E B IB L E .
Hymn 36, “ S p ir itu a l L ybe.”
L. M.
a land mine eye hath seen, In
v i-s io n so f
en-raptur’d thought,
Bo bright that all which spreads between Is with its ra-diant glo-ry fraught.
2 A land upon whose blissful shore
There rests no sbadpw, falls no stain;
There those w ho meet ehall part no more,
A nd those long parted meet again.
3 Thei;e sweeps no desolating wind
Across that calm, serene abode :
The wanderer there a home may find
W ithin the paradise o f God.
by D r . SEXTON, on
V The Claim o f Modern Spiritualism upon the Public Mind.”
H Y M N 51, “ Spibitual Lyre.
Ztyae—Old Hundredth.
1 H ow pure in heart and sound in head,
. W ith what divine affections bold,
Should be the man whose thought w ould hold
A n hour’s communion with the dead.
2 In vain shalt thou, or any, call
T ^
Eioef)t like them, thou too oanst eay
M y spirit is a t peace with all.
3 They haunt the silence o f the breast,
Imagination calm and fair,
The memory like a cloudlets air,
The conscience as a sea at rest:
But when the heart is fu ll-of din,
A n d doubt beside the portal waits,
They can but listen at the gates,
And h e a fth e household jar withjn.
A voluntary contribution at the close.
The Committee invite the co-operation o f all fripnds o f Spiritualism
in the metropolis to assist them in rendering these meetings o f that g m t
serviOB to th© cause o f whioh they arei cap&ble. Any quantity o f tickets
and handbills may be obtained o f those who issue tiokets, or o f the
S e cb e ta b t, as above. '
Im p orta n t letters from M r. Barkas, Newcastle, and other matter stand
over for our next number.
M o rse is in Glasgow this we^k>
week. ■'
«t r>it %i*rt . h > : W , • .•• «•.
H e will be m L on don tiext
ow •nadan might jteSg® ©f
J o fe ^
tla© g®Mdai@Bs ■
’ W® cb jMTM tha$ tfe©
mdb® §fs§tfM ., TJuivaaaon. why he job®i i ciai^^iftfityjr ia
bo m®fc®&part of Spiritualism than would h® th®
B^ MmisEg why I® joined th® ehurcli of Bom®/,
ofgsa of that society. W® ©stmcted fully, not in ®
the passgmph which vfitoted Spiritualism, and ahoitM thaHtftfa
4h® corrupt ae®d ftom whine® iprSag® th® pkatthat hat in ®Ha|i§
choked th®spiritsM in human institutions. Aitov that th®seeoffidasy
considerations could have no mow interest. We consider that w®
acted fairly &s Editor. .No individual wa§ uttadssd in pswiote
cosrospoadenee, and no individual had any r t w to §@®L , Th®
queationg. mm& ■w®r® general on@% -except those ■particular
points respecting the association named by Mir. Jones, and which
no one has attempted to reply to. We also printed extracts from
other writers, replying to Mr. Jones on general principles.
Mr. E. T. Bennett is certainly worthy of &u seat on the council.”
His letter, asking for “ evidence” justifying some remarks mad® by
us last week, indicates a remarkable degree of diplomatic tacc, a
most useful quality in all affairs of a “ national” kind. To ask for
3 From every place below the skies,
The grateful song, the fervent prayer—
The incense o f the neart-^may rise
T o heaven and find acceptance there.
®f Sjiriftuaifatai Mm mlmd m tntenwt n
trm« ;Jt?«
mmwm- w M r t .f f l t t s f ' M§:W m
' ■' . ■•
Mmw 48, “ S p ia im i* W
’HjM'mI ' u--.' ' M M . - "T S ftflta t/.li- ••fa’i’f
; ■■.
; ’,:Bfc: Fm ®cwwiU;'psi®ii§, ■
- •.•;
* 1 ____ J f J
J p . l l ____ J
_______ l L
J L _ ^ _ ______ A . . .
A _______
« i 9 _____
tution P For information on these points we refer Mr. Beinett to
Mr. Algernon Joy, honorary secretary, who is the proper source
whence to elicit such important official information. A letter
came from that officer with the same post that delivered th® on®
from Mr. Bennett. Mr. Jov says, speaking of his colleagues,
“ Some have vaguely suggested a newspaper, without any reference
to you.” We hope we have given Mr. Bennett “ evidence ” of a
land that will be wholly satisfactory tp him. We take leave to
state, however, that in our opinion Mr. Bennett’s evasive inquiry
betrays a lack of candour or indifferent knowledge of the history of
the times. If he will turn to the columns of the newspaper which
is used as the organ of the party with which he is connected, he
will lindthat for aseriesof years that print hascarried on a systematic
course of attack on the Spiritual Institution and those connected
with it—so annoying to the friends of Spiritualism^ that many
have found it impossible to tolerate it in their possession. As we
pointed out on a former occasion, ever since the Mbdium took tiie
lead as a weekly paper, no other weekly organ being at the time in
existence, the antagonism of the organ of the party has been of
the most marked kind, and the steps which led to the association’s
being formed were initiated by the staff of that paper. But to
come nearer to the point: if Mr. Bennett desire further evidence
of the efforts of hi3 coadjutors to damage the Spiritual Institution,
we can refer him to the copious correspondence of his honorary
secretary in the paper in question. With one dip of ink that indi­
vidual will abuse the Editor of the M edium , and as far as lies
in his power impair the usefulness of the Spiritual Institu­
tion by the wildest surmises and the most unfounded charges,
and with the next dip of ink he will promote the official ends
which he has in view. No doubt it may be explained that he is not
writing, as honorary secretary, with the one dip of ink, but may be
doing so with the other; or that, in general terms, the person in
--------------------- . — ----- ------- - ---------------- ftcity from
admit the
cover, under whic personal responsibility may be averted.
It is not the honest, open, fairly-put projects which are plainly
stated, and can be quoted as evidence, that can possibly miHtato
against us; for with such we could not help but be in agreement.
But when a clique betake themselves to years of scurrilous abuse
in channels which do not permit of reply, write anonymous and
defamatory letters, engage in a course of private gossip behind
one’s back calculated to impair^business and individual reputation,
then there is a snake in the grass, against which no regular warfare
can be carried on. . It must just be trod on when it comes in the
way, but in general if avoided its venom may titilate its own
nerves more than twinge those of its adversary.
We have not a general charge to bring against a whole party.
In all such combinations there are the simple people who turn tne
tdstone, and the knowing ones who hold on their favourite
The following letter from a member of the party has been addressed to us. It confines itself to generalities, and *hence we give
it a place:—
, I .
« ( /M
• J
» To be entirely j list in our estimate o f other ages is not difflcult-r-lt ia inipos*
eible. Even what is passing in onr presenoe we sea but through a glass darkly.
The mind as well as the eye adds something o f its own, before an image, even Of
the clearest objeot, can be painted npon it.”?— F r o n d e .
T o the Editor.— Sir,— I trust you will allow me^a ihort spaoi in rnply
M r. Howitt’s long letter against organisation. My apology for difroring with a man I so much esteem, and^who, is so far ab»v®m® in intelli­
gence, is that all my life I have k e n a n a d vo^ te o f .o i ^ i m t i o n , aad l
am a member o f the organisation he sd strongly condemns.
M r. Howitt begins by eoing far ‘ baok in history fo r argument, and he
makes it appear that © o d ’s method o f teaeh bg sSiaaktEl b j eip®ri§no»
has been a mislak®— th^k it would have bf;en better that s m ehouid not
have had a knowledge o f both good and eyil—that it w oul4 (W ® been
better if vice had not had an existence, and virtue, as a consequenoe,
v v A ' '• ’
v ;'■
JM dkm
T e tte
# i g ®f
*»* a ".
m$$rn-rnmk&&’ A llm m uM ktA ipwM'&Pi&tota;'!Ham ite
* ........ * .
f r fM lr ililr t , n
w f
p m
,’8 tM if@ i ®a A t ®th®r
f ^ f 'llmM§ ', &m@i th o
i i a t a to k o ld tb® ro@ o r etfok, and m e .t o writ® d o w n 'to t o o p m y n iosttkus. 1 l » w
o f few * «n d
t o .
w U g iou scom M ^ totfeloiii hm®
to those given b^nM rguidss o f o u r j
t e d ja iM a p i o f
mm ’ wdy
H w -•■f
,» »
J '
* * *» I
-w » ^ ^aaj *
. t a l t a i i M*^Fv" W-fljgtfa
1" !
■1■."■W 11
- r - ■
? d s s & eayfe©F© ara good m e n a n d
s f e ? hmimv^m lm tb ifirW ^ en M Roman (Jbtbolie or any g a l l o n betwsta tfeat faith and that o f our
qu?n®rtfri«wlftthe P rim itive iHGMoiftbfea,^... & . , . ; . . . , : : ? - :a t'~ *> V
f But •^•;lMfc«^!t6'-dtt»:t*A *:l. '8 # ^ ^ ® ° #p®ft©at®om pH »ieatib!fr
W ^ U ifm
. .. ij$ W
jheMtoriigbt I /jam lost ones in tbe otheriife, a® tbW lssTe'mil^dl^gKielffi^soia®
rO%f^P(®l^tofe'0^Wfeaf® Wf^§@.G to th@®w hoping, @om@hopeless, tome' r«|aloiss^ gfctst'm
^but^me.of fche'error
progwiikm,...therefor.seeking',nooe. >1 &$¥©,j^^qtti^Jgnk' out
Ipowwtei.- lw w i:mk^ - « f t m £ f e
f^ M e in m in i |.& y d ^ i t e ot % b t t l--!iaM':i^'n'ftbp^'giTen"^"'^Si® im a t * f t l $ H ^ f . f o
rapidly in; wm® instances m to require a quick writer to take down in
'• • . •-would I go muoh for the suooesm; but .there $r® feilures and untruthful
Q h ( M i u :CVittrA. ^ n a t I m n ot d fep sed communications at times. However, there is som® advantage I think in
to ditpute.: ,B®fe '4h fe;liatoia: '^rpolifwefil,'morale a?i<| social reform Ea§ suoh things, mid also bad controls, m ifymfimokm? tfeafc @«s@h things* d o
'Ssmiwvought oat by organisation; l ^ n siay ^ombind for . good oi1 for not emanate from the minds o f the persons bolding the r e d ; t^ey would
c ^ l i ® s©©7gii^©M ggara^©c®baQ#ion. Thsi30oiaI I not make up a lot o f stuff d k M $ f u l toithenselvea. Opponents may
pf?®poi^lSa m y .youth would n e w have been h orsed out but say it is what they oall “ unoonwioui .^ lw a U o n ij” but these M u r e s
t! . « * . « . ----^—
refute that theory. Agaio, holders o f JW »od , who ^ e most anxious to
.-- i.it . ---------------------'" “ ® ------r
hare communications from some of their departed relatiyeSt have failed
to get them.
Evidently not ‘ ‘ w ill p o w e r i n ^hbse oases! ^ Y et
when used ,for ® good purpoBe.
I strangely, when some o f our inyestigatorB get communications such as they
vS i d $ y ^ # i t Ji^gaiiin^ibn. I flnd n»en form organisations almost seek, they at once form an opinion that t h f answer® m uit have come from
;^oktiffieouBly,if X ‘ undefrstaad^^wHat I Mad.- ; Spiritualists have aW ady their wishes, and thus doubt their own honeity. I therefore think the
fridiy orgsaisatioas in L on don ,^n d to show the redeeming influences o f failures jand.bad controls have their use iii .proving that the answers
^muaunsm'ih®^^ difereht^sections^in Xiondori lo fe one another with a obtained through the rod are generally^ if not ^w ays, from an intelli*
^v l t ;taus4’:.b® 'P^itt» man iodi?idually is only powerful gence outside o f ourselves. However, we Sieli®?®r® ia this “ invisible
tbWftgh1h ii influsisee '®pon others. I f a'man has pi truth to teach, he p ow er” would like to know why we d o 'fa il to .gflt> invariably the good
mint 'llk^e ^ t h M 1to' b@lprhim . But fo r unions and tihe co-operations o f things we seek pertaining to a perfect knowledge o f our Great Father
:iuim&-dywmfot gewt^piMrpo^s,.the working men w ould have been and his glorious kingdom. I and many other friehdff therefore wish to
^ v i » ^ l ^ d r f t u t ® 6 f all politseal eaiatenis^
learn what you, or any o f your numerous;read®KB,’oan say on this phase
/iW ^ o r g ^ a t iO a
^ © p ly mukipUed meatel force, whioh may be o f Spiritualism. W e know much that is astonishing and inexplicable
op ^ b a d purpos®. ^ ow ^ bat is
Organisation condemned except by Spiritualism ; non-Spiritualists call the phenomena nonsense,
”. ; b r . t i i e - ^ B p w pad,? I answer, if Sniritualism foe good, to organise fonoy, w ill-p w e r, humbug, o r anything else but what it seems to us to
fpr ita ^ ^ m in a ticm o a ^ t be M . I f the means oi* rules o f the society | be; However, many believers in all the other phases ofjfcpmtualism
vVe not riglit, I answer, the organisation is held together by the elective have, I find, never heard o f this one, and are therefore almost as
Principle. The ?awa are n ot unalterable— they are open to criticism, wonderstruok as a stranger when told o f it. T o t h w &iends I .say
vnd after fail discussion votes are by ballot.
The name o f tne or^ani- try it, and youw ^ll find the thing more easy and, homelj-feffia a tafelehas befti objected to, but we have many papers so designated. rapping- circle, and quite as reliable. I cannot find it mentioned in the
There is the BrttfeK Journal, th e National 2?$>rm#v and many such “ Biale^icaliSoeiety's Report,” nor ia FritB’® bookj “ Where are the
jtim es hav® ’fafeeh adopted.
The society takes a name significant o f its Dead ?” d u r mode p f proceeding is ^ feying.^ J»f!gedij^mbet<Hi &table,
,^ ea t breadth Of purpose. Surely there is no impertinende in that ?
the ten huaaerals, or more, and th^ m ofia ^‘ -ye®” «,*id “ n o ” written
'I'oonclude l^ ^ y in g , in all psspeot for M;r. H owitt’s opinion, that it under; other small useful words also could be added to ® W spelling, as
w ould ju st be
for him to attribute the moral eruptions he the intelligence controlling the rod w ill use them. T h e point o f a nice
allM M to t(in ^ manner m he only «an) to Christianity itself, as to the close-grained walking-stick, without a ftet&l ferrule, then being held over
olirtQ ^ n i^ ition .
M r. M ow itt know s w ^ l that tia® e v ils p ro- the paper, the holders standing or sitting one on each lid e o f the rod
^ e d ^ if r o n i ^gnoraac® and lo v e of. powop,' and thajt the pu re religion o f with the hands placed alternately, the rod being poised upon the fleshy
i^ r is t ^ a d la m uch to d o w ith them as th e prin cip le o f organisation had. parts o f the ends o f the fou r fingers and^^ steadied by^1he ends o f the
® iio*jir^ ; 9 ^ '^ in g ;0 t ^ is t d id was to form an organisation.
thumbs. It appears necessary that the eyes o f one oi tfee holders— the
I carint^b take more space, or the question might be gone into in detail. most mediumistic o f the t^ o— should be fixed pretty constantly on the.
J^rr p o # it t admita th egobd o f organisation under cer tain conditions. H e end o f the rod, th e, mind being kept as passive as possible. I mention
# m is jftaseIdts his impulse and find power o f expression smother his these things so that our spiritualistic friends w ho have not heard o f this
^ jt c e p ib n .
J oh n B b A ttib.
kind o f seance can at once investigate for themselves, and report their
experiences to you.— Yours tru ljj
June 14th, 1874.
j l | ^ g h i t o pertirtent to asl? fo r a d efin ition ...of11organisation”
[This means o f oommunioation is much in vogue in Glasgow. W hen
ijffc ie .a recoram endation o f it be attem pted.
That seems to be
Bow m an jyrasented
priejented us with a
we visited that city two years ago, Mr. iBoWman
m eth od o f [proc^du^r
©raiorej gp liiu a l wai y ng .8tick to be used as &rod as desoribed above. It has a piece o f
-OlgMWOtlOtl m Aj he som ew hat’ different fram political ot ecclea- pm cil fn3erteJ int0 ,h e .nd ®t it, «nd cm UrnB be u «d either for pointing
^ t i c a l oyg^flssation , in w m c h f o r ^ tnere i s a p r o y e m a l absence o f o r WPiting. W e have held the rod in a horizontal position on the, jo in ts
th e epintHW. v.- W e Im pW that tp^ tjp® p f oygwysal^011 ^ e s : ten- o f oiir fingers, and when a medium p l^ e d her hands over it, at about
rto.f ;tlf® : m d ^ l § P g s p ir it; l i ^ c e th e.^gre^t im p ortan ce o f three inches distajnoe, the rod quivered, and endeavoured to. rise up to her
been iniepiipned.; iW e suppose j fingers. Callera. at the Spiritual M tiiu tio n may see |his ro&M ED. M .]
8^ ,
'.;W e,.h o^ eT 9r, jpffejfbfctho
T H E W E L S H P A M P H liE T , “ W H A T O F T I£E D E A D ?”
^h^ ;£ e a ^ :o f tne 01?urcii. , .Bo it Has:been in. m odefti Spiritualism .
T o the Editor.— Dear Sir,— I t ip now a long, tiiue ainoe I proposed to
tl0byiw t?
. ofoylt,^ij.jta.iip^.rnTnfln't^ I you the publication o f my translation of M r. M orse s admirable trance
exci t es the e n y y and ainlbition o f address; and although I wrote seteralletters^^in the Mbdtom soliciting
^ je h » e y
A x and destroy |
We ioiye organisatioD. Through our
.instrumentality Spmty^lism m this countfj- has been organised in
tlie^oat pfficiesit mmraiar for jail ^mtual purposes, Of courfe, if
/Mother: jepc|s^,iii:,Ifiew^, }theyi mpst . ha?e
m iobw ^ tp=suit them. But the spiritual orgnMii&ar Eeeks.meaJie
tb suit the Spmty the “ Christ,” the Tiead of the ^Oiiurcli ^p^it^aL
. Spiritualists would do well to bear in mind that Spiritualissa is
'ite^lt St
iif ^e’know
eo afeo in the inaitei* df org’anisation.; Silt'
men won’t b© taught if they c&n possibly avoid it, but ate eager to
wittL © p o ^ to w v-uti©m
kiug to Imitate on?
iaow- -idgliW: >
"■$>£ ' til®; 0pm^M4 iwhich
friends, who prom ptly subsoribedlor 700 copies. Spiritualism is almost
unknown in Wales. Surely, every earnest Spiritualist who has the cause
at heart will give W ales and Welshmen in England an opportunity o f
knowing the glorious truth,,by subscribing a few,pence each, so that this
inoffensive and logical tract may be published and distributed broadcast
and freely among our W elsh brethren ?
I hereby tender my personal <thanks tb M r. iEL J. /Hughes o f , Carnar­
von, who has ordered i 8 6 0 copies 'M his town pjiswite expense.
M r.
Hughes is
pioneer^Spiritiialist o f INorth 'W # e s , and has been a
martyr to our heaven-born religion.’ irAmtia iiratance o f his z e a l,Im a y
be allowed to mention th e fact that £ met him at one o f Dr. Sexton’s
lectures ip Manchester, to hear which he hadttravelled nearly a hundred
'V V
.! w:j^oV; ith© .benefit of. W elsh readers :I annexva digest of th® le^tur® in
J* BiSGlNAI^D-.OwBN. :
iisg&gdssSfm&:''wt^^aad1'’til' the
Vi i ; n (}-;U ifh i
' •• ci r» 11 . i vv: •■ •• >!
*i/1 •
^ i . .i »■i *s
■)i.i J ' (V/f.V-i
fe fC to -o p e r a tf^
j'a : h « - u .’ .. n
hJ. ij
Testyn dieithr a dyrys ydyw enaid dyn.
H oliad y d jw sydd eto heb
am ei.
ddywedyd. yr w yf fi wedi dosranu nati^r yr e h a $ a® m i* d«;pM natur
^ | y ^ § 4 i i
' h -r n , J i n
“ B eth AM Y M e IRW?”
^ e ic H I )^ ^
y r f d d b r t i ^ P f l T ' :
( ..
n '‘
im a t t e f o f felitofy
| ? £ ? ,0 ^ M M © tV$w4«t^®fi®u
^ d h i k l . A i^ 5 - ^ ^ fm ddim ii>
feett &’«§ fk ^ s iM if ® :4d§@gfl d m e few d?f$§^& ® ;jMtfar'f..
., •1 w s& tei jM t # .'U ifc fo :Y n > « f® 4 i^ 'm M $ ® m S& M m i ddyigu y
boM : Orefyda,.Cfrirjdaor (fee®©®) »>Fkiloi0p fe | # i» ® i.
W einidog, W tb n® y Meirw f F s fodd y gwyddocb y bydd i mi sydd
yn eefyUyii awfcges’ eieh bron fyw eto ar ol marw? Y gweinidog a etyb:
" y r wyf yn
mai felly y b y d d f Nid yw y licrwrdd yn fy
ratddiesit'i. ■ 'W laidogi^efcSiBm yM eipw ?
CWfirfyidwit A dys$$bl Gw? ddos?, a gofynwu— Wyddorydd, belb urn y
M itrv I “ Satb am f Meirw ?M®b y Gwyddorydd, “ nis gwyddote n i!”
f Meirw, yn w ir ! aut yuia® bya ? 'Y r ydym yn credu#_
rb a td im credw, yn :®ddfsgiadetu ei® beglwysi; o btegid, m gwthiwn ein
hym@hw§li<adw g ^ f ddoralTr eifcbrfoedd, cauir drysau y rhan gyfrifol o
g7«id @ l% e yn m berbyn. Dywedid ein boil yn anffyddwyr, ein bod
0 w tuullan i §m m u y t Eglwy®, sta mas des-byaim ei mynegiaaau. Felly,
gwsfcreh j 0 $ h i h m i dderbynatbrawiaetbau yr egiwys ar y cyfen, er
ein: W y » «d w y «? bawl o gredu, neu angbredu i ni ®in hunain.”
PMKosophyldi beth am y Meirw ? “ Credwn eu bod yn byw me ol
hyn,* diati eta bod mewn sefyllfa briodol i’w natur; a®, os felly, bjddent
foddlawn i ddtrbyn pob llawenydd a ddiehon iddynt dderbyn. <Er ein
bod ni yn ofedu vn athronydaol mewn banlod sefyllfa anfarwol, eto,
gwalwsh mai cc®d gaegliadol ydyw. Y r ydym yn gobeithio ao yn
ymdditied ei bod yn wir!”
aRhaid i ni, gan hyny, olw swyddog newydd i mewn; ar fyr, rljaid i
m ta&urio w j bont newydd, ao ymddiried i’r llong wewydd, rbaid
antuHo, ^r ealarnadau y rbai ar y lan. Bbaid i ni fyned rbagom. Pe
ina buaaai rl^tgbamtowyr ar for tyw jll anwybodaeth dyn, pa fodd y
g a ll^ id ,arloesi Sordd i’r dydd dyfodol?
Ac yma eafwn wyneb vn
wyneb A>V bob! ryfedd orphwyllus a elwic Ysbrydonwyr. Mor orphwyllog fe ly maenfcyn berflkith alluog i roi dedfryd gydwybodol, umawn. a
goneefc ar u n r i^ ^ b.wnc, ond y mwyaf hanfodol oil, set’ natur eu heneidiau eu hunain. Ystyrid eu tystiolaetb ar unrhyw bwno arall yn ol ei wir
wertl*; ond os Uefarant yr byn a wyddant am natur a nerth yr ysbryd,
diyatyrir eu holl allu n’u hegni ineddyliol ar unwaith, a gwaradwyddir
hwy fel rhai owbl w allgof!
Gadewch i ni yn awr ymofyn it’r creaduriaid twylledig byn. “ Ysbrydonyddj betb am y Meirw ? Sefweb! pwyllwch dros enyd oyn atteb ;
ystyriwch yn dda bwys y pwno.
Cofiwch wrtb ateb y gelwir arnoob i
lefaru ar ddyryebwno sydd yn oynnwya ymgeisiadau anwylaf ctflon dyn ;
pwno sydd o’r pwys penaf oil i fywyd dyn.” Ymae eioh eymbelliadau
1 difyifwoh yn. afreidiol i m i; nid oes angen i ohwi wasgu pwys rbyfeddol.y pweo arnal f i ; nid oes achos i ohwi wylio y canlyniad a gynnwysir
ynddoj eanys, llefa yr Ysbrydonydd, nid wyf yn bwriadu ateb eioh
holiad ! Ond er byny dywedaf, llefared y meirw drostynt eu hunain.
Yna dywed yr Ysprydonydd wrthyoh am y modd* y dull, a’r offerynau
a defnyddia efe i ddal cyfeillach & phreswylwyr y bywyd dyfodol.
Ac ond i ohwi ddilyn y dull naturiol o ymohwilio drosoch eioh hun
er jjrofl y gwirioneddau a grybwyll yr Ysbrydonwyr, deuwch i’r penderfyniad, ar ol ymohwiliad priodol, fod yr hyn a haearnt hwy yn wirion"ejtfd; y gall y meirw lefaru drostynt eu hunain, ao y gwnant byny!
Ymddangosai fel byn y gwnai Ysbrydoniaeth wneyd diffyg Pbilosophyddiaetb, Gwyddor, a Chrefydd i fynu. Ymddangosai hely’d, fel1hyn,
y r adferai i Grefydd yr hyn a gollodd; Rhoddai i Wyddor yr hyn nas
meddiannodd, a phrofai i Philosophyddiaeth fod ei dyfaliadau godidog
yn gywir.
Oddiwrfch “ Beth am y Meirw ?” , Anerch gan J. J. Morse. Y r eilfed
fil. Pris Oeiniog.
J . Burns, J 5 , Southampton Row, Holborn, London, W .C .
J. R e g in a ld Owen, Cyf.
mhm$ Mmm
fa §§
m u s ti after
■ mmo* ■
T o I mybstsqatojui.— Mrs. ^CUvel, Asbton H om» . . B » ® ® « w i t b '
Bridge, W ., d e a iw to meet with a fejr intelligent in v ^ S p l s r i © f
sexes with the view o f form ing a eircle for the inveetig^tloii o f
tual pbsnoijoen®,
Mb. Huosom, spirit*pbotograpber, is now occupying
pm nises at 2, Kenungton P a ri Road, W ., and is ready to ?<eoeiT«i'fim^i«.
W e are gUd to hear (bat satUfaotory results have been already oteiiM d ,,
and we trust many will avail themselvee o f the opportunity to t^t^wd>»'
extraordinary phenomenon o f spiril-photogr|phy.
W iia t ab.b ou b Christian T each ers D oin g ?— On Sunday evening
a@ we walked on the Tbanvee Embankment and witneseed the crowds o f
respectable pron^enaderi being put to sbeme by th© low ruffian ©kment r .
which persisted'in singing lewd songs and assaulting in an indeeent
manner young females, we wondered what all tbe bishopf, clergy, and
dissenting ministers were doing that they were not present to infuse the
superior element o f their Christian influences into such am ass o f wanton
wickedness. Tbe truth must be told, that while our well-paid olercy o f
every rank and denomination are engaged in their peculiar trade o f
fetish worship on Sunday evenings, and in w angling about the out o f
their garments during the week, the morals o f the people are handed
over to thepolioe. Let us then have more police and fewer parsons* for
law and decency demand it in m ore places than on the Thames Embank-'
eienfc. Lately a woman at Manchester was nearly killed, by a feick maker and a retriever dog, which he incited to worry her. W hen will?
Spiritualists set an example to the age, and getting tired o f gaping at
phenomena, talking to archangels about Urim and Tlxummitn, and
haranguing for weary months in “ cou n cil” over how they can best p a t
in leading strings tbeir brothers, buckle to and try to teach suffering:
humanity the divide laws o f their nature— spiritual^ mental, physio­
logical and industrial ?' Pmtchin^, trance-spewing, spirit-eommunieations will not do. The people must be individually in fra cted ; and not
by book merely, but practically trained in theduties of life. They must betaught how to keep their bodies clean, be healthfully dieted, and pat
in the way o f earning a livings Industrial and hygienic education is
the great need, and it can be made-to pay. D o not expect the State to
do this work, nor the church, n o r committees, nor isms o f any kind.I f a few men and women only realise the fact that they are human, and
ask themselves what are the duties and the responsibilities* o f that
exalted state, tho work will be begun at once, and every step will be a
success. The Hornet had a good cartoon lately representing the real
man and dog fight. The “ d o g ” was figured as sectarianisnf, backed
by a churoh dignitary, a n d . the “ man ” was ignorance; backed by tiwmob. The fight has been going on for ages, as the Thames Embank­
ment on Sunday evening and the police oourts amply testify.
S p iritu alism a t P a lA ce G a rd en s C h u rch .— The discussion on
Spiritualism was again renewed on Wednesday last, and was listened*1
to by a large and attentive audienoe. By way o f opening the p r o ­
ceedings Dr. Bay ley gave a resume o f the opinions brought to their'
notice at the previous meetings. Tbe question he said was not whether
the facts o f Spiritualism were real or not. H e believed generally they
w ere; he believed almost all that had appeared in print on the
subject as having in reality occurred. Swedenborg himself had been'
called by Spiritists the prince o f spirits; so far they were agreed^ But '
from Swedenborg’s point o f view (illuminated as he is admitted by
both sides to have been) they, as New-churohmen, must condemn the*
practices o f modern Spiritism. H is (Swedenborg’s) predictions con­
its dangers were verified every day^ There was no abomina­
A C L A IR V O Y A N T B U L L .
tion that could not be learnt from spirits. Mr. Whitley, on rising t o T o the Editor.— Sir,-—Tw o “ clairvoyant horses ” having kicked over reply, drew attention to one o f tbe hymns used at the church,
the traces recently, and galloped into the pages of the M edium as hobbies which he endeavoured to convict tbe Swedenborgians o f being, as theridden by two separate correspohdents who vouch for the truth of tbeir Spiritists had been termed, spirit seekers H e read the verse, the open'respective statements, and assure us that they are neither “ jockeying” ing words o f which commence, “ Angels o f mercy, gently now draw'
nor “ trotting” your readers, allow me to introduce into the arena liear us,” and pointed out that it was a direct appeal to the unseen^
a knowing biut— not one of those papal anathemas, goaded by slaves of intelligences. H e (M r. W hitley) had taken Dr. Bayley’s advice, and
tbia Vatican, but a genuine specimen of the bovine tribe. This is not read Swedenborg for himself, from whose writings he tben reaef
the veritable heast which performed the solemn office o f pulling the bell extracts, which he explained, and claimed them as bearing owtv
in the saCred funeral rites over the mourned carcase o f Cock Robin as the claims o f Spiritualism. M r. Warren (a member o f the opngrega1'
the infallible history conveyed in our honoured nursery rhymes has tion) said tha# Spiritism was o f so degraded a character tbat he thougb^
madfe.80 dear; but it,is one~which bears the responsibility of having they would be wise to let i t alone. H e pointed out that its permission
detoed &locai habitation and- a name for some four or five thousand by Providence fo r the suppression o f greater evils did not alter its own
intebitantsf o f a town situated within about four miles of Nottingham.
nature, 4rtd consequently^did exculpate tho®» who used it. Tbere*'
. B y tbe tnsditio^fof1history and the history Of tradition in and about was nothing (he said) in it that helped the great work o f saving souls^ ’
tbat pjopulot&'ind thriving town, Nottingham, I learned, when a boy M r. Percival eaid he had been subject for many years to many visions^:
rambling through the picturesqae neighbourhood- o f Sherwood Surest; and to inspiration similar, if not identical, to that we fea d o f in
that “ once on a tim ®" (1 belie^ /tbat is as nearly the date as oan safely ancient times. I f anybody (he said) now-a-days says he has bad*a
be fixed), a bnteber was engaged in driving a bull to the slaughter-hous^, revelation, he is either looked upon as an impostor or a lunatic. W h y
and at a particular spot tbe animal took into hi§ profound head tbe was this ? The Protestant religion , itself was founded o n , ew p sp fl^ ra l
idea of stopping to stamp on the ground, frota
Oeeupation be revelation. H e then pointed out tbe fa®t o f the inm anence o f thecould n olbe dnven by either the coaxing of the butcher or the blows Deity in man, and asked, whether ife was WoBderf^l th$i, G od being it*
o f ' the said butcher’s stick. After the stamping bad been repeat®d us, he should sometimes open our ey«s to behold ^aritual things. Mr.
several times* good “ accommodation fbr man and beast” slashed through- Ottley, while admiring muoh o f what had been said by t h e ^ ^ speaker
the ground in ^tbe form o f a stream o f pure vater* The circumgtane® respecting the omnipresence and omnipotence o f &odj pointed out tbftfe
provoked'inueb esditement in the little yilkgei which has ®inea grow® in man’s fallen state he would necessarily be more op©n to evil in­
to a tow n; miperatition, Or it; -atoy ;b(* ■soiaMtbiiig; M ^ f i N ^ p t c d tb*'-- fluences than. good. H e had seen more o f the workings o f Spiritism
idea that tb » evenfe wai-an omen of trenBures to b« unearthed, o r ^m m ® than perhaps most o f his beared, having feefefi p f e ^ in lo n ia c t with it
profoand ewsfc of the past to be revealed’, suad a tfeep hbiiS'
fra a a «.ih ild . - E& w ould m i, f^Gwe it p iir a to t5 C !® r .sa®®^^ay’it^
w biob ottlD ite^ d in %p©®manant -well; esteb lisM , Amp tbe watKr
become 'medium: :if y@u-lik®';- ’Wfe®® t M f b t i
w aS 'fb u tM lttt^b e^^i^w o rM tid /a n d 1debnMd bciilii^boiHu.'
they w ould siic®a?ely regret t&©y ka«!' e m W l '
®,lo cb
The ■fact
deoliaed to p a ^ : th®!iwatep’
M r. hiKl;
©84m8, to. fhds«^te:th@
rqtttfkp;.iirb)f^.Mvli|tli»..to d®.walkfeh® eubjed of,tS»> ©veaM^ebs^gRiEf.-j
an p u lty
useful Mndr . Them ^ illv d «a b l- th e •;Sw^enlwi^ijans! wsth, p la cin g . tho opiiaion o f
lewi.be' (shOMsaads' «P'®ea#i®%JS^®.^riJiaf®r
tbig-i®1 m !®ldf^
reason and tfeouibtj th et.te would rather .lrusfc Ms oWn.
t o t o i - t o ' BUeb* i 4
: ^
t o M ^ la io 4 i^ . led ibj7r^jrob.0
from %h\»
takes^ ite Iperm itiw it’ did 'not'.n ^ m t ily .fb lld w tte i1ifr.waa‘m&d.
name “ BWlwelt ;w tb4t th®:pg«4im ifc ^ e l l ^ ^ d 1 to b^paittled' ( M •btsc with'tbepefteifisioH # t ^ i^eetJag,'th ^te^® )a f ( S ^ '; S ^ ^ o t e ^ # ^ ^ f'
BtiHwell Ij'brest
partiopthe did f i f o e t o r o o d a - boyj i and' Tead som& Rirtbsp quotationa ffom
that until recently, to my own ooular knowledge ^ p b li^ B o n ^ s ^ in After # l» d b D p. Bayley in a few
,the town commemorates the event, in- all the glories of pictorial art,
—Kensington News.
p d a
p d * £ im
T ^
___, _„ j t t e iMkwimimm r h ttte
m m m
: : t
;i | r p O
to-K**’ 0 @ ® p e
@t 'tM tito n w t
D w ifW ito p ,—
afeow'fcWiM’afcfM l of Msuiir® ®f.
'"■■■ : ■
■'rv- v.: ■
. ,* < w w 4 is lt.t4 M ,lli% is ® V Ire q n e s b s d to fe @ d l@ fr® ito e ^ n f e s f e t Miiokift'v-iiaa 4,®®ti@io/’—
P.S.—M®? on®aukwSmrMr. Pi®®'* h®&hfi?ing‘ i i r
r o ^ # m ® fe w w f^ % .® s § ® s it ® $ to, wfeea everything was Son® Is m
' If
Qpm and straightforward mmm%\ m$. I- esa ©esount fo r what the m®ih of spiritual oomtostii^tioE is Mls®lf
foUowed'tpily bjatfcri^atm i it to wl^tXtJ^ie?® to b@ th® true m s ® —
s p l ^ t ^ t i o e ..v A pi®§© o f fMM.wat iss®d,"SfiM® ©sough t o admit p f two
M d ra t# feeing taliQis; tw® half was exposed at a time. ' Oh the .first
M f thera/was.. wj own figure o n ly ; on tis® other half— wonderful to
w«®a female form in addition to m y o w n . j This did not at first
strike me @§ boing like anyone I knew. On seeing it printed, however,
I &t one® Mw. that it rm m bhi m y wife, who died sixteen yean ago. It
bai'iiii^® bB®n ebown to several perions who knew her, and th® resem­
blance is generally adm itted; and . the matter has been placed beyond
doubt by its being recognised when no d u e whatever was given, ana my
owo likeness co n csa M from view.
Here, then, is a faot for our mvans to account for. They have not
only to aoopunt fo r the appearand o f the spirifoform, but, granting its
reality, they w ill ha?® to oon iiderh ow the raw from an invisible object
oan be transferred to the sensitised plate o f the camera. That there is
something peouliaf about it is evident from tbe fflct, which has been
observed, that the seoondarv image, though fainter than th® other,
readily appears under the influence o f th elth u riel touch o f the develop­
ing fluid,— a fact which, though admitted, does not appear to be capable
o f explanation.
rogressionist walso
m t®
•» -
M r. Pin® tli® ®am® qusgtion.
M rs. B u llo c k a t th e Athbnjbum , K u stov B o m — M r. Hs^by,- ia
reporting. last S u n d ^ ’s meeting, g a y s , “ Th® sabjeet, selesMI fcy th®
audience was *ih® Foreknowing® o f G od and the Predestination o f
M a n / .Mrs. Bullock said, 4H ow oan the finite mind o f man ^ssipr®bend the inoompreb®nsibl® Creator, op th® work a n d , fopskeo^edga, I
o f H im whO'Over was ? *and asked, *W h a t is o u r opinion o f tH® for©knowledge o f G od and of the predestination o f m an? Th© p m o ^ i v e d
and predesigned man in his own littleness oan but
little life, and understands not nor ©aa hs fey a a j pcsgsfeilifcy
hand or measure or limit the wisdom7o f th® g r » t Architeoi.V M rs.
Bullock went on in a fine stmin, although not defining either o f .ttose
infinite subjects more than to a certain poinfc. 'A t tha olose o f the
lecture a few questions were asked. The services will fee ,continued
every Sunday evening until further notioe.” <
T o th e E d ito r . — Dear Sir,-—T be South' Wales Progressive Sooiety,
held at the above address, feel it their duty to give you all the informa*
tion possible, so that the general body o f spiritual progressives may
M r. Buguet will return to London and give photographic sittings know the great improvement making in the development o f useful
aa soon as 150 sitters are entered, at 30s. each, to be paid at the time mediums. In this sooiety we have trance-speaking, writing, and test
the name is registered. The names o f intending sitters will be received giving, and also physical manifestations o f the most satisfactory charac­
by^-t /■■■
ter. Since our friend Beales’s visit to Cardiff the spirits controlling
Lady Caithness, 46, Portland Place.
him and others, in accordance with their promise, have assisted at our
' M r. Burns, 15, Southampton Bow .
circle in every way to the satisfaction o f all, by seourely tying and
H r. Harrison, care o f Mr. E . W . Allen, 11, Aye Maria Lane, E.C.
quickly untying the medium. W hilst the medium was tied these
M r. Coleman, 1, Bernard V illas,U pper Norwood.
manifestations were p r o d u c e d T h d guitar, accordion, tambourine,
H r. Samuel Guppy, M orland Villas, Highbury H ill Park, Holloway.
whistle, and bell have all instantly been played at the same time. Our
M r.S bortar, 23, Prince o f W ales Boadr Kentish Town Boad.
spirit-friends then demanded tbe light to he struck to satisfy all that no
H r . Slater, 19, Leamington B oad Villas, Weetbourne Park, W .
mortal hands had touched or replaced anything! During the perform ­
H r . Ivemey, # 4 , Seymour Street.
ance o f these manifestations our hands were @11linked, eo that no
H r . Loe, 171, Groinge $kmd, Bermondsey.
collusion was possible. Hands were distinctly felt, and @pirit>lights
M r. S. C. H all, Avenue Villa, H olland Street, Kensington.
numerous. Tnere seems every possibility tbat we shall soon hay® use­
H r. W m . G ill, 145, Marine Parade, Brighton.
fu l mediums here for public teaching as well as for private home
M r. Thos. Farrall, Long Street, Sherbourne, Dorset.
oiroles. The light of progression is fast spreading in Wales, and our
friend M r. P& k has been so far developed in physical mediumship that
he is now open for private engagements, and all those who wish to be
satisfied as to this part o f the phenomena through { his mediumship
The Spiritualists o f Sowerby Bridge have, up to the present, held can do so by applying for full particulars to the address here given—
their meetings in a cottage house at Causeway Head. This has now been Signed, on behalf o f the society, T. Wbbkbs. D . D a v ies, Sec., 126,
found inadequate, and in order to carry out more progressive principles Cowbridge Road, Canton, Cardiff, July 24,1874.
a now Lyceum has been built, to seat about 300 persons, in H ollins Lane,
Heckmondwike.— Mr. J. J. Morse, from London, gave his two. lec­
Sowerby Bridge, along with eightdwellinge, which are intended at some
tures on Sunday last at the Co-operative H all with great satjisfabtion to
future time to endow the Lyoeum, when they can be freed from mort­
the most appreciative audiences we have seen for some time.
gage. The building when complete will cost above £1,500, o f whioh
subjeot o f the Afternoon, chosen by the audience, was 4i The Origin o f
£1,000 has been Obtained on mortgage at the rate o f 5 per cexit. p er an­
S p irit: its first combination with matter, and dissolution from the bod y,”
num; which leaves a debt o f over £400.
An appeal to the friends o f
which was spoken to in the most philosophical language for nearly an
Spiritualism is proposed— that if 300 friends will kindly give twenty
hour and A half. The subject at night was the “ Ancient mythology o f
hillings each, the remainder w ill probably be raised at home.
Egypt, Assyria, &c., an8 what their connection with modern Spiritual- .
C ora L . ,V. Tappan has kindly consented to open the new hall, and she
ism.” The audience were spellbound and carried back into.the ancient
heads the list with a donation o f £5, along with several friends in the
mysteries as if they had been only o f yesterday. The m isdeeds,of all
ou t district, who have already promised one pound each. The Bradford
would-be infallible priesthoods, causipg the fall o f empires, together
friends are arran gin g'for a benefit o f two orations to be given by Mr. J.
with ignorance o f the masses, were impressed upon the audienoe with
-J. M orse o f London, some time in the month o f August.
great force.
There would always be specialities in leaders, but the
This is earnestly put before the friends o f the movement, as it is im­
spirit particularly wished them to understand that God had made man
possible to borrow money on a school or lyceum, owing to the aotion o f
so that all could and ought to work out their own progress in the w orld
the Sobool B oa rd s; and as this is the first building in the kingdom o f
o f improvement. A great meeting is expected to-night (M onday), as
Great Britain belonging solely to Spiritualism, and as the money will
the Churoh, as o f old,h as tried the “ devil trick ” against the only
ebortly b? du© to the various contractors, it is hoped that those who can
hope which the world has for bringing hack a true religious life. W e
^do something for the cause will do so.
The projectors are all working
had hoped that we should have heard the last o f the devil in science,
rn^ia, and this is one o f the boldest attempts to carry out the true
seeing that the Mechanics’ Institute and all other great measures have
religion Or soienoe o f Spiritualism which has been undertaken.
It is
been sent by the wpuld-be priesthood through that most charitable insti­
intended, as announoed, t o open the hall on Sunday, August 2nd, 1874
tution commanded by the Bobby o f
all-fir^ wise and ®ulphur*4riiik*
T o those who are not in a position to give the amount named above,
ing majesty. W hat a beautiful hole, for the G od o f all gcfodness to
smaller sums may be sent, and to those who cannot give money, tracts,
prepare for his own ohildren! W hat peace and happiness to be sure !—
b0oks> spiritual periodicals, and back numbers o f the London spiritual
A C orresp on d en t, July 20, 1874.
papers' will be thankfully reoeived; and as a library is connected with the
L iv e r p o o l.—-The advent o f Mrs. Tappan in Liverpool has .dons, much
institution, those who can help with books w ill do good in many ways.
give an impetus to the already rapidly-increasing interest taken by
®h® friends are thankful for the support and encouragement that has
already been given, and kindly solicit further favour and support. The all classes in the investigation o f Spiritualism. On all sides we hear o f
editor o f the M edium an d D a y b re a k will kindly receive donations for anxious inquiries being mode as to the means o f obtaining the longedfor proofs o f the truths advocated by Spiritualists, o f private oirdes
thi« great object, or they oan be forwarded to the secretary,
being formed, and o f steady progress in the pathways of light and
® H enry L ord,
knowledge. The Sunday meetings held at the Islington Boom s by the
UnionStreet, Beech, Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire.
Psychological Sooiety always attract good audiences. Especially is this
L is t A lr e a d y P rom ised.
s .d ,
the case when the deservedly popular trance-medium, Mr. Mors®, is
/ July 14th. Mrs. Cora L. V . Tappjm
... ... ... 5 0 0
engaged. Last Sunday the room was unusually full, and the splendid
- Twelve otherFrietias £ 1 each
... v.. 12 v t) 0
orations given through M r. M orse w ill long live in the memories o f
> A Friend from Oldham ... ... ...
... 1
0 0
those w ho were fortunate enough to hear them. The evening leoture,
D itto from Mkwhester ... ...
... 1
0 0
under the double title o f
Law versus .Miraole ” and “ C h oice versus
T h e amounta and other gifts will be acknowledged in the London Providence,” was a masterpiece. I t was listened to with rapt attention,
and evidently created a deep impression upon several 'present. The
chair was worthily occupied both^^ afternoon and evening by D r. W m .
' i N T ^ i E S I M G .T O T H E P U B L IC .,
H itohm anr who prefa^d the leoture in the evening by r i d i n g St.
, The hsm@aieM wM©ls t e for ss?eial ^egrs been so serviceable Mark’s account o f the resurreotion o f Jesus and his subsequent mani­
at the Sunday «ewi©e@'hm joBt tocfrreprod'flad timed, at an ex» festations to bis M p l e s ; a od £4 fcfee ©kae.of the leoture. s^)k® in a few
tMs aficoiat, Mr.Buma welt-ohosen sentences on the work SpiritnaUsm is 4pi*>| amppgst jtaen
f science in e m o t i n g the intensely mateifialietia theories l i M by so
18'wiHsg to pv@®,
Tuesday omany
'o f .them at th© p r m n t d&y8 feoth &t home;;atid'<abroap. D r.
■'* a
f f iid i would coaa®fomard s*ad M.mbmms whose interest in th® progress ,®nd deyelopment p f the
6^steVa v©tj &i£S ©vsaiag sffiiglit'Ba pfoiided. . Tlje pgle©Jor ip fit ^ 'm o w m e n fe i® go, well ^ ow n ,- has kindly
.p^e^an (
address at! th® s ^ i s ^ s rooms on Sunday .evening jneit’ jtrai th a ^ ’ Bpiri-^ ‘
mM &
^aiiiapspof is. pd. tickets,would,be .M it y :. o f th@,:So^f.w' Mrs. Tappan m s-beaE r®-9®|pg@A to_delivor
£ *
w a u jd c o r m ^ o t p f c b l o g i c a l lectures during the last week in .August* and He^rsv: BasUan and
m m m m aa&gmtbmea eetaoted from the swdience. Taylor, physical mediuQls froiH America, stay possibly pay us a visit
a 6o®m which i8 8^tr®ia«ly amusicg, as well asinatrfoctiye. before lofig.^Correspondent,
. t &* f
m mstcm oMsltim'm B&mvAvm.
Ho.l-'m - 'm ib d 'a! U M d
______ __
ita fM iM M ik M to M g w
$ m p m Im m S ^ m 'm m s,
^M i m
m d it»
S m M *\■ ' V-VS^
Ho. i .^ A lm ®m ® ®f
w ith f w a lw
' S sp ld w d i
.;M m m m -E s © » , U 4 l i | . t t 8 .:•
l® it e ? ! t $
! i ^
w' ^ ^ } ^ ; ; ^ : 8 ^ 8 %
1 4 :
: 4m
w itttM i’i M t ^ W ® . Often'* @ tp m ® s» © f'H m O U M m ^ m h f o ,
W @ M lo t g a te fe d ija M'Ftffc8V’ ‘lett®r tfe®t b®
e l i t e t o '# m w »
H rs, Q li^ M 'p m m m fw And particular t a l i w tthM r. M
to d
?:■■■!■.■ r i E o f
in tha ligH of
«p®®fcw®®taahow-tbaib no medium w flU fr'-M fetoi’f (to
w t o t ^ t t a - ® » d f . F f t o i d .
© ^ !F | ?eil^ a a d & a fem speaking of tla® m©rit®of& m S t o tlife otiggil
':VS®^fl4fe®ywii® someiovimi|jaftor ssafahfc m m l t tto o m #
mediua* attdbavef/W Jure, and-thu* bct-h imsitu£>Se,m
itM srvantt,
tli© meiiues m i, wnter,. would be discredits m eouequenee. W ® bop®
w ilt ba satisfied with fchi® V im 6 f the m&tbr.
' ;
: :.r'
TO® ften@n®sm &S J k ® $ k - f t im Id .
H «^ e n m ii E®11 vlew ad isiM aioF i t® Mdd®ra Spiritualism. Idi
Spiritualism m an Aid and IM h o d of ^umaai F r o g » § . 14 1 <
Concerning tli© Spiritual World m d what Men Know tb®r@of. Id.
!§ , Bow, W .C.
M rs. Goba L . Y r TappAm will deliver two impromptu orations ia the
n m lu g b m m (built far tbe purp®§®), Hollins; L m * So$^yB H «Slg©, on T he improved’ vitrum supeixbs B lanchette .
cm to obtained'
Mr. GoasaM 't 'Institution, 1% St« 9eta>,s Boad,
S tN ^ ty ;iw M rt'2 > & 1374* Subject&Tor ta®h osattoa end ®-po®m to bar
obeeenbf tlieaudience. • Door® open in tb® ftfteraoen^ai two o’cWfcj Mile End, London, E. Price Is. 6 d .; in a box, post free, 2s.
B m b i t o m m n o ® a t h®U‘*past ; doors open in tb&evemng a&ptx, sar-' •■'■■
............. " " — 111
■” ■" " - V
" ''
' -—
- '' '
vioe to commence at balf-paafc.
Admission: Front seatedon* shilling; 8EAH013 4 T O M E1KITOS B U l M VHB W 1B K . A f f M B ^M O T A L back date, . sixpence.
Tea will be provided for the aosommodation pf
INBOTOTIOIT, 15i S © O T E A »® ® M '10 W . M OIBOIW .
ff^ g ^ r it e ^ e o f t^an te-p oom s'of the L^&um at sisg^ ce each. '
MoifDAT, A ug. 3, Mr. Herne, Physical Medium, at 8. Admission, 2 s . 0d.
Ly&uhfofcoir will' sing solos; duetts, anthemsi and selections from the Tvbsday, A v g . 4, PhrsQ^logtel Seanoe, by J. Bum s. Admteiom is., i t 8.
,t^ ^ i i a i >i G ^ ;N''sttitebU'for'the occasion. .M r. A . Ordss of Leeds is WBmrESDAT, A v Q { 5 , Mr. Herne, Physical Medinm, at 3. Admission* 9s. 6d. <
eipected .to take the chair. The Lyceum scholars, with th$ir badges and Thubsday, A ug. 0, Mr. S em e, at 8. Admission; i t . 6d.
banners, will, in the morning of tbe Same day, go through tb® exercises,
marches, &c. (to commence at ten o’clock a.m .), as carried out by the
Sgjmtaaii^jl' <$..
?*om>« Secretary.
F riday , J uly 31, Mrs. Bullock, 54, Glouc^ter Street, at 8. Admission, Is.
MjB»i0ALiDBS?0Sfi@M, to BE Ovbrtiibown.—-Friends^of Freedom, ©f Batubday, A u g . 1, Mr. Williams. Jee MvertSeement.
PajfSBifc&LDuiy, and ih® Publio Health,— Eeprobate at once, and in tb® Sunday, A ug. 2 . aft Ms. Q o g ® m %
m $ A ,
strongest; feerme, Lord Waleingham’s [email protected] Vaccination B ill, meanly Monday, A v e. 3, De^lopUag CSB«l®, a% Mi?. Cogmaa’Sj, W , St. F e te ’e'S sadi-'
and craftily introduced at the close of tbe session. Tbis lordly and
M ile'End Bead, a& 8;oycl6s3k.
ignoble messaure', which duty requires you to utterly defeat; would degrade
Mr. W illiam s. / See advt.
all boards o f guardians to theposition of abject toolsof medical despotism, ■ W e d n e s d a y , A u g . 6, Lecture at Mr. CogsBeu’s, 15, St. Peter’s Soad; Mile Bnd>
, atS.tfelook.
to punish ev eff good parent resolved to preserve his child's health from
, A ug . 6* Dalston AssodaMtm o f Inqubers into Sirir^aaUsm. A.
the rotten arid pernicious practico of vaccination. To show your
Beance at their rooms, 74, Navarino BoM» DaM oa. E ., at @:p>5». Par­
righteous determination* to have done with the entire nuisance, burn in
ticulars as to admission o f visitors on application to she Beosetory.
e®gy, with suitable aooompaniments, the hideous despotism of compulsory
Mr. Williams. See advertisement.
v^osination. Moreover,labour to destroy the whole o f our pauperising
poor-law system, which, while it never meets tbe requirements o f the
virtMus^poo^i'isfuM- by medical tyrants and tbeir political simpletons
S aturday, A u g. 1; N ew castle»ok-Tynb. Old Freemasons’ B ill, Newgate
to b&tais thbse^NSSUl parents who are not pauper^, and who hate vaeStreet, at 7.30 for 8 o'clock.
cination as thoroughly and intelligently as they reverence tbe sacred
Bibmingham . Midland Spiritual Itetitnte, 68 Snflblk Street, at 7.
laws of health, olfedsence to which.is the only protection against disease. Sunday/ A u g . 2, lai© M i^Y, 1<K»> a.m . and 5 ;» p.m . Mi^srs, ShadcMttm
and W rtght; Trsate»-MedltunB. CMldr®!/ Progressiva'Xyeeam at
— Tours sincerely,1 W illia m H ijhe-R othery, M erton Lodge, T ivo li,
a^m. and a. p.m<
• r; /
C hdtm h m i, J,idy 2 1 ,1 8 7 4 .
SonratBBY Basijffi®,. as Ms*. W . Jtobhnntls,: t e w a ^ Head,' CHiiidMa'S'
^ o eu in ,1 0 a ju . and2 p.sn. . P®blia,M«s8^agp®.80 p.SQ. fsw ^ M ed in m *
D E F O R M A T IO N F O B I K V E 3 T IO A T O R S .
B ow lin g, Spiritualists* Meeting Boom ,.3.80 and 0 p.m. v Hall Lane, 2
and 6 p.m .
R u l e s f o r t h e S p irit-C ir o le . By E mma H ardinge. Id.
Bowling , in Hartley’s Yard, near Railway Station, W®tofi@ld Eoadi at
T h e S p irit-O irc le a n d t i e L a w s o f M e d iu m sh ip . By E mma
3.80 and 6 oo lo ck ., Manchestbb, Temperance H all, .Grosvenor St., All Saints.at 3^0.
Oowms, at George Holdroyd’a, at 6 p.m.
S p iritu a lism a i a S c ie n c e , a n d S p ir itu a lism as a B e lig io n ;
G aw thobpb, ipisrisualtets’ Meeting. BsmjeSj 3.80 and 6 p.m . Mrs. S. A,
’ BJr; Mrs., T appan. Id .
8wlft» Test and Healing Medium. ,
MoB£BY; 'Mr. E. Baires’s, Ti>vrn Ehd.
Other Orations by M rs. Tap?an Id . ea ch 'Special- fofei-im yi-’bi^had*
o a t application.
Lister lane* at 2;80 and’
CMdren’s Liyososs afe 10 a.m . .
Whajfc i« D e & tM B y J udge E dmonds; Id.
N ottingham , Churchgat® I « o w P a ^ l s m e e t ! n g a t 6 J 0 ' p * n ,
O bsett Common, W a k e fie ld , at Mr; Jt>hn Osaae’s, at 3 and 6, p.mv
The P h ilo s o p h y O f B e a th . By A. J. Davis. 2d.
. '
Healing a^Tr®ace»s|iaakin^ IJediiMa, M & . John Graae., ,
Bishop Auckland, at Mr. Faucitt'S, Waldron Street, at 0 o’olook. Notice
T h e l$ r e e d o f t i e J p i s i t s ; o r , th e In flu e n c e o f t h e fifc lig io n
req^ired froHi etmsggrs. ;
y..-' ■
B y E mma H ardinge. Id,
'ifKwcASTLB-oN-TYNB, at Preemak>nB’ Old' Hall, Weirds Court, Newgate
M e d iu m s a n d M e d iu m s h ip . By T . H azard. 2d. *
Btreet, at 6.30 & r 7rPim^ !
Livbbpool , Publio Meetings at the Islington Assembly Booms, at S
S p ir itiM e iiim is .a n il G o s ^ u r e m By Dr. S bxton. 2d:
and 7 p.m . Tranoe-mediums from ail parts o f ®agiassd, &8.
Darlington Spiritualiet Association, Free Assembly Boom« aboye Hlnd#A 'lis t o f T$t. & X T m \ O ratiom m ay be. had on application.
Bins; Stores, Bidedale Btreet, Yknn Bead. fnbUls M eeti^S st 1K80 KiBk.
T h eo d o r©
i a S p jr it»L ife . B y D r. W i lli s . Id ,
SouthseaJ At Mrs. ^ tn p e V 4!? Middte Street, at 0.80.
v W h a t> S p i r i t e M im
T a u g h t.
B y W illiam H owitt.. Id .
Bihshngham, at Ml-. Perks’, 813, Bridge Street West, near w ell St*.
Hockley, UnitedChristlan Spfifcualista, a t6 p .m .
I fc n m n e -n a o f S p ir itu a lis m .
LoughSobo’ . MES^Outterid^si,Tran(^-me4inm, Deaie’s Yard* PinJM*
id .
' ■
Tenwje^ at 6 o’clock.
fiu so Q V . Publio meeting, ^.80 p.m., at 104, Troaijsate..
: B ra v ed ;, b y F a c t p .; : Report of a . Two
at ,0.3d. at; Lower flforge Street.
]^gbter E^bibta .betfreen C. B radlaugh, Secularist, and J . B urnb»
D evolvin g Circleron Monday^and* Thursday, at 7.30.
Spiritualist. 6d.
Ossett Spiritual Institution, Ossett Green (near the G-. N . B, Statixmr
8 ^ ie e at S.8O'^d 0;ifcm.i c3PohnK*t^n; medium.
T h e S girL tu al X j r e . A CoHjection of Songs for tho use1of<8giri«
MOnoaY, Atrtai 3, Birmingham ; 68, Su^blk Street, a«8.
tualistB. 6d. ; cloth* la*
i v
Tuesday, A ug. 4, E righi^cy, at th^ Lyceum, at 1 M p.m ., Tr&no^mediumsr
Mra; Lwm0 aH<l*Mt%3?0; WMgM eM Siiaoktetoa.
L ^ r s a n d l^ a c t s o n S p ir itu a lis m ,
J odcs E dmonds; Mem o.
B o w K B S ^ ^ B s i s ^ a t M r ^ W ;. t o t e s o n ’ B p .C S s^ s e w a ^ H e ftd , ® ^ ® . , ,
rial Edition. Wrappers, 2 s .; cloth, 9s. 6dL
. w y»9ttb ^ rL A ^ G :«
9 ,9 ^ , v
E eO O rt OE S p ir itia liS M -of the Committee ol the Lqnd«n> D i^
;: ,^ » r ^ M i ,o ^ to a fflu e im i® ^ V T d ^ E a (i,,a tf.8 9 #fc^devek>|Mnent. .
O te W CoMmoh, at M b . 561m CrM®’s» at', 7 ^ 0 .. ®s 9li)^ « d Srwiotr
-JiiSm, Ctans.-'
B y?
W h e r e a r e t h a B e a d ? o r , S p m t u a lk m E % p lain ed «
BffimNG^aM, M
r . 312, Bridge Street, at I, for Bevelopment.
. F r i t z .. 3 s .
f t t i m M R A M ',
Midland Spiritual las^tut®, 58, Sufolk S teet, s A 8 .
T h e ,.* 4; ^
V u r t N f f .. o f th ® ' .“ M e t o ^ ?’
GAWTHOSP^Spi^ttoSSita’ testi^gSffiom ajaB eveloplaf .0i^le,fit7.8O .
Pocteaife of a>Mat®mli«sd :Spirit. Id.,
Bishop A v c K i ^ m h ,
f? 4 d fo n M p ^ s t 8 o’olook. 1’o tk e
ia required
■ J i
Twenty Y t o ’ E@a)fd:
ia Im e iw *
By-EMMA-HASSMRGB-. ■Many EB^mvin^s-. 15&-.
C o n c ^ ^
f c ’
Av T e a i^
.g a ii, w l & t M @& ' k a o W
lis t o f other O ratltiti bb .tWt\ satne M edfym iitau be obttiined'\6tt-,
tioh. J
London: J.BuaSSjl^SouttoamptonHow, W.C.
Bism WGHam, Developing 0irole, at 7„ Hyde Bc&<t, W yw oeqtjiabT1-.#'
by Miss
v A ug . ?L
th e I s lln ^ B 4 i^ W | ? !5 w is ,s ^ 8 p ja » .fh s Ctomsait^® m m at ?.
ITdTTtjfemAM, C h u r A y 'L d w
Seance at I p a
7. <■■..*. m *
.* ,-■ ...
s« ■>,
TITRj: O B A R I ^ S E . /WILLIAMS,Mecliu)n,,i8‘8t' homeidaily,
X U . to giye Private.- Seances, ; from >12 ito -.-Sijtta >\<Pnyate Ssances;
attendad atitlXa- houBes of investigatore.y. PubliCiSeancea at'61,Lainb’s
\&.3P CAMBRIDGE H A |^;. N | T O ^ j p 3 E ^ ^ q ^ S fl& E T , ; C oridm t.Stoeti/pri^M onday-eveni^
ey6hihfes;,5s.s':’a<id •‘8atuifd ^
'Spin{ualktt;pnlfc5s!: at‘i8
.M tF w v M w k.
U8xT;, 2,11874/ ■,/
-> .-t; i\
,'H JSr,;;'-*, »»rii niv's n w ■> ■-‘
Will Lecture for afi'SowrlM “ Ckemibtri/ bf Wtods b y 1Colour,> H/TISS LOTTIE FOWLER,'
■> -.■ whose.rkput&ti6hi& well known'throughout Europe arid'America', can-be
B o d y pf- H a U j 'e d . ; G - q U e r y /ld . CONSULTED oneitherMedical Questjpm pr-Buainess]Affattscpnnecfeli
"iiiese'iectiireB ’aliouJd ba'interesling'to SpirituaiilitB.”—fe w o M . ' - with,the|;L|ving and Cjejaal^
X ; : ; S ;■
B e s e r v e d se& tsj l s . ;
. D Mi u : ' j R 3 T O ^ ^ . : : . ' , v i BtpiTLQOK, TBANCErSPEAKBii, .vfilL deliTOrJ^ X E p ,p[JEE'
!OLtVE,;; T a M i i ;
fb r:
J l l l atthfcAthenoiium,.George. StrsetU^iiatoa^wd {near ,thie. .G-pwer
Street Sto^op jv;0 »
, •Servjcp; a t, Seven -o'clock; Seats
.Pri^aro'SMinces'by 1
Free. The Bubjeotmay be cbMen!by, the:Audienoei7 •
appoM{meiht-ffi40, ‘Belindnt’ Smiet^:Ctii’lti.'Farm' Boad, ’LpHdohvNiW;' ,
A PuBMO.SEANCffl.at the.above address on Tnesa&y.Evenmgs, at Seyen, A RTH U .R M A L T B Y ,
o’clock. :AdmiB8iohi2s:-!6d'."'
’ " , , ''"" 1 ''
Established 1833.
Orders executed on the shortest notice.
Workmanship and Fit
imaaAi, discount fob cash.
T eanok
DJfepimi ■and «MEfixbAii
ilx'^MESMEnisTj-wiU'alflo give Sittings for Development in Writmg of
Drawing -under Spirit C ontrol.O n!!poU rri s’entretenir 'en iFrarfviis.
Teriris reasonable.—Present address, 41^-Bernard Street, BusseU Square.
Private Seances attended.
M R , F. HERNE, Medium, giyea Public Seances at the Spiri-
J1L tual Institution, 15, Southamptoh Row, London, as follows :—On
Monday Evening, at 8 o’clock; on Wednesday Afternoon,.at 3 o’clock;
of Summer Goods. An immense variety of Scotch
and on Thuraday Evening, at 8 ’o'clock. Admission to each seance,
ancLWest of England TWEEDS. A perfect fit guaranteed. Everything
2s. 6d. Mr. Hebn e may be engaged for private seances. Address—
oq hand. Visitors passing through London supplied with goods on
Herne’s Oak Villa, Rockmead Boad, South Hackney, N.E.
the shortestpotice,at special prices for cash—N o.8 ,Southampton Bow,
High 'Holborn.
M U S . ANNIE E. FAY, the indescribable phenomenon, from
America, w ill continue her SEANCES To-nfght and To-morrow
I LAD Y and Gentleman (Spiritualists) ■wish to LET their JIL
a . charming and elegantly-furnished semi-detatched VILLA (nine- Evening, (Friday, July 31st, and Saturday, August' 1st), at Hanovhb
roomed j Double Drawing-room with folding doors), for Three Montis S quabb R ooms; also on Saturday Afternoon, August 1st; also every
or longer; situate in delightful and healthy neighbourhood, between Evening, next, week, from Monday,-August 3rd:, and, by request,
Clapham and Wandsworth Commons.
Gas laid on, handsome MATINEE SEANCES, at 3 o’clock p.m.,, every day next week. Plan
Chandeliers,-Venetian Blinds throughout, 2 W.C’s., ,superior drawing-* and tickets with Mr. Hall, at the Rooms. Tickets can also be obtained
rpcyn Pianoforte, Gardens front and rear. Close to Clapham Junction of Mr. Mitchell, 33, Old Bond Street, and of all Agents.' First row
fauteuils, 7s. 6d. ; fauteuils, 5s.; stalls, 3s.; admission, 2s.
Stations, ten minutes’ ride to Victoria and Waterloo Stations. Terms,
Three Guineas per 'week, including Plate and Linen. Excellent Servant M R . A. FEGAN-EGERTON,,the w ell-M ow n Trance^ and
left if required.—For addressapply to Mr. Btibns, Spiritual Institution,
ilL Physical Medith , is open to engagements to attend Seances in the
16, Southampton Row, Holborn, W.C.
neighbourhood of Liverpool. Fee, One Guinea. Letters to be addressed,
TV/TESMERISM.—A ny one can Mesmerise alter one evening’s 79, Boundary Lane, West Derby Road.
Mr. E gebton attends a Publio Seance at the Caledonia Temperance
_LYL Instruction from M. RIGG, wfio is giving a Course of LECTURES Hotel,
6, Stafford Street, Liverpool, every Monday, at 8 o’clock. Admis­
and Electro-Biological ENTERTAINMENTS every Saturday Evening,
in the Tehebbance Hall , York Street, Walworth Boad. SLEEP ; how sion (by Ticket), 2s. 6d. each.
F U 8 E D A L E, T a il o b
X»., assortment
a nd
D b a p b b , lias a splendid
tp secure natural Sleep, and how -to produce Mesmeric and EleetroM R . COGMAICS SPIRITUAL INSTITUTION, 15, St.
Biologicill,Phenom^na,and their uses as therapeutic agents. Consult
M .BIGG, whoSe powera aatonish all, as may be witnessed at the above JlL Peter ’s B oad, Mile End.—Addresses in tbe Trance, by Mr. Coghan,
or other Medium, every Sunday evening, at Seven o’clock; admission
enteftainnjierits;— Ciasses Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from
fi ■
to* 9130 p.m. /Terms'^YofffairinBtructions, One Guinea; private free, and voluntary contribution.
instructiphs b y post or appointment, Two Guineas.—Address, 17, PakenA LADY, w ho is practising Healing-power w ith great success,
ham Street; King’s Cross Boad.
A js open to a' few more ENGAGEMENTS.—Address, M. E. D., care
ij® , ARTHUR OOLMAN, L.A.M., P r o f e sso b of P ia n o - of Mr. Bums, 15, Southampton Row, Holborn, W.C.
JlL poe¥e and Singing, 55, Gaisford Street, Kentish Town, N.W. Per Course of Twelve Lessons, £1 16.
Published, Folio, Price
3«. 6<Z.
JC Spirit-Life and Progress, by a girl twelve years of age, under
■Spirit-influence. Edited, with an Introduction, by J. M. G c lly , M.D.—
London : E. W . A llen, 11, Ave Maria Lane.
The bed bookfor Inquirers.—Second Edition.
D E A D?
Containing well authenticated and selected reports of all the different
phases of modem Spirit phenomena, from table-turning to tbe visible
materialisation of the faces and forms of the departed, and tbe photo­
graphing o f spirits; proving by undeniable facts that those we mourn as
A L I V E ,
^and dan -communicate with u s; and that Spiritualism is sanctioned by
Scripture, and consistent with science and common-sense; with speci­
mens of intensely interesting communications received touching death,
the future life, and the experiences of the departed. Also extracts from
the .literature of Spiritualism, advice to investigators, list of books,
-addresses of mediums, and all useful information. By F bitz .
■ Pnce’Ss.; ot, post-free 39 .stamps, from A. I bhland & Co., publishers,
Manchester, who will forward copies of the table of ^content# on appli-cation. .
London: Sold by J . B tibns, 15, Southampton Bow.
“ TIT H A T I S T H E U SE O F S P I R I T U A L I S M P ’
TT An Oration delivered by Mrs. Coba L. V. Tappan, of New York
in the Concert Hall, Lord Nelson Street, Liverpool, July 1st, 1874
William-Hitohman, M.D.,LL.D.,B.C.S. in tiie chair; the subject being
chosen by.the, audienpe. An impromptu POEM on the death of Mar­
shal Cpncha, also selected at the same tim e ; with “Ten Beasons for
Believing in'Spiritualism,” by.the Chairman. Price 2 d . , Can be had at
the Spiritual Institution, 15, Southampton Bow, London, W.C.
' ^ THE S P IR IT U A L L Y R E :
^ s ^ ch o ice selection contains hymns adaptsd' to all occasions. It is
in universal uae. In paper wrapper, price 6d.; handsomely bound in
d o t ^ ls,
.' '
'■ .
-London : 'J. B ubns, 15, Southampton Bow, W.C.
Efficient Healers in attendance from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m . ; terms, 2a. 6d.
Class for Teaching, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays,'when Mr. Ashman will treat Patients for 2s. 6 d . ; at other times, 5 s . Lessons in
Class, 5s., or three for 10s. Private lessons, £1 Is. Healers sent to all
parts; terms moderate. Patients may be accommodated with board
and lodging at St. John’s Wood while under .treatuieu —Address,
J oseph Ashman, as above.
M IS S MARTHA APLIN, a powerful H e a l e B j w ill Treat
iu. Ladies at their own residences or at the Psychopathic Institution,
254, Marylebone Boad, by appointment.
■jV/TESMERISM .—A professional Mesmerist wishes to give
J_tJL LESSONS in the art. Terms moderate.—Direct to L. Chandos,
11, Alexandra Terrace, New Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey.
TVLEtiTRO-MEDiOAL INSTITUTION. Db. P. A. D h s ja b d in
Ju —Special Treatment for Chronio Maladies and those said to be
inourable. An English lady is attached to the Institution for the
application of Electro-Magnetism to Ladies. Consultations every day,
from 11 to 3, at 43, Euston Boad (opposite the St. Panoras Station),
and from 3 to 6, at 3, Little Argyle Street, Regent Street; and at the
latter place also, from 8 to 10 p.m., every Monday, Thursday, and
TV/TR. J. HUMBY, Medical Galvanist, Magnetist, and Healing
1 1 1 Medium, ATTENDS Patients, by appointment only, at 44, Museum
Street, Oxford Street^or,at the patients’ residences. Testimonials, &c.
The charge of an Invalid could be undertaken.—Please address,
4, Cottage Grove, Stockwell, S.W.
WILSON, the celebrated
Astrologer, may be, CONSULTED on ,the Events of Life at 103,
Caledonian B oad, King’s Cross.—Personal Consultations only from
2 to 9 p.m. Fee, 2s. 6a. Time o f birth required.
AUESTIONS on Courtship, Marriage, Speculations, Diseases,
Employment, Journeys by Land or Sea, &c., Astrologically
ANSWERED. Send exact date, time, and place of birth, sex, and 2s. 6a.
in stamps, to P h ilip Hetdon, 8, Bussell Place, Leeds, Yorks.
Jl I ndigestion, B ilious and L iveb Complaints. REcips for prepara­
tion and use, together with trial box of Concentrated Chafcoal Diges ­
tion P ills , sent free -on application.—Enclose stamped address to
S bobetabt, Sanitary Carbon Co., Nottingham.
LplSliOlT:PrintedJand Publlahedby JAMES BUBNS, 15, Southampton Bow, Holborn, W.C.