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Self Service Ad Submission Deadlines
Announcing the
Daily Deadline - 4:00 PM Each Day
Obituaries must be submitted complete with photo
by 4:00 PM each day for the following day’s paper.
Notices submitted after 4:00 PM daily will be published in the next available publication.
Representatives are available 7 days a week from 8am-5pm
to assist you with placing your obituary notices.
For support, call 713-224-6868 or email [email protected]
Dean Zaino, Manager 713-362-6035
Notices printed in the Houston Chronicle will also appear at and
Self Serve Obituary Portal
Efficient | Quick | Convenient
Here’s how it works...
Now you can enter and view your
obituary, memorium and death notices online...anywhere... anytime.
Deleting a saved notice will give you
a prompt to verify that you do want
to delete the selected notice.
Go to
Enter the User Name
Canceling a current or future notice
will stop the production process and
refund money for all notices that are
not past deadline.
My Notices will automatically display
saved notices that have been entered
but not yet scheduled to run, current
notices running in the newspaper,
and future notices that have been
paid for and scheduled to run in the
next 30 days.
Create a New Notice allows you to
choose– Obituary, Memoriam or Death
Notice. Now offered to you, a death
notice is an abbreviated Obituary, with
no photo and basic information about
the person’s death.
My Account Info allows you to
update user account information,
like password, phone, address and
To create an Obituary, select your
template in one, two or three column
widths with 1-2 photos. You will be
able to customize further in the next
Your ad submission is complete!
You can logout or create a new ad.
If you need to make changes to
the ad, please follow the modify
notice instruction.
To reorder or modify notices, go to
view all notices. Search for notice
from ad list or search by date or
Enter or cut and paste your text in
the fields. The size will automatically
convert to two or three columns depending on the amount of text. Click
the ABC button to spell check. You
can also add photos, borders and
logos. The cost will show and update
in real time in the box to the right.
Modify a saved ad or Reorder a
previously scheduled ad. The only
difference from the initial workflow
is that the form is pre-populated
with the data previously entered.
All ad contents and photos can
be updated or changed. However,
you can not change the number of
columns. If this is requested, you
must create a new notice.
UPLOADING PHOTOS: To upload a photo, click the “upload your image” folder which takes you
to your PC where the photo was previously saved. Select the photo and click the “Open” button.
Photo will be automatically uploaded into the obituary.
OPTIONAL ENHANCERS AND LOGOS: Enhancer images and Funeral Home logos are avail-
able for uploading the same as the photo process. To change or add a new Funeral Home logo,
please contact an Obituary Representative at ?
SAVE AD FOR LATER: At any point in the process, you can save your announcement and
finish it later. Please be mindful of deadlines as the ad will not run until you continue the
scheduling process.
Real Time Pricing: The cost of the ad will always appear
in the upper right hand corner as you build the notice.
Photos, borders, logos and other enhancers make up
the length of the ad, and the price adjusts accordingly.
Your ad will also appear on the site. Please fill in the
fields as you would like the notice
to appear. *Required fields.
Please review order selections.
Click the back button to make
changes or click purchase this
ad to complete your order.
Carefully proof your notice, as this
is how your notice will appear in
the newspaper. Click back to make
changes or click continue to
continue scheduling.
To schedule your notice, click on the
date or multiple dates you want the
ad to run. The yellow date shows your
selection. To un-select a date, click on
it again.
Pay for notice and submit. Click the bill
to client account box to use credit card
on file or input new card information.
Click the I agree to terms and conditions box and then click purchase ad.