Boost Your Company Profitability Motorola Independent Software Vendor Program

Boost Your Company Profitability
Motorola Independent Software Vendor Program
We’re looking for innovators...
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Become part of the Motorola ecosystem
Motorola strives to meet customers’ end-to-end needs by offering complete solutions through
relationships with top resellers and application providers. By leveraging the strengths of independent providers of application software and professional services, Motorola can offer
customers truly exceptional solutions that help ensure total satisfaction.
Focused on application software and professional services, Independent Software Vendors, or
application providers are a critical component of the overall Motorola Channel Partner Program.
By leveraging the unique capabilities of ISVs, the ISV Program creates an ecosystem rich in
expertise, customer touch points and opportunities for growth and profitability.
ISVs are companies that develop, market, produce and sell software applications based on technology or industry-specific expertise. Their focus is not on selling hardware, but on delivering customer value through teamwork with Motorola and its resellers.
As a developer of application software or professional services provider, you can qualify for
admission to the ISV Program by meeting the requirements on the following page. First-time
members to the ISV Program are admitted at the standard or ISV level (ISV). Companies may
advance to the Premier ISV (PISV) level by meeting additional requirements.
Visit the ISV Program website
for complete details and to apply.
This brochure will introduce you to program benefits and program requirements for both the ISV and Premier ISV levels. For more information, please visit:
Program Benefits
Benefits That Deliver Real Business Value*
ISVs receive a highly valuable set of program benefits designed to help grow their business. Each ISV can maximize their benefits by achieving higher levels of validation, contribution, commitment, and customer support services requirements.
Benefits are tailored to address the business goals of each ISV by helping to maximize revenue, reduce expenses, optimize assets, minimize liabilities and support cash flow.
Program benefits are supported in four key categories.
Business Relationship Benefits – These benefits define an ISV’s relationship with
Motorola and the Reseller Channel to establish the relationship structure that will
optimize revenue generation.
Relationship Enablement Benefits – These benefits keep ISVs well educated and
focused on Motorola and market revenue opportunities while recognizing notable
customer successes.
Marketing and Sales Enablement Benefits – These benefits deliver vital marketing
and sales-related resources designed to boost sales, cut costs, and augment existing
sales and marketing assets.
Technical Enablement Benefits – These benefits build ISV proficiency on Motorola
products, support core initiatives and enhance support and retention while reducing
* Benefit offerings described in this section may be discontinued or modified by Motorola at any time. Additionally,
benefits may be delivered differently or may not be available in specific markets, geographies or countries.
Variances may apply to any specific offering and can be found in the specific benefit descriptions.
Program Benefits
Benefits For ISVs and Premier ISVs
ISV E-newsletter with valuable information such as webinar invitations, new product and service announcements, links to the latest product marketing bulletins
and program news.
• Prepares for the development of new applications with product launch updates
• Informs ISVs about new tools to aid in sales and marketing
• Helps ISVs make the most of their investments
Email broadcasts containing breaking information on the program, Motorola products and services, or corporate news – helping keep you up to date.
• Keeps ISVs up to date
• Calls attention to important information that ISVs need to know
Channel Partner Events are held throughout the year and provide a unique forum
for ISVs and resellers to engage and attend education and training sessions, learn
more about the channel strategy, and meet with Motorola sales teams.
• Supports networking
• Offers insight to the Motorola product roadmap, preparing ISVs to align their offerings with Motorola
• Improves ISV knowledge of Motorola products and services
ISV Rewards recognize ISVs for outstanding achievements over the past year, bringing significant recognition and exposure and helping generate sales opportunities through more leads and referrals.
• Brings significant recognition and exposure to the most innovative and committed ISVs
• Helps generate sales opportunities through more leads and referrals
ISV Partner Locator is a web-based utility that enables users – including customers, other ISV members and Motorola business associates – to search for ISVs with specific
industry or technological expertise or by geographical location. Your online ISV profile
works to increase your visibility in the marketplace.
• Increases visibility in the marketplace and potential exposure to new revenue
• Enables ISVs to promote specific industry or technology expertise
Marketing Plan Template provides more effective planning by helping ISVs outline key
marketing objectives and strategies.
• Accelerates time to market
• Helps generate leads, capture revenue and augment marketing resources
Use of the Motorola Brand provides ISVs the opportunity to leverage Motorola brand
recognition on marketing materials.
• Program logos will be provided to ISVs based on program level and product validation requirements.
• Accelerates time to market
• Helps generate leads, capture revenue and augment marketing resources
Sales and Technical Education Certification ISVs have the opportunity to access online
sales and technical training courses to increase proficiency on Motorola products. While
ISVs are not required to obtain certification, they have access to the same platform and
product certification courses available to other Motorola Channel Partners. Online courses
are available at no charge. Instructor-led courses and exams are offered on a fee basis.
• Reduces expenses by decreasing standard staff training costs
• Optimizes a partner’s potential to capture Motorola revenue
• Increases revenues by boosting implementation effectiveness
Level II Priority Phone Support gives priority access to the Motorola business Tier II
Support team, to help resolve urgent, mission-critical issues escalated from Level I.
• Enables customer loyalty through rapid problem resolution processes
• Reduces operational expenses by alleviating the customer support burden from the ISV
• Makes resources more productive by providing a single escalation point and proactive functions to address potential customer issues
Motorola Validation offers the opportunity to co-validate the interoperability of software
solutions with Motorola products. When a solution is validated, ISVs can display a program logo, and benefit from joint marketing activities. This provides a valuable advantage
that differentiates ISVs from their competition.
• Provides a competitive differentiator that drives revenue
• Offers a cost-effective resource for ensuring interoperability with Motorola products
• Provides a unique resource that accelerates time to market, shortens the sales cycle and accelerates deployment time
• Facilitates collaboration with other ISV members, so ISVs can be confident that a potential collaborator’s solution was tested to function
• Provides confidence to end-user customers by streamlining solution evaluation
• Increases the visibility of the partner and the solution within the Motorola communities
A top innovator...
Maybe, a company like yours
Benefits For Premier ISVs
ISV Market Development Funds (MDF) are distributed quarterly on a case-by-case
basis to eligible ISVs, based on maximum expected return on investment from specific
joint marketing and business development activities. This can help reduce marketing
expenses while accelerating development of lead and revenue generation activities.
• Supports and accelerates development of lead and revenue generation activities
• Capitalizes on compelling market opportunities based on joint market positioning
• Enforces a disciplined, focused planning process that builds a healthy sales pipeline and raises market awareness
• Authorization for an activity requires Motorola approval
Joint Marketing Plan Development provides Premier ISVs with assistance from Motorola in planning, developing and executing marketing strategies and tactics. Once a marketing plan is approved, ISV Market Development Funds can be applied.
• Leverages the Motorola’s business’ market insight and marketing intelligence to build strong go-to-market plans that generate revenue quickly
• Helps generate leads, capture revenue and augment marketing resources with ISV MDF funds
Program Requirements
Program Membership Levels
are Distinguished by Specific Criteria
Membership is approved based on an assessment of the
company’s business model and go-to-market strategies, fulfillment of all Motorola ISV membership requirements,
and acceptance of all applicable terms and conditions.
Commitment Requirements
The extent to which the company and the Motorola business commit resources and funds to drive new customer opportunities.
Customer Support Services Requirements
The company’s ability to support its end user customers.
Growth to Premier ISV level is based on meeting specific requirements
As an ISV grows its commitment to the Motorola business
relationship, it may qualify as a Premier ISV, which allows
the ISV to earn additional benefits that will help reduce
expenses, drive more sales and revenue. Premier ISV
requirements include the following and once an ISV meets
the requirements for the premier level, they can advance to
Premier ISV status and earn additional benefits including:
Validation Requirements Premier ISVs will be required to have solutions which have
been validated on Motorola products and will receive marketing benefits as a result.
Contribution Requirements Premier ISVs maximize Motorola infrastructure and service revenue.
Program Requirements
ISV Commitment Requirements
ISV Profile: Motorola must have current and accurate information on all ISVs to facilitate effective communications, lead referrals and other critical contacts. The ISV profile
is part of the ISV Program application process and must be updated at least annually.
ISV Program Terms and Conditions: To qualify for Motorola’s ISV program, applicants
must meet all membership requirements and must accept the terms and conditions
outlined in the ISV agreement. The terms and conditions specify the commitments
required for participation and annual re-qualification requirements for renewal, ensuring
that ISVs continue to meet and maintain the annual requirements for membership at the
appropriate level.
Business Plan: All ISVs are required to develop an annual Joint Business Plan. The Joint
Business Plan is a brief, focused document that addresses the most critical elements of
the relationship including the joint value proposition, business objectives and strategies.
Marketing Plan: All ISVs are required to develop an annual marketing plan. The marketing plan describes the demand generation activities the ISV will execute to drive new
customer opportunities. A Motorola ISV Account Manager will work with the ISV on
marketing plan requirements.
Customer Support Services Requirements
Tier I Pre- and Post-Sale Support: Motorola requires ISVs to maintain the following
technical support infrastructure to support the software they develop and market. This
ensures responsiveness to customer requests, overall customer satisfaction and supporting the development of long-term customer relationships.
ISVs must provide their customers with Tier I help desk support eight hours a day, five
days a week (Monday-Friday are recommended) during normal business hours. This
requirement includes both pre- and post sale support. In order to fulfill the requirements
of customer support requirements, members must also have a call management or call
tracking system in place as well as a guaranteed four hour call back process.
• Basic usability questions including the “how-to” process and questions about high-level functionality of the product
• Employs basic troubleshooting configuration, “how-to” processes, parts information and documentation requests
• Provides education to seek a prompt remedy to problems
Tier II Support: Tier II support issues are usually defined as in-depth operating system
or product functionality questions that may require engineering assistance. Typically,
environment and application trouble shooting, advanced configuration and engineering
escalations (if required) are employed. ISV members may escalate Tier II issues to the
Motorola Tier II level support team.
Motorola reserves the right to conduct scheduled, periodic quality audits to measure and assess Tier I support provided
by ISVs. The purpose of these audits is to help diagnose any root cause behind issues and provide resolution. Audits
may be triggered by either an increase in the number of calls coming into the Motorola Tier II Support that have not been
appropriately diagnosed at Tier I, or an increase in the number of Tier I calls coming directly to the Motorola support center
from the partner’s customers, or satisfaction issues.
Premier Status
PISV Attaining Premier ISV Status
As you grow your commitment to the Motorola business relationship, you may qualify
as a Premier ISV, which allows you to earn extra benefits that will help reduce expenses, drive more sales and maximize revenue. Becoming a Premier ISV involves meeting additional certification, contribution, commitment and customer support services
requirements. In addition to the commitment and customer support services requirements of an ISV Program member, those wishing to reach Premier ISV status must also
meet the following two requirements: Validation Requirements
The Validation procedure offers the opportunity to work side-by-side with Motorola engineers to validate a software solution’s intended functionality under common customer
usage scenarios. Upon successful completion of the testing objectives, your application
is recognized as a Motorola validated product solution. The Validation procedure offers
ISVs the opportunity to differentiate themselves and serve customers more effectively
by co-validating the interoperability of their software solutions with the Motorola product portfolio.
Contribution Requirements
Premier ISVs must have sold solutions which included Motorola products to three
unique customers.
Commitment and Resource Requirements
In order to attain and maintain Premier ISV status, ISVs are expected to focus personnel
resources on growing the Motorola business-partner relationship by having:
• Three full-time sales / business development associates to aid in developing, influencing and closing joint sales opportunities
• One dedicated system application engineering resource responsible for supporting the engineering and sales efforts associated with the interoperability and alignment of the Premier ISV solutions and Motorola products
• Commitment of $10,000 of joint marketing funds, which will be matched by Motorola and used to execute agreed-upon demand generation activities
• Influences over $500,000 of Motorola revenue per year through application sales and resellers relationships
• Opportunity forecast expected to be $1 million annually in support of Motorola business
Customer Support Services Requirements
Maintenance of a technical support infrastructure that ensures responsiveness to customer requests, drives overall customer satisfaction and supports the development of
long-term customer relationships.
Membership Requirements at a Glance
Does Not Resell Motorola Products
• Deliver application software
• Deliver customer value by providing professional services
Provide Customer Support
• Maintain a technical support infrastructure
• Support developed and marketed software
Have Current Applications that Support Motorola Products
• Be able to go to market quickly
• Have ready-to-ship applications within three months
Business Model Assessment
• Reviewed by a dedicated Motorola Account Manager
Go-To Market Assessment
• Based on an assessment of the company’s business model
Guaranteed Call Back
• Respond to customer inquiry within four hours of request
• Via email, voice mail, fax or other common methods
Call Management and Tracking System in Place
• Computer-based system is preferred
• Technical support calls should be from a technical resource
Member Profile Submitted
• Keep partner profile current at all times
• Must be updated at least annually
Application Form Terms and Conditions Submitted
• Must accept the appropriate terms and conditions
• Meet annual re-qualification requirements for renewal
Business Plan Submitted
• Develop an annual Joint Business Plan
• Include joint value proposition, objectives and strategies
Marketing Plan Submitted
• Develop an annual Marketing Plan
• Describe activities to drive new customer opportunities
Provide a Motorola Validated Solution
• After successful completion of the testing objectives
Existing Joint Customers
• Minimum of three
• Two or more closed
year contributing
to revenue
Opportunity forecast expected to be $1 million annually in support of Motorola business
• Based
on an assessment
of the company’s
Sales/Business Development Associates
• Minimum of three full-time individuals
Dedicated Marketing Resources
• Minimum of one
Dedicated System Application Engineering Resources
• Minimum of one
Minimum $10K Commitment of Joint Marketing Funds
• Matched by Motorola
Provide an Opportunity Forecast
• Required
Influences over $500,000 of Motorola revenue per year through application sales and resellers relationships
Apply Today
Motorola program and product logos will be made available to ISVs to use on selected marketing materials. Motorola is
looking forward to building partnerships
with innovative application providers and is excited to hear from you – let’s grow our
businesses and solutions together.
Apply online today.
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