International Conference (IC&E 2014) Intellectual Capital & Education (including Energy-Related Education)

International Conference (IC&E 2014)
Vistula University and Accelerated Learning International Poland are calling for abstracts
covering research and activities across all fields related to
Intellectual Capital & Education (including Energy-Related Education)
4-6 December 2014
Warsaw, Poland
Unique Conference Agenda
Apart from plenary sessions scheduled for each of the three days the participants will be able to
participate in:
English language workshops conducted by experienced professionals from Austria, United
Kingdom, New Zealand, India, Italy and Poland.
Each day will host an English language moderated debate devoted to the main topic of the day.
Thursday, the 4th December we will host a moderated discussion on the links between business and
educational institutions. Friday we will host a moderated discussion on education in energy sector.
Saturday’s main topic will be K-12 education and technology in education.
Key-note speeches delivered by reputable speakers and experts in Intellectual Capital, Education
(including Energy-related education).
One of the first conventions ever linking the professionals working in the energy sector education.
Conference Focus
Countries and nations worldwide are investing heavily in their knowledge assets, including
investments in education and intellectual capital. Fostering creativity is becoming the biggest challenge of
education systems worldwide. Private and public institutions are faced with issues that were non-existent
just 10 or 20 years ago such as information overload, falling job commitment from Gen-Y employees,
scarcity of new ideas for business development, etc.
In order to pursue these new challenges and gather top intellectuals from around the world who
will be able to engage in scientific debate, Vistula University is organizing the First International
Conference on Intellectual Capital & Education to be held in Warsaw, Poland 4-6 December 2014.
Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
Productivity related to intellectual capital
Intellectual capital accounting
Intellectual capital as a resource-based
business strategy
Human capital management
Disclosing intangibles
Intellectual capital in higher education
institutions (HEIs)
Creativity in education and business
Linking intellectual capital management and
corporate social responsibility
Linking education and business
The effect of creativity of employees on
intellectual capital
ICT as an enabler for quality in education
Creative class and cultural capital
Intellectual property rights
Educating skilled labour for the energy
Intellectual capital and service design
Best practice in managing intellectual capital
Intellectual capital and knowledge sharing
Investments in education systems and
intellectual capital
Catching up in emerging markets and
intellectual capital
Education for creativity in primary,
secondary and tertiary education
School marketing
Please consider the following when submitting your abstract
Abstracts are due by 15 November 2014. A Conference Scientific Committee will review all
submissions, and accepted authors will be asked to submit a full paper. Final selection will be made on the
basis of the full paper.
Abstracts should be about 200 words. Inclusion of key figures, tables, diagrams, and mainly
references are strongly encouraged.
The abstract must contain new data, new evidence, new relevant research and be innovative.
Papers must not have previously been published and, if accepted, cannot be published through
other media.
Conference registration price for international participants is 350 Euros.
Papers will only be included in the conference proceedings after receipt of one full registration fee
in due terms.
Submissions must be sent to: [email protected]
Visit our website for guidelines and more details.
Publication opportunities
All submitted papers will be reviewed by international reviewers. Papers presented at the
conference will be published in the conference proceedings with an ISBN number (subject to
author registration and payment).
Accepted articles may be published with Cambridge Scholars Publishing Ltd. (UK).
Be part of the largest international gathering on intellectual capital and education in
Central-Eastern Europe in 2014 by submitting your abstract for IC&E 2014.