Gracing Stories Grace Place, Willmar MN A Message From Tina Parker, Program Director

Gracing Stories
Grace Place, Willmar MN
Fall 2014
A Message From
Tina Parker, Program Director
Transition- If you are like me,
the mere sound of the word
causes anxiety! We associate
the idea of change with discomfort or being pushed into unknown territory. It’s interesting that God uses transition in
our lives to “transform” us.
Mailing Address:
PO Box 753
Spicer, MN 56288
(320) 979-3553
Grace Place
Board of Directors
Jane Vikse—President
Lindsay Nelson—Vice President
Sharon Finstrom—Treasurer
Cliff Jerabek
Dayna Latham
John Patock
Grace Place is a
“transformation house” for
women in “transition”.
As a ministry, we have gone through some growing pains
over the past several months, but as God brings us
through these challenges we are becoming all that He has
planned for us—we haven’t arrived, but we are definitely
on the journey.
Likewise, the women who come to Grace Place are on
their own journey. They come to us during a time of
transition, facing difficult challenges and seeking God’s
help in transforming their lives.
Every day our purpose here is to show the love of Christ
to these women—whether we are leading a Bible study,
mentoring or teaching a life skill. It’s all about building
relationships. The most important thing we do is show
how it is possible to have a relationship with Jesus.
Knowing Him and allowing Him to be in control of our
lives—that is the key to real transformation.
It is my prayer that we as a staff continue to focus on the
healing of hearts and the renewing of minds. This is what
gives us the power to change.
Thank you for your continued support as we endeavor to
help the women of Grace Place on their way in their new
life in Christ.
Gracing Circles Members
3rd Quarter 2014
Visionaries Circle - $5,000-$9,999
A Gift at This Level
Would Cover Utilities for a Year!
Leaders Circle - $1,000-$4,999
Charity, Inc.
Patrons Circle - $500-$999
Dale & Ann Anderson
B & L Utility Company
First Reformed Church (Collection)
Lori & Craig Schellberg
Quality Title*
Friendship Circle - $250-$499
Annette & Marlin Beliveau
Citizens Alliance Bank
Bev & Frances Cohrs
Gene & Rita Gravely
Bert & Grace Johnson
Jeremy & Laura Johnson
Pearl Schroeder
George & Sharon Solnitzky
Cory & Kristie Swenson
Vangie Underland
Hope Circle - $1-$249
Danny Barfknecht & Kristin Bloedel
Lillian Dale
Vicki DeBoer
Harris & Connie Duininck
Shane & Heather Hansen
Don & Sharon Johnson
Josh Kramer
Tonya Meagher
Brandon & Nadine Nelson
Valerie Norling
Pampered Chef
Myra Quale
Betty Rustad
Kevin & Nancy Skalla
Leon & Kathleen Van Kley
Randy & Ann Zimmer
*Multiple Gift Have Moved Donor to This Circle
Additional Supporters
3rd Quarter 2014
Gifts in Kind
Cliff Jerabek
Revenue Cycle Department
& Patient Access—Rice Hospital
Contributions and Assistance
to our Yard Sale
Julie Asmus
Donna Kogsrud
Harvest Church
Terwisscha Construction
Charlene B, Connie B, Millie B, Sharon B,
Cindy C, Kayla D, Kelly F, Jerry G,
Pam G, Deb J, Bob & Angie K,
Jim K, Justin K, Kathy & Blake K,
Mary K, Tonya M, Valerie M, Millie M,
Rose O, Ardel & Chuck S,
Mary S and Jenna V.
Thank you to everyone that donated
items and participated with our Yard
Sale. With everyone's participation we
were able to raise nearly $700!
Other Places you can find Grace Place online:
House Update
Updates on past and current residents at Grace
Place (with pseudonyms to protect their privacy).
~Anna, has successfully transitioned from a Grace
Place Resident to living independantly in her own
apartment! She is working as a hostess part-time
and is awaiting an approval to begin doing volunteer
work in prison ministry. She has a church home, a
mentor that she keeps in contact with and regularly
attends meetings and other activities in the community. We are so excited for her and pray that God
will provide steady income for her and continued
growth in her spiritual life.
~Bernice, was at Grace Place for a little less than six
months, but chose to leave the program early. She
has found full-time employment and continues to
work on her relationship with her children. We
pray for God's blessings in her life and that her time
at Grace Place gave her a solid foundation to make
some positive changes.
~Candace, has truly made a transformation! Since
arriving at Grace Place, she has worked very hard
to complete many of her goals. She will be finished
with her after-care treatment and will be celebrating her first year of sobriety very soon! In addition,
she has had the opportunity to lead several meetings and has done some mentoring at Grace Place
with our newest resident. Her plan is to begin vol-
unteering at the animal shelter and seek out employment opportunites. Most importantly, she has
made a serious committment to Christ and credits
Him for her success!
~Deborah, was with us for a short time. Grace
Place provided her with a safe, loving environment
to renew her faith and set some goals for her
life. After receiving some outpatient counseling
services, she made the decision to pursue a more
structured program that would better meet her
particular needs at this time. We pray for Deborah
regularly and believe that God will guide her
through the next part of her journey.
~Esther, is our newest resident here at Grace
Place. She came to us broken and hurting--but,
God is faithful! Esther has given her heart to Jesus
and made a public profession of faith in Him! She
has overcome a physical injury and is taking steps
to heal her emotions by seeing a therapist. She is
volunteering at the Food Shelf every week and is
smiling and laughing a lot more! She has a volunteer
mentor who meets with her weekly and will be
making a weekend trip to see a family member that
she has been away from for over 10 years!
I look forward to giving you more good news about
the ladies of Grace Place and the amazing things
that God is doing in their lives!
Ways you can support Grace Place….
-Become a Volunteer; we are looking for Mentors, Bible Study Leaders, Cosmetologists, Drivers and
Outdoor Maintenance. Please contact Tina at (320) 979-3553 or [email protected]
-Request Staff from Grace Place to come speak at your Church, and hold a special Collection/Offering
for Grace Place.
-If you’ve already made a financial gift to Grace Place, check with your employer to see it they offer
matching contributions.
Never Underestimate Your Ability
to Make Someone Else’s Life Better
~Even if You Never Know It
PO Box 753
Spicer, MN 56288
Shopping With a Purpose
Holiday Fundraiser & Silent Auction
Tuesday, November 18th
5:00 p.m. –8:00 p.m.
Willmar Conference Center
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