A Noticable Upgrade for EESCO Joliet Sustainability Success

The new lighting increases the light quality
while decreasing energy consumption.
Sustainability Success
A Noticable Upgrade for EESCO Joliet
In addition to significant energy savings, the branch benefits from better light quality following a lighting retrofit.
Identifying an Opportunity
Developing and
Implementing a Plan
In addition to the increased efficiency,
that reduces energy costs, the quality of
light in the aisles is better, which creates a
more enjoyable place for the warehouse
employees to work. The enhanced lighting
makes it easier for the warehouse workers
to see the bins and more accurately pick
The warehouse at the EESCO branch in
Joliet, Illinois had inconsistent lighting
with 400W metal halides in the main
aisles and two-lamp, eight-foot T12
fixtures in aisles with smaller shelving.
The T12 fixtures did not provide adequate
light which made it difficult for warehouse
associates to fulfill orders. In addition, the
lights of the warehouse remained on ten
hours per day, five days per week.
To improve the lighting, replacement
of insufficient and inefficient fixtures
was required. The 400W metal halides
were replaced by six-lamp T8 Cooper
HBL fixtures, and the T12 fixtures
were retrofitted with two four-foot
T8 lamps and new reflectors. Phillips
F32T8/850ADV lamps were used in all
Driving Deeper Reductions
To add to the energy savings, Hubbell
occupancy sensors were added to fixtures
near the back aisles of the warehouse
where there is typically less traffic. The
existing exit signs were replaced with LED
exit signs from Cooper.
As a result of the upgrade, the branch
now saves nearly 50% of the electricity
energy used in those retrofitted areas.
The payback of this project was less than
two years.
Joliet Warehouse Supervisor Rob Horton
notes, “The lighting in the warehouse has
been a big improvement. We are saving
energy, and the new lighting makes the
facility a safer, more attractive place to
As a result of this upgrade,
the Joliet branch will save:
33,514 kWh per year
That’s equivalent to:
• saving 23 metric tons of CO2
• the emissions from 2,519 gallons
of gasoline
• the carbon sequestered from 4.9
acres of tree saplings over one year
For more information:
Mike Pollastrini, Sales Manager, Phone: 815-725-3900, Email: [email protected]
Karen Geisser, Business Development Manager - Lighting & Sustainability, Phone: 219-614-5334,
Email: [email protected]
Billy Grayson, Director of Corporate Sustainability, Phone: 412-454-2424, Email: [email protected]
WESCO worked with
these suppliers to provide
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Fixtures, Controls, and LED Signs
Lamps and Ballasts
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