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However, during the Interim Elevator Maintenance Service time period, the Contractor
shall repair or replace all non-functioning parts of the Elevator door operating and door
safety apparatus on care and shaft-way doors to assure safe, smooth and quiet door
operation, and shall repair or replace all care and shaft-way indicator lights and call
button lights.
Contractor Services
The County’s payment to the Contractor for the Interim Elevator
Maintenance Services and the Warranty Maintenance Services (which include the
Callback services described in Section 5.0, below, in the respective amounts described
in Section 3.1.1 of the Agreement, is the total amount that the Contractor shall receive
for providing such Services and includes all costs related thereto including, but not
limited, to all labor, transportation, supplies, materials, parts, tools, scaffolding,
machinery, hoists, employee safety equipment, equipment, lubricants, supervision,
applicable taxes, and all other work and materials expressly required under this
Agreement or reasonably inferred whether or not expressly stated herein.
On or before July 1, 2013 the Contractor shall submit a written
Maintenance Control Program (the “MCP”) to the County that is specifically designed to
address the maintenance requirements for the Building Elevators and the requirements
of this Agreement and which shall include the Contractor’s planned preventive
maintenance procedures. The MCP routine maintenance procedures shall include any
unique or product specific procedures or methods required to inspect or test the
equipment. The MCP shall identify weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual
maintenance procedures, including statutory and other required equipment tests. The
County, in consultation with its Elevator Consultant, may reject the MCP if it fails to
meet the requirements of this Agreement. The County shall deliver written notice to the
Contractor specifically stating the reasons why it rejected the MCP. Within seven (7)
days after receipt of the County’s notice the Contractor shall submit a corrected MCP
that is acceptable to the County. If the Contractor cannot or does not timely submit a
corrected MCP, the County may terminate this Agreement by delivering written notice to
the Contractor.