Datum: 2015-02-27
Siw Wennberg - A Great Primadonna Vol. 3
Strauss – Die Frau ohne Schatten
Prisgrupp: DA3
Richard Strauss (1864-1949)
Die Frau ohne Schatten - Opera in 3 acts
Der Kaiser - Matti Kastu
Die Kaiserin - Siv Wennberg
Barak - Walter Berry
Die Färberin - Birgit Nilsson
Die Amme - Barbro Ericson
Der Geisterbote - Bo Lundborg
Der Hüter - Hillevi Blyloods
Kungliga Hovkapellet - Berislav Klobucar
Recording of the legendary performance in Stockholm
This is the recording of the 1975 performance in Stockholm. Already nearing the end of her career,
Birgit Nilsson renders some glorious singing with ever powerful high Cs. The success was enormous
and the performance was to be considered legendary. One reviewer wrote that this performance was
the greatest in 200 years. It was opera history the way the world premiere performance of O'Neills
'Long Day's journey into Night' in 1956 in Stockholm. The opera was performed a few more times
during spring of 1976. In 1978 it was sent on television as they wanted to document this
performance with Birgit Nilsson. Many expected the opera to be released on DVD after the death of
Birgit Nilsson, but the opera director Nikolaus Lehnhoff has forbidden another television performance.
Now, however, you can hear the performance on CD, at least.
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