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finer ma eycjljort'to'lfclariisSn'iiiuorrow for aflieri
- , j ; • „„
— — saved hls;baby,fcemust save and aching one, then turned to the
aer—and starting to check speeJ his man's sweet-faced daughter, and with
ear caught a sound behind that turned tears coursing1 down his checks silently
"It the
lie blood cold about his heart.
ar |
an eye. took. off his battered cap, - finding
f ! U 'twere safe or * t u to iweal tha truth.
Thoughts- came incoherently, then speech at the moment impossible.—
^ T oM>. l n p r i n t w h l l thejr wfiiipe? lew,
one flamed.clear as If written in fire.
Ships Are Able to Fly
or I"? i*>we upservatory.
» .y>-san»frfcj j T o «"..,££• *"«• wWch •" "•*>.•hooli He knew the time schedule perrectly—
' j They would Tike—ob. yea, they Joat yearn they had all blundered. The Montreal
HE matbemaUoal principle involved In aeroplanes, machines (
» nmt
- • —-^-;" " Express,- late end making up "time
heavier' than air; Is that of gliding over a fluid. The air | S J ^ J i V l fiSr^" hBS«K»5£ was behind with a single trsck.a more
under the Hat surfaces may be considered as being com- "i woiOj teU tin truui IT the thins would powerful engine, and the storm howl-pre*s*d-ibat is, a cubic foot of air, tinder,a,jnort«w plane B ^ ^ 1 ^ 1 . ' i » i " w i m o » t ^ : w i t h Ing: Midtllhdmg'between!.:
•weiglii more thaa- a cubic foot.above i t because tbera i s !
more air In the cubic foot of space. And the greater t h e ] & ^ h X h t » t « S a * M h £ t
and callinr
velocity, of. the, plane the g f e a t e r j S e - S B i p j n s ^
-_..™- o ./ iu him, ordered
In Tour
„ bis shovel. Then_ Jerking
muit rat in their silent
Echo Mountain, CaL
Prevention of Many of the Cold Weather Skin Troubles...." ._,
. It i s natural that persons with dell-
less discomfort * in -.- the winter, and
when to a delicate skin Is added a
poor general circulation the suffering
.. it will traverse a much greater distance than a. body of any other shape
j the throttle wide be felt the great en- may be serious.
drircn-by an equal force. 1 tried this experiment up heire bythrowing stone*
•*ch.,«ia jglna, trembling like a thoroughbred,
Much may be done to reduce mis
. and tin plates. Different shapes of stone, pieces of iron, wood, etc, werej
Sheldon, la tha *ew York i give a mighty leap and shoot forward suffering to a minimum in tbe case of
thrown out over a canyon below the observatory. Smooth stones did not|
madly. .Mllepost after mllepost flew persons who are not obliged to expose,
go more than 250 feet, wood and iron bodies Jess. Then flat tin shingles.<•
past like .wraiths, and gripping his themselves to the elements in all weaHtH
were thrown horibomally or inclined upward. About twenty were thrown, j
window stanchions with both arms he ther, and even those who are much '
-WMMMIUUB wna OOLO arms be
Upoo trial two were sent at the propei;Jangle and speed to "catch the air," and !
prrvis«w1 mow K A I - » I - - » •
leaned out and back. Just tftsn_tbe. ^irjos^iLmay—help-tBelr-coo
they flew to a distance of not leis thanll!500jfeet!__
ji^^iH-tinniia rounded a curve and Its observing a few simple rules.
-This is tLBTirtncTpre^Ia"BcTate<rfiiy~LangleV to hla basic experiments. Tbe j
headlight flung its stabbing gleam Into
greatest annoyance iin damp,
The greaUst
reaction pressure cf the air under.the gliding plane was against gravitation J
their faces. It was to be a race for cold.countries. In England especially,
and sustained all that part of its weight in exceM of that Able to be kept
life, and Big Bob, hugging the re- Is. tho chilblain. In most parts of
up by the a'jr In its natural state.
versing lever to keep from being America tbe very fold weather Is also
With enormous speed a velocity theoretically, if not actually, could be
knocked against the pitching cab, still dry and this particular horror does not
reached -where the air under the piano would be 6a a «v>H<J, be a road for the
By Alberta C. Joyce.
held a rigid purpose stamped on bis flourish. The hands and feet are the
- - ' —
dense and nas been
ashen face, but the^ puruo3e-now-was .parts^mostgenerailygftecfed by cull.
—.- ^w»«v u u uos peen
- Wain,.which I* a sort of -.miniature
Tsiqymm as a darK mast,
[ _j i
—yr~~^7~~—~~Z~^~7- When the Senatorial Limited was not that-ofardeRroyer.; . . . . . .
As the big machine tore ahead In frosthlte."" The ihtblerafile Itching
n~frontpf,Jightiiiag-the air-becomes solid and turns the electricity aside wrecked and the engineer. Big Boh.
in zlfTzig paths. The air above and around melinite approaches a very dense as he was commonly called, ordered off spurts of uneven speed jllke the plunges which Is associated with it is one ot
of an infuriated"steed, that black tbe most trying symptoms. It often
state when the explosion occurs. Meteors, when they move with their maxito work in the yards, Ujere wai spectre Juat behind, and gaining on lends to such vigorous scratching thafr
mum speed of forty-two miles per second, compress the airtofront The iuty
aeroplane rides on air which Itself compresses. The greater the speed the {enutne consternation among the ranks them, all thoughts of hatred died In the skin Is broken and ulceratlon re»f trainmen. They ail.knew Big Bob. the desperate heart of Big Bob. Hesults; but with the warm and dry
greater the weight sustained.
frho bad run an engine over the road thought _of the president now as the American domicile there need not bB
tor 90 "years; know his love for hla bis,
father ot his baby's rescuer, and great fear of this particular form of
black steed, and his gruff kindness..
through white lips, and with the head- s k i n t r o u b l e . .
When the monster petition went In light of that pursuing demon' almost
Some persons always develop skin
to the president of the road for Bob's In his eyes, vowed to save them.
troubles ln a prolonged spell ot very
Miss M.—tip feeds pup, t o w i
reinstatement, stating that owing to i
It was red hot now In the cab and cold weather, and all very delicate
disastrous storm be bad. worked night the faces of the two men were drawn skins will suffer from harsh and bit- Uve times a day, mostly st.i.T
ind day for a Week, and tired and and blistering. Myriad lights, signals, Ing cold winds. Persons who are sub-[soaked in mllK. or gravy.'" .^
wer-stralned had failed to see the tore the Inky blackness as they-shot ject to any form of-eczema aro espec- then a little finely chopped me",'
washout on tbe roadbed In time to save by like a thunderbolt, swaying and ially liable to an attack in cold wea- broken puppy biscuit. As the/.
the ditching of the Senatorial, the lurching.
' ther. ..,;• . •;; .;
.:.. , " " . • '.
grown7theyr:nave7~1iut twiTi^..
president was annoyed. Weighed down
Inside the luxurious parlor
There are many simple precautions " ^ ^ ^ e d l n g r a v y T n V ; ^
by problems ttist kept him on the rack 'norant of danger, sat the tw(
which no one of ordinary-Intelligence ' nK M Bn(l 1 b r u i t s with meat a n ^
continually, the man. B»mm«ni«» »»—
gulsbed passengers. The president, should neglect Take, for example, etables In the evening. Plenty Ofl
signing with relief, remarked on their • the simplest form»e»f all told weather .,?.r«.l.sevand,fresh, « i r : - r
No. 900.
How To Get It
riot to get disease.
They should always I
Bore leaving their old yan
tlblc, dipped again on res
(.home. Look for ewes't
Tankage for Hogs.
Ohio experiment sU
a testing the value t)f ts
ig feeding, and especially
[lowing corn-fed cattle. T
tankage feeding was-fou:
cellent when used to s
m, making the hogs grow
lop very rapidly.
ails of these experiments,
•e rapid gain In hogs fed
•e Ohio station concludes it
lent circular announcement fbjlowsf'
Tin the tests reported ln 0
;e were more than one-hall
«an the pine made by the I
sepended entirely upon the d
So when Big Bob. dazed and heartbroken, brushing by subordinates fn
suter offices like flies, stood before the
president In his private offlcojunher•Jded, formidable, that offlolai listened
|om-mTr ustr.^Ji'21 au^jpie^
^SBGcertalnTybreaitfng records,-and he persons" will-sair'
'- - always but take it to a "veE" « wiffu
,, ™
- .»
. , Muuuo
would make the meeting all right
have Itself. In time-1 you a „,
r -readfully in," and
The engineer held his hand new. up- if cross-examined these same people outside as much as possible a 7 »
on the throttle,-while his eyes wore seem to regarj(,th& chapping ag an In. « « » s you have.done.,».New-r"
wide and steady ahead. • With theevltablo condition from which there
speed of lightning they crashed past is nb escape. Let mich persons try
the signal nVar Lake Conica,,the big the following simple treatment; ;Never
Jch in protein, and ash.-'
I The Indiana Farmer bad h<
tiled attention to like statei
lelulletlns Df the Purdue exi
Tatlon, showing the excellent
i fcedjng tankage to hogs. 1
• 'i percent of protein In
m a c h i n e omtndiM** • - - •* •
ibSs.'V- The_ iSS^JSSs.-jCKJ
=,«oo»en«aB4' smcTes'trgo
" rour true dyopepUc should
aji me "health" ma^inosT~T
._ «,.,-.„
»-u rose water wW often
v ^ — -« uMt.ii nv co.aia notui
any more. They finally advl
work as well as] anything. In somo
Marketlnfl Potatoes.
! cases it'will be better bo^ to use soap me to try a certain.medical coll
J Perhaps with no other staj
| In any form' and to eithstltute oatmeal. out its treatment., did no .good.
laatfae farmer gain s o mucl
Ther hands should'alwaya
should'always be well cov- •lie tlmo I waa lqduced to try '< lareful preparation..for the nu
ira he was so> bad that I bad t(
ered, when in thoj open air. if to this
balr off and put the Cuticuraf
fcth potatoes. Both, for1 the lot
Is added proper exercise. In order that
n* **« -*••— on *
l e t and for .shlppmg^jnedtai
Big Bob worked about the yard an1
on the battered hulk of bis old engine,
No, 900, doggedly. As he tinkered
valves and levers, tightened bolts, rub^
bed braasbound rails and bands and
, oiled the |ojedT.nw?hla8-flKit 'haa-'olitd'
rated"at ills bidding he muttered exultantly, "Ye'H help mo make him pay
for this."
His life was sad and broken, looking
on each day as the big black locomotives went out with strange hands at
the throttles, whHe he did boy's work
about the yard. Only one grim purpose,
kept him alive now—the purpose of
If you am marH^ »„,, euaot
^ ° ' J ^ J ^ ° * ~me one else's.
The Natural Life
. U o oiuuo ruies apply to the face and
to the skin generally; thorough protection by the dotting, care In bathIng, with the use of an emollient all
the time, and a good general circulation.—Youth's Companion.
. - , „ — . « uuuiager with, anxious I
• what you put Into face strode through the yard, while" I
everywhere, amid the howl of the
gathering storm, sounded notes of excitement. When lta purport reached Big
Bob a grim smile contorted his face
• • - . . •
the confldence of the commercial world'and you precipitate Shake
a panic.
Restore lost confldence and the pulse of business again throbs
with renewed life.
• • ••
That fatal Black Friday in 1873, when Jay Coqke & Co. failed,
destroyed public confldence and brought on one of the most disastrous panic; In the history of man. ^"Thousands of honest laborers
••- b e c a m e t r a m p * . " . > . - •••••.•.•;;.•.•:::'' .. ' '1-','-,•,•:
your real eelf show through all exterior coverings.
- « " . . Let
Ity cotor your environment.
V ..
i * t your own personalLettest
noble thought
In you nave expression—put
each high
*o the
of actual
. resolve'
, „ ...juat'ouaido'tlie'yardrhis engine
derailed and put out of commission—
there's not a engine or engineer
nearer than 50 mllus on account of exIra work, and- the president' with a
directors' meeting so Important he's
crazed at the thought of delay. What,
you hare old 800 Tn good shape and
can get'steam up in short order?
Let tho life In you—vivacity, appreciation, enthusiasm, affection and splr• Itual impulses—bubble over in natural and frank manner, '
For thus only can you be yourself. If you are anything else, you havo
noting to Invest In life, you have no principal—you nrdxspeculatine »n bec• Back from the presldont hurried
rowed money.
,, '
the manager. "Hook on to the special
Be natural!—New York American.
on main track ready to leave at 5.43.
As Biff Bob backed bis engine down
Into place before iho-.waiting -special,
'MS'"face"was "lerrlblo"-In: Its insane
purpose. Just as the hissing steam
was pouring from beneath No. 900 a
taxlcab drew up, a young - lady
•merged, hurried past the engine and
boarded the train.
. Big Bob's eyes narrowed. Ills vengeance now would be quito complete
when, running full speed past -the signal
mar the oni^of the 'route, heDr
-J- E. Kennedy. Editor of the
dltchcd hla train on^the embankmentbesldo which flowed Loko Gonica. Out
toiaa Health BuMitin
•wBire'had'"he seen that girlish faco
before?......The. thought followed Tilin
AUGH and ^row fat" .ls-as - old oi the nliis,' and ererjr bit
as true today as.;jt_.«yer-waj. Laughterfe~not~<M$y~a Into his cab as he put his. hand on tho
~ remedial agent, but Is also a valuable preventive against a throttlortbrewTr open and felt the"
host of diseases. Here aro the physical effects ot laughter, iron monster start and quiver beneath
and they explain for themselves why; ».good Jiearty
lauphls- him.
...Suddenly-a-rlsionTnashearvivid be^the-best-kmd-oftohlcfdf'thosyatem:
' :
Laughter Increases tbe blood circulation.
fore him. An. applo orchard In full
It expands the lungs.
bloom—a girlish figure entering It
a dripping baby girl 'cuddled
It enlarges the heart.
to her silken bosom. Her maIt Jiggers the diaphragm.
chine passing, she had spied thi
It promoter thedisculatlon of the spleen,.
toddllng-toward "*Bo' river and
across fields and almost *
Hoiv Laughter
~ Fat
parents, then, hardly .waiting for,
thanks had dashed off ln her ru"obo»r.
That was years ago, but Big Bob it^
talt recalled dearly, nnmistakably, that'
the girlish facowM.the samo as "^ '
By John K. LeBaron.
Confldence Is the soul of every enterprise.
It lathe basis of every business, the very cornerstone or society
By Daotd L. Broton
a n d h e tmp»««"»-"
»w aro more readily* salab
lioso that vary much In size
*me lot. If your potatoes
j-Jform In size i t will pay t
IMH, putting t h e large ones
ot and the medium sixed one!
ither, leaving out all of the vef
was not one square I
his whole body that
• He was- ono mass <
h7."ti n e , b a n a a e e s used to stickt
nis skin and ID removing them It ut
to take the skin off with
the acreams from the poor child we.
"- 'r'T'Men'have
'r'T'M^fi'tia'v'e come
-** the
" - commercial
come tft'-nnw"
to appreciate
valtie of .con-
fidence. •
An advertisement, to carry conviction, must be backed by a
firm of good standing.
L • ' • '
*: Reputation in business Is the fruit of confidence.
Self-confidence Is the secret of achievement.
The negative element In self-confidence la conceit.
William Rufus, tbe red king, despite the fact.that ho bad no
man's respect, had the confidence of the people in bis ability to win.
His solf-confldence gave others confidence In him, but confidence '
without respect Is only half a viotory.
•••-•—- "The perfect
victory Is
, to .triumph over one's Belf,*'saya'"
Caesar's faith In Caesar made him "tho foremost man of all
this world."
, ,,.. ,„ «~..-..-- r -—-r
..,,..,„In.179G; Napoleon-wtote:'(6 ttie;:Slreetory:- "In tne'persiJoBlbn:
. t h a t your confidence was reposed In me, my actions were as prompt
as my thoughts." -. .
.• .
. Without that public confidence not even the arrogance, the
selfishness and the genius of Napoleon could have won.
, Speaking of those moments of fear which even the bravest
soldiers experience, the little Corslcan says: "That terror proceeds
from a want of confidence ln their own courage."
Gen. McQlellan lacked the confidence ln himself that is a decisive element of victory. Probably the finest disciplinarian in- the
war of tbe rebellion, ho foiled to conquer because he lacked the
' • courage to act.
[ '•„ .___,.i...... ..--•-- •••-•-••—-
Lac^of solf-connaenc'e was "little Mac's" Waterloo.
A large Manchester.firm gave Richard Cobden unsecured credit In tho Bum of 1200,000 when he was a youngjnan..
The firm had built up its eaormouiTbuelness by trusting young '
•men ot good habits, and it had confldenco In Cobden's character.
Lincoln, was a marked example of. the truth of tho.old^jiroverb^.^"Confidence begets confldence."-—-;—~r~~~~
""" "
•""."His "modesty was coupled with an implicit faith in, himself, his
own Judgment and the cause, that was a part of hla very existence.
In spite of their plqud and their resentment, his cabinet members tad a reserve respect' for their great leader and a " ""
in hlB judgment
His tremflndmi. « « « — • • •
tto wduld never get well, but aiterti
necond aapUcaUon of Cutlcura Oto
ment I began to see signs of Impron
meat, and with tho third and fourt
JPPllcations the sores coo-nenced I
ary np.- His skin peeled off twenf
Umes, out It finally yielded to ti,
treatment Now I can say that he b
I ,[eJ? c n r e d ' a n d a stronger ltd
healthier boy you never saw tlm1
he to to-day, twelve years or mon
since the cure-was- effected. Rat
Wattam. 1148 Forty-eighth St, ChH
cag;o, 111.. Oct 9. 1909."
-•the potatoes to He on the,
,-1 well dried off, usually from
t*o hours, s o that the dirt v
stick to them.
This Improve
looks very materially. Bruised
potatoes should be carefully e:
from those Intended for marl
never marketing anything but
ai uniform sized potatoes a
can soon build up a reputatlc
iHl-be-of cash.value t o h i m ; :
ere are usually very willing
more than "going prices for p
which they know t o b e all rig]
sine can be sold of communi
*II the farmers of a communit
He same variety, the o n e best
Coasting Flying Machines.
In Switzerland, the coasting flyltll
machine furnishes great fun. Slelghtl
w e -fitted--wIMi'-iii-ii—--*-_i«^:-.J
—"•* " w "Kuimng Epeeajc
i^wwsc^^^vwijnj:, OI., iae A j a c c u i n
When tho wings are released tb« of them will" come to bin for th(
sleighs rises into the air for a beau- ""• farmers will g e t better
tiful sllde._It «s an easy way to lean (— 'Hi lots of potatoes always
flying, but. aside from this the net «<Hocount.—Written for the :
mrner by w . H. Wenz.
sport beats coasting all to pleces.New York Press.
Milk Vessels and Their Ca
Clean, properly cared for ml
wo Play. an. imporUnt part In t
wctlon of pure nn,d wholesome
Dirty • pails, cans
O"h dirty milk ind dirty, pn
Md there is no getting aroun
the kidneys dp their duty
~ - — w u l s filtered dear of uric add
»nd other waste. Weak kidneys do
^ ^ ^ ^ • ^ " ™ | n o t filter off all tt»
|bad matter..-.Thlsli
\. the- cause - of -~-;rli4u*
-.- rough cans or pail
matle pains, back• -J of disease wUl settle In
ache and urinary dUu
and afford a har
orders. Doan's KidP-ace for bacteria. None but tin i
ney Pills cure »eak
.«">uU bo used. It is better not
*ooden vessels of any kind I
j Henry J. Brown.
'owing of milk, for the reason
53 " Colnmbus St.
'Charleston, S. C, 'lifflcult to keep them dean
, -""M In the wood readily absoi
sayB: "For two yean
mti.of the milk and only severe
I suffered, with or
•.^^^^- s ^« in«
kidneys. ..Rheumatic
pains drove me nearly frantic Jiy limbs
aBn^BH^rsgM °8lped me until 1 be
^ • • • • • • s l a H s a n ' uslrig^ipoan'a
Kidney Pills, and by that tlme>t8«neaxly. given up hope^—^•--•-----"••
»•*-Bi,»«u--np nopfc-Tbeybrou
mei quick relief and a final cure."
Remember the name-^Doan's. Sold
ay all dealers. Foster-MIIburn Co.
Buffalo, J». r. BO cents a box.
e. This is ofte
P a "ly Irom la
" utensils clean b;
•«: the annual meeting of tho trnstees
«JHS of tho Manchester Royal Infirmary it was decided by a largo majority'
that women, should not bo resident
pnysldans' and" surgeons'. "DlsJiorWelldon.argued that women docton
were, not worth as much as men for
the treatment-of all cases, and most
— ™««wiv
_ux a u cases,
anu ui«—
P«Uentt dIsUked^tir-49 treated b/
*?^*»J*e»aw.-Tlwr« U no si*wollah. DraJndic* h«r» ln New Torfc 4
Use a brush i
the washing com