How To Resolve HP Photosmart Printer Issues?

How To Resolve HP
Photosmart Printer Issues?
When we regularly use a machine, after
sometime you will start realizing that the device
is encountering with technical issues. Be it is
related to paper jam, poor print quality or
cartridge issue.
Below is a rundown of the issues faced by
photosmart printer:
a) Cannot PrintEnsure that there is a paper in the paper tray
and the printer is turned on. If you are still
facing issues while printing, it offers a Print
Diagnostic Utility which resolves this issue.
What you have to do is go to Start menu on
your computer system, select All Programs>
HP. Now click on Photosmart series> Help.
Finally, double click on HP Print Diagnostic
b) Unable to ScanThis is a common issue which every user faces. But
don't worry! HP has a Scan Diagnostic Utility (For
Windows user only) which solves this issue.
Go to Start> All Programs> HP. Select the Photosmart
series> Help> double click on HP Scan diagnostic Utility.
c) Connection issueFor diagnosing network connection issues check
the wireless test report or network configuration.
How you can do it1. Go to Settings, through Home screen from
wireless icon.
2. Scroll down through options by dragging your
finger vertically. Select Display Network
Configuration or Print Wireless Test Report.
d) Ink Cartridge issueYou can solve this issue by:
1. Ensure that cartridges are in their appropriate slots. First,
remove and then reinsert them into their slots.
2. Clean the cartridge contacts if reinserting does not work.
These are the common issues
while accessing Photosmart. Just
follow the steps mentioned for
resolving such errors
To reach printer customer support, call on
HP support Canada at 1-844-888-3870
With the help of advanced technology and
experienced professionals, we are here to
provide HP printer services. To reach us for
online help call on our HP printer support number
1-844-888-3870 which is accessible for all the
facility of toll-free calling to solve different types of
issues affecting the performance of the printer.
You can also reach us via live chat or email as
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