Jesse Stevens—6th September
Kahli Migotto-Brown—6th September
Rose Llewellyn—7th September
Rowan Broome—9th September
From your Principal
“I am a part of everything
that I have read.”
Theodore Roosevelt
You have a very lucky and fortunate
principal. One of the privileges in
teaching and education is that I find
myself in a wonderful place to live with a
fantastic community. And I am entrusted
with your children and are with them
from their Prep to Year 12. I indeed feel
I was reminded, going back through my
communication diary, when last week I
witnessed the whole Primary Sector out
Huffing and Puffing with Jump Rope. I sat
with three of my Year 12’s role playing as
to how to get more time in the Gym. (I
wonder how they went). The outstanding
Springwood Thank You Night with our
Ambassadors engaging with a community
presentation. And, oh boy, was I proud of
the way they spoke and presented. I was
challenged by my passionate Secondary
Staff around VCE Selections for 2014 – I
wish I could grant all wishes! But the
Budget can be the bottom line. The
inclusion of VET Music into our Later
Years Program next year reflects strong
demand from students and community.
With our Department there are still many
unknowns under the new changes and
accountabilities of school principals. But,
as I opened with, I feel very privileged to
Dates to remember
Sept 5th—SRC AGM
Sept 7th—Deb Ball
Sept 10th—Immunisations
Sept 11th—Interschool Table Tennis
Sept 18th—School Council Meeting
Sept 19th—Regional Athletics
Sept 20th—Term 3 finishes at 2.30pm
be here and will give my students my
very best. And please remember my
door is open.
Father’s Day Last Sunday – What
did you do?
If we look at the most famous father
today it would be Prince William who is
typical of many modern dads. “I’m a
hands-on dad” was the message
beamed around the world. Good on him.
Gone are the days when the only
relationship many men had with their
children was through their wives. Men,
increasingly, recognise that their
effectiveness is dependent on first-hand
interactions with their kids. That means
their presence is needed far more than
any presents they may provide for their
kids. For some dads first -hand
interactions with children are easier said
than done. Family separation, work
circumstances and busy lifestyles are all
factors affecting their capacity to
become involved in their children’s lives.
In these circumstances it’s important
that men maintain an emotional
attachment to their kids; do their best
to know what’s going on in their
children’s lives; and respond
appropriately to the developmental
imperatives of their children.
Building up frequent father points
Good fathering matters. It matters to
mothers as a supportive father makes a
mother’s life easier. It matters to girls.
Good fathering has been linked to
higher confidence levels in girls,
particularly during the tricky adolescent
years. The notion of a father who is
present, available and attentive affords
a sense of security to a girl, which is
necessary for healthy development.
Dads are also the first introduction to
the world of men for girls so it’s
important that fathers treat their
daughters with gentleness and respect,
but also encourage them to be
assertive. In a sense, fathers teach their
daughters how they should expect to be
treated by males as they get older.
Good fathering matters to boys. They
learn their first lessons of manhood
from their dads. Early primary-aged
boys usually want to spend a great deal
of time with their dads. Steve Biddulph,
author of Raising Boys, describes this
phenomenon as ‘father-hunger’ and
suggests that dads need to be around
their sons in the primary school years
so they can ‘download the software’ of
how to be male. The father-son
relationship during adolescence can be
problematic. While teen boys seem to
be hard-wired to challenge their fathers,
most desperately want their dads to be
proud of them. Teen boys need a dad
who can be firm when needed as they
don’t always make great decisions. They
need a dad who remembers the
awkwardness and insecurity of being a
teenage boy. Health scales state a
healthy relationship with their children
is a predictor of good health and
longevity for men, as well as of life
satisfaction levels. I suspect there is
something relaxing and de-stressing for
a man to get into a child’s space and
time. There is a big kid in most men
just busting to get out. Parental wellbeing would be the last thing on Prince
William’s mind as he attends to his
young son’s needs.
It is through these early forays into
parenting that Prince William, like
countless other men, will find his feet
as a dad, and also discover his place in
the life of his son.
Here are five pretty useful tips:M
1. Go on dates with your
2. Have adventures with your
3. Support your partner’s
4. Change as your child changes.
5. Discipline with firmness and
I might see you at the Debutante Ball
on Saturday Night.
Computer Sale – Absolute
In working order. $20. That’s right,
folks, this is not a misprint!
Includes monitor, keyboard and mouse.
Walk in Walk out with a bargain.
No recalls - No Servicing
Visit the Book Exchange which is now
open on Monday afternoons from
2.30pm – 3.25pm.
Thank you very much to Luke from Fisheries (Mallacoota)
Victoria for an illuminating and exciting careers presentation.
From the Office
Change of details
Parents are reminded that if
there are any changes to
conta ct
reside ntial
details, it is imperative that
the college office is notified.
Pictures: Students recently took part in the Questacon
Failure to update details
could reflect on financial
assistance or other DEECD
NASA Astronautica Challenge
Our Debutante ball is on this Saturday, 7th September from 6pm at the Main hall.
10 Deb’s and their partners will be presenting at this event. They are:
Meg Allan & Larz van der Sant
Alanna Bryan & Marc Sammut
Jess Van Polen & Patrick Boyle
Jasmyn Litherland & James Bryan
Amy Preston & Tom Reichelt
Chloe Scott & James Wethereld
Leanna Severs & Robbie Bridle
Alessia Landi & Arrow Embleton
Luci Warren & Jaidyn Marsden
Jacqualine Petterson & Patrick Chevers.
Over the past two months these students have been very busy learning their dance steps
(very entertaining) under the guidance of Dot & Robert De Geus from Genoa. We are
extremely appreciative of the efforts that Dot & Robert have shown to our students in
preparation for this huge event.
The program:
5.50 - 6pm: Guests arrive at the Main hall
Deb’s and partners arrive and are formally introduced.
Presentation and dancing follows.
Family photographs taken, followed by the evening meal.
For tickets… contact Mallacoota Real Estate on 51580600.
September 2
VCE OE Snow Trip
September 3
VCE OE Snow Trip
September 4
VCE OE Snow Trip
September 5
September 6
SRC Annual General
College Deb Ball –
Saturday 7th Sept
September 12
September 13
September 18
September 19
September 20
P12 Assembly (P 4)
Regional Aths Sports
2.30 Finish
School Council
Reports posted to
Aths Bairnsdale- 710
P12 Assembly (P 3)
Combined Band
September 9
September 10
eSmart meeting
September 11
Interschool Table
Combined Band
September 16
September 17
Combined Band
Change It Up, East Gippsland!
Are you a young person with a passion for making a difference in your community? Do you know a teen
with a big heart and an even bigger imagination? Would you like to see your community get connected
and work together to create positive change?
On the 26th and 27h of September the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) and The Shire of East
Gippsland are going to Change It Up - and they are looking for 20 young people to join them.
Change It Up is seeking young people aged 14 to 19 who live in and around the East Gippsland region and
have an interest in sparking change within their local communities.
During two full days of workshops and community events, Change It Up will empower young people to
make a difference in their local community.
At the end of the workshops, participants who have an idea for change will be given the chance to pitch
for a $1,000 seeding grant to kick-start their project idea.
“Change It Up has definitely changed the way I see myself and my community,” said Rhys, 17, a previous
Change It Up participant. “I am more confident and I have the tools and networks to talk about my issues.
“Change It Up helped me develop a slogan, introduced me to influential members of the community,
taught me how to speak in public and helped me to meet other young people who are equally as
passionate about change as I am.”
Visit for more information or contact Amelie at the East Gippsland Shire
Council to request an application form.
Applications close Friday 6 September.
Footy Colours Day
6th September
Don’t forget your Gold Coin Donation
Helps raise funds for young kids with cancer